Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

I am late. Or I should say I was late and no not that kind of late!;) Late shipping out my mom and step dads Christmas. It just went out on Tuesday but hopefully they will think it was well worth the wait. ****Note if you are my mom DO NOT read this post unless you have already received your package!;)**** See Mom wanted nothing but for me to make her something special. She specifically requested a tassel. With that in mind I made her a vintage Santa frame. This past weekend I made her a tassel. At first I was not so sure of how it was going to look but I guess that is the way it is with all tassels. In the end I wanted to keep him but knew he needed to fly to his new nest.

I found the little bird at HobLob. Now I wish I would have purchased a
few more.

I thought it needed some more something so I added the little vintage frames all the way around. I think this made him unique.

On his butt which is a signature I do on all of my tassels is a bow. A turquoise bow at that. Hope mom likes him. If not I have the perfect spot for him!;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

High Aspirations

See that pic up there? Yep, I had high aspirations of making nine of those there shades with black ribbon around the tops and bottoms. I thought how utterly cool they would have been. Turns out they were not so cool though in the pic it still looks like they could have been cool maybe if made by somebody more talented than I with scrapbook paper and glue. They were so not cool that I am not even going to share with you the end result. Turns out I decided I like the dining room chandy shadeless anyways. Ha!

Been playing around with the new Canon.

I love love love it thus far! Just returned the Nikon to Costco yesterday. I was fearful of the return but like the receipt said 90 days from purchase. No qualms from them. They returned it with a smile! I am loving Costco even more now!

Since the chandy shade project was a bust it led to me cleaning up the dinning room table which somehow led to this scape on the buffet. As you can see 'IT' found a home. It was just placed on the wreath hanger so IT would not get ruined and turns out IT kinda worked there. Not quite sure the tall HobLob candle stick will stay. Still contemplating what to do with it if it does. I am also thinking of making a burlap table runner.

Next to the buffet I placed these three candle sticks. You may remember them from this post. Weren't they just hideous!? Now not so bad.

The plain white candles I purchased at HobLob the other day were embellished with scrap book paper and some scrappy bling. Shhhh, don't tell anybody but I ran out of bling so only the fronts of the candles sparkle thus far. Tomorrow after we drop Oldest off at school Littliest and I will be off to HobLob an a bling mission!:) Oh, BTW Oldest is doing fine. He was diagnoses with Fifths Disease and turns out Littliest may or may not have had it as well. He has skin issues anyways so its hard to say. End result note from doc means school tomorrow!

Hope your day was a good one and thanx for stopping by! I have another post abt the dining room in the works and my first dumpsta dive!

And so it continues.

Hey ya'll! Hope your weekend was a good one! I had plans of sharing a lil' project I completed over the weekend for somebody special but plans change. This afternoon we are heading to the doc for some odd rash oldest has on his face. No idea what it is. He is 100% normal. No fever, no itching, no loss of appetite. Who knows. I have looked up everything under the sun and think yeah it could be that or it could be that or it could be that. He fits none of them 100%.
I need to run errands and had high hopes since it was appearing to go away yesterday afternoon but thus morning it appears much worse. I gave him some more Benedryl. Now just waiting to see if it helps. Probably heading to McDonalds drive thru for lunch since we have no food. Thankfully today is a school holiday.
So there you have our life in a nutshell right now. Hope yours is better!

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