Thursday, January 14, 2010

Face Lift???

Since it is the New Year I decided some things needed changing around here. Seeing as I am no way considering a face lift...had ya going didn't I....I decided to freshen things up a bit. I am loving the new blog template. I even have my next one picked out!;) I also now have an e signature. I think that is what it called but not sure. You can see it at the end of this here post.

Today I enjoyed my mommy time and spent an hour and half at HobLob. Perused the 66% off isles. They still had the pears I put in my cart last week but took back out. I figured since they were still there a week later they must have been waiting on me!;) I am going to faux um. The candlestick was just $10. I am thinking it will go in the master bath by the tub. I have had my eye on that there bunny for several weeks now and since she and her partner in crime were 50% off I decided she could come home with me. Next time I will get the other one....mind you next time may be tomorrow. HA! I also got those adorable little Gnomes. I am going to just place them around the house in odd places. I just think they are too stinking cute. The other is a project I am working on. All I can say right now is so far not so good. All in all it is soo much fun spending Christmas money!

Ahh yes, another area that got some freshening up was this here art niche. Never had one and had no idea what I was going to do with one. This is how it looked when we moved in.

This is how the niche looked several weeks after we moved in. Oh what paint to choose? I had decided that the boys birth announcements were going to hang in the niche and asked my mom to mail me her frame for Littliest's announcement that matches Oldest's. That never happened.

So last night after my bath I just came up with this out of the blue. I figured it was better than nothing and all for less than $13 once I added it all up though I already owned all of it. Remember that is the $1 frame from last week at HobLob. The poly resin thingy at the top had been on the fireplace mantel. I am kinda not digging the empty space below the frame but maybe I can think of something to do to it or maybe I can teach myself to leave it well enough alone. Oh and believe it or not the niche is a differ color than the color it originally was when we moved in! No really it is I promise. The Hubster doesn't buy it either!;)
Hope you week is going well!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hope ya'll are having a great week thus far! Oldest is home under the weather today. I am debating on whether to take him in to see the doc or not. He was up coughing the first part of the night and he has a snot nose. So far this morning he is fine as long as he does not run around with Littliest.
I have not accomplished much this week after our weekend marathon around the house. I have been playing with my new camera though. Sadly enough nobody wants to play along with me ......

except for this furry fella! Aren't his eyes just beautiful in this pic!?

Even though this one is a little dark I think it turned out great. Max is a total GQ kitty.

This pic is as good as I could get of Littliest without protest. He wanted to show off one of his fave toys from Christmas. Its a Hex bug and he LOVES it!! We have already replaced the batteries once and they need it again. He plays with his brothers as well.
So there you have my boring week thus far. I want to send a big thank you to my new followers!! I think I have three this week if I counted correctly!

Edited note: There are five wonderful new ladies following so thank you!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

What is IT!?

While walking thru HomeGoods today I stumbled upon this...this thing. At first I was like what the heck is IT and how ugly IT was. Then I thought how unique and interesting IT was. I had to have IT. $20 was a little much for IT but again I decided I HAD to have IT. Not sure what I will do with IT. I thought about making a dining room table scape with IT. I thought about hanging IT on the wall with one of the frames I have. I even have thought about making a wreath with IT. What do you think I should do with IT?
I mentioned in my previous post that I had finally found my motivation thankfully! since then I have completed several projects. One of which was a two parter and a big one. This past weekend I finished taking down all holiday so I could get our living room back to normal and toy free. For it to be toy free meant I had to finally break down and organize the play room. I mean its only been 6 months since we moved in I figured it was time. I won;t bore ya pics of it but it is finally done and I love walking up the stairs and past it now.

Speaking of walking up the stairs I finally finished this project! I started it oh about four months ago. Why did it take so long you may be asking? Well it started off as a vinyl but it refused to stay stuck to our over textured walls. I hated to just take it down because well I paid like $16 for it and secondly I loved the phrase and how it was on the way up the stairs. So instead of chucking the entire idea I decided that I would trace the letters on the wall. After that I painstakingly painted in each and every letter with a paint pen. It was not easy. If you look close you may be able to tell it is a little crooked and the letter a is lopsided. After I noticed that I almost just painted over it all. Then I decided hey it doesn't have to be perfect. God loves us no matter what and since I loved this phrase I decided I was keeping it and finishing it.

Here is my other vinyl project. It was about three months overdue. I had actually taped it up there and it fell down so I forgot all about it. It seems to be sticking a bit better than the stairway one. I have many more projects I would like to accomplish this year and I will be making a list. I think I will break it down by month so that way I won't forget them all and I will feel some sense of accomplishment.
So what did you do this weekend? Hope it was a good one!

Oh I almost forgot, my pics should start getting better! Santa had brought me a Nikon as an early Christmas present but after a month of using it I decided I did NOT really like it. User error I am sure but thankfully Costco has 90 return policy on them. This past weekend we went and purchased a Canon Rebel and I am in LOVE. It is suppose to not be as good as the Nikon but I just like it better. The Hubster just shook his head. The colors are truer, it is lighter weight, and it takes pics faster without freezing up.
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