Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Furniture Placement & Other Stuff

Whew! Its been a busy one around here ya'll. Not sure if we will ever catch up with the holiday season now upon us. Oldest is getting better thankfully and back in school. That's a breather in itself! Been busy working on stuff for the shop. This evening I went back thru my inventory and found a bunch of really awesome holiday bibs and basic burpies that I do not have listed as of yet. I will work on that in the morning. I need to down load them all. They are not the best pics ever and certainly not the quality I usually do but again I am soo busy I just have to fit in what I can when I can and not worry abt the little things.

Last night The Hubster went in for a sleep study. We believe he has sleep apnea. I think I mentioned that in an earlier post. Not sure but anyways while he was at his slumber party I decided to get a jump start on planning the living room furniture placement for Christmas. The past two years we lost a table and a chair to make room for the tree. This year since we are in a new nest I was not quite sure what I was going to do. We can not loose any of the furniture but yet the tree has to fit somewhere. The Hubster says I may need to scale down on my large fluffy trees. We shall see.

The biggest dilemma really was me. I spent an hour and half moving the couch and coffee table around to only move it right back to where it was and then back again. I have this thing where I must be able to lay on the couch and be able to enjoy the tree, the fireplace and the t.v. all at the same time! A tall order maybe but I think I may have worked it out.

Here is the final result. Please pardon the picture quality. I took these with my iPhone and then posted them to Twitter and just stole um from my Twitter photo album.

This is where the tree will go. It is where the couch normally sits and will return to sitting right after New years. And yes as you see I have yet to finish painting the living room but now that the couch is out of the way I am one step closer!HA!;)

Here is a pic of Oldest asleep on the couch. Yes, he was asleep on it the entire time I was moving it around! Ha! He is a sound sleeper like his dad though that may contradict our theory of sleep apnea.

This is what we worked on today. It actually has been sorted out on the back porch for two weeks now but it would never stop raining. This is our second round of building a swing set and we swore we would NEVER EVER do it again but after looking at a $3000 one I decided this one would do just nicely and it was one sale though we had to go all the way across town and rent a U-haul to get it.

This is how far we have gotten. The Hubster made a few mistakes and had to fix um and by then by then he was irritated and sleep deprived so I sent him in to take a nap. I was determined to get all the boards up and the picnic table built. The Hubster was quite surprised when he woke because I actually made it up to the top portion. He did not have faith in me and now he does but I informed him to not expect me to be out there working on it while Oldest and Littliest are at school!;) It may be finished by Thanksgiving if we are lucky.

So that has been my life these days. Hope your weekend is going well and that ya'll are finding time to work on some projects as well or just time to play! Sleep awaits me and I must dream about the above pic. Isn't it lovely!? I have been missing out on soo many pieces for the dining room because they are all just too far away to get with needing to take two vehicles. This one is right down the road so I could get it by my lonesome in two trips if I have to. I am hoping I was the first to respond! All she needs right now are some new knobs and then later on maybe painted black and distressed. Wish me luck because it is just toooo perfect! Have a good one ya'll!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Two! Really!!??

Last week I got an award from Stephanie over at One Crafty Hunter and then this week Susan over at Peanut Petunia said to go and check her blog out because she was giving me an award. I feel very honored!! With The Fabulous Sugar Doll Award I have to tell you 10 interesting things abt myself and then pass it on to 10 other bloggers. Not sure they will be all that interesting but I will give it a shot in hopes of not boring ya!

1. The Hubster and I married back in 01 and then moved to the big ol state of Texas just two days later. We have been here ever since minus two years spent in Baton Rouge.

2. I do not drive on the interstate if it has more than four lanes of traffic. I know I need to get over it and I am in baby steps. Never was an issue till two babies later and three accidents one in which we were rear ended on the interstate.

3. Believe it or not with all of my rambling I am actually a very reserved and quiet person. I tend to observe rather than lead in conversation.

4. I am living my dream of being a SAHM! It was what I wanted to be when I grew up!

5. I am a night owl which I get from my mom. I could stay up till 4 am most nights if I did not have Oldest and Littliest to take care of.

6. I have two fury children. If you read two posts back you met Max. He was our second addition to the fam. We adopted him from Pet Smart. They have adopt a pet on Saturdays and when I saw that he had one blue eye and one green eye and that he was black and white I had to have his whiney butt. He is the whiniest cat ever. Sophia is our oldest and my only girl. The Hubster picked her out at the SPCA a week after we moved to Tx. She is black and white as to oppose Max who is white and black if that makes sence. They are inside only cats.

7. I worked for Gap for 10 yrs before going on bed rest with Oldest at almost 7 mths prego. That was geez almost 6 yrs ago. Never went back. Can't say I don't miss it a tad though. I loved the merchandising aspect and I loved most of the customers. The holidays were the best time of year. I HATED being the head boss and having to deal with the BS that goes along with it on the corporate side.

8. One day I would love to open a brick and mortar home and gift shop. I already have the name picked out and if the market ever picks back up I may start online to see how it goes.

9. I actually get along with my mother in law! I consider her my friend.

10. I miss my mom. She lives 14 hrs away and we only see each other twice a year. That sucks.

10 interesting or not so interesting facts abt me. Whose next? Lets see who I can pick...hmmm...


Its late like almost 1 am and well I need to really head off to dreamland now so I will add to my list soon! Thanx again Susan!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hey ya'll!

Hey there! Mom wanted me to tell ya'll that she has been super busy this week but promises a new post tomorrow sometime if not later tonight because she is a night owl. Little brother aka Oldest has been sick this week with a sinus infection and an ear infection which resulted in three days off from school. That equals not a lot of free time for mom.
Mom did manage to get some new goodies made for her shop though and to finish up some pending orders. If ya order from her last week know your order will ship tomorrow, Friday. She is sorry for the delay.

Hop on over and check out the new goodies if ya need a baby shower gift or just a special something for your sweetie pies. She is getting ready to make some more of her pacifier clips which can't be missed and maybe some key chains for the mamas!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Turning Store Bought Curtains Into Custom Made

I am joining in on the fun over at Kimba's today for DIY Day. At our previous nest we had extra long windows in the kitchen/breakfast nook. Those windows stayed naked for abt three months after we moved in while I brainstormed on how we could ever afford curtains for in there. One day while walking thru Target I saw some paisley curtains and it dawned on me that I did not have to spend a ton of money on extra long curtains for in there. I could make some store bought curtains into what I wanted instead.
These curtains look dark and drab. The tassels are just not my style at all but I knew they could be made beautiful! So they were chopped off and The Nana and I used to valance to make the extra length I needed on the panel. We actually only used three panels and three valances for this project. Two panels and two valances were cut in half so that there would not be soo much curtain. The only full panel is the one in the middle.

I was pleased but still felt as though something was missing. (Pardon the bad pic. It was the only one I had of the curtains at this stage. Shhh don't tell The Nana!) A year later I stumbled upon The Nester and saw all of her wonderful mistreatment's and another light bulb went off. I ran to HobLob and purchased some gold fab and some trim and created a faux valance with some hot glue, upholstery tacks, and straight pins. No sewing involved this time around.

It was just the pop that they needed and I hated that it took a year to finish them off because I just loved them!
The faux valance just pulled everything together I think. The paint color was dark so I had to find a curtain that would go but not bring the room even further into darkness. We were not painting in that nest since we knew we would be leaving that nest. It was a bit formal for a breakfast nook but at the time our dining room was our playroom. Sadly these treatments stayed with the home and now looking at them again I think I may run to Target and recreate them for our office in the new home since those windows are extra tall as well!

Thanx for stopping by and be sure to head over to Kimbas for more inspiration!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Hitch Hiker and Cabinet Doors

Happy Monday ya'll! It has been a busy one. Oldest has some kind of funk. Not thinking it is H1N1 or anything. No fever and no aches or pains other than a snot nose which is normal for us and he tells me his head hurts. We are a 4 hr schedule of Tylenol for that. For those four hours he is fine and dandy. He missed his first day of school and may miss another tomorrow. We will just have to wait and see.
On the way to pick up Littliest today from school I was startled when something jumped up out of the hood of the car onto the windshield. To my surprise we had a little hitch hiker so I had to pull over and catch him. I almost drove back to the house with him on there so he could be with his fam but I would have been late. I figured that me stopping and catching him so he would not get fried in the hood or smooshed after jumping off was more than most. He is now hopefully happy in the tree around the corner from here unless of course he somehow finds his way back. I have no idea how smart those suckers are.

Here he is trying to blend into the wiper. Took abt 5 minutes to catch him.

Here is a side by side of the laundry room cabinets. The right side is the after and the left side the before. Not great pics but my camera is acting up something terrible. This pic is actually terrible. The one cabinet looks awful because it is soo fuzzy looking. They look much nicer in person. Not a big change but enough to make a difference to me. I am on the hunt for some black and white Harlequin wall paper for the insides of the cabinets. Or I may do a toile seeing as I want to make the top of my future folding table Harlequin.

Here is the finished product. See that one door does not look anything like it does in the above pic. I did a little too much distressing in some areas but that's the nature of the beast with doing that type of thing. Just makes each door unique. I am trying to hunt down a new lamp for in here. Which brings me to yesterday. I purchased what I thought would be the perfect lamp at Target with a pretty Burgundy shade and some bling. Wasn't bright enough and while I was trying to plug my other one back in I got the bejesus shocked out of me! There was a pop and the lights flickered. Oldest asked me what was wrong with the lights. I said to go and get dad. I was fine but my middle finger tingled all night long.
Well that is all I have for today. Off to take a bath while the kiddos watch Kung Fu Panda with The Hubster.
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