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How I Found My Style Sundays- Rain On a Tin Roof

Hi, I'm Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof!
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I'm happy to be at From My Front Porch To Yours with Pamela today. Thanks for having me, Pamela.
I blog over at Rain on a Tin Roof about DIY, decorating, thrifting, crafting and a little re-purposing. Between making sure my kiddo doesn't set the house on fire and picking up Grunt Labor's shirts from the cleaners on time, I can usually be found with a can of spray paint in hand.
I'm thrilled to be sharing my home with you today!
My home has vintage, modern, and country elements. So, I'm calling it the Vintage Modern Country Rancher.
I know it doesn't make sense right now, but hopefully by the end of the post, it will!
Home Tour {} #hometour
Two years ago, Grunt Labor (the husband) and I purchased a 1960s brick rancher. Was it our dream home? Not a chance. Was it in our dream neighborhood? Definitely. And location is the one thing you can't change.
After purchasing our rancher, we set out to renovate 90% of it in a two month time frame.
Yes, we were crazy.
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometourThe entry table was once stained dark wood, but got brightened up with a coat of white paint and gold detailing with Rub 'N Buff. The green tray was a goodwill find. My decorating style comes from working with what I have. I hate to spend a lot of money on decor when I may be tired of it in a year.
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
The kitchen got a makeover including a new tile backsplash, counter-tops and a custom built island thanks to Grunt Labor. We kept the original cabinets, but gave them a coat of paint and new hardware. We are all about frugality around here.
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
The island is one of my most treasured pieces. Grunt Labor built it from columns we purchased at a salvage store and the bottom shelf is made from barnwood from my great grandfather's farm.
Dining Room:
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
Many of the pieces in my home are pieces that were other family members at some point. I'm the family packrat that has a hard time parting with pieces that special family members have owned, thus why my style is vintage-modern-country. I have come to realize though, that just because I take all the old furniture doesn't mean I can't make it my own in some way. This was the case with my dining room table and chairs. They belonged to my great aunt, which I revived with paint and love. The corner liquor cabinet was once my great grandmother's china cabinet.
Living Room:
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
The buffet turned media center came with the dining room table from my great aunt. It too, got a coat of paint. I created the gallery wall with finds from thrift stores and more hand-me-downs.
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
I found the white chairs on Craigslist, scoring six for a whopping $25.
home tour 14
Master Bedroom:
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
It took two years for us to finally start the master bedroom makeover. The room itself was functional, it just needed "makeup."
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
The two pieces of furniture you will never find me painting is my dresser and chest of drawers in our master bedroom. They were my great uncle's and have a beautiful finish that has held up beautifully for the last 50 years. Hopefully, they have 50 more. I did touch up the hardware with some Rub 'N Buff though.
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
I carved out a reading nook in the corner of our bedroom with a chair from Costco and DIY corbel shelving.
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
I made the wall art in the bedroom with PicMonkey and frugal graphics from Etsy.
My Bathroom:
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
Grunt Labor and I have separate bathrooms. Its the key to a happy marriage. I promise.
My bathroom got new marble tile, a new vanity and this built-in bathroom shelving:
Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour
If there is anything I have learned from decorating my home, its work with what you've got.
A can of spray paint can do wonders.
Wanna snoop around my home more? Right this way, please....
If you enjoyed my little tour, I would love to have you follow along with me:
Thanks again for having me, Pamela!
Jenna thank you so much for coming over today and sharing with us how you transformed your house into a beautiful home!


  1. Pamela thanks for featuring Jenna's lovely home. I love every room. I especially love her kitchen. Everything screams Hello and Welcome come on in. Very nice.

  2. Jenna's home is very lovely and I love every room. I would say that her home says WELCOME.
    Thanks Pamela for sharing Jenna's home.

  3. I love how Jenna's home has so much family history through many of her special pieces of furniture. Truly a delightful home!
    Mary Alice

  4. Beautiful home. I can't get over the $25 chair deal, wow. I'm so glad you aren't painting your uncle's dressers. I have painted some furniture too, but more and more furniture is being painted these days, and a lot of lovely finishes are being lost. Good for you for keeping those as is! I also love the dramatic black and white dining room. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  5. Thanks so much, ladies for all your sweet, sweet comments!

  6. Don't you EVER paint those dressers!!! I have an antique desk of my grandfather's (and I'm 60!) with the original finish with a leather inlay top. Some pieces are never meant to be painted!

  7. Love Jenna's home....she has done a remarkable job in making her home a wonderful warm in and inviting place for her family....I am happy that someone feels the same of not wanting to paint beautiful pieces of sentiment. Thanks Pamela for another great feature and Jenna, your home is just beautiful!


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