Sunday, September 15, 2013

How I Found My Style Sundays- Peeking Thru The Sunflowers

Hi I am  Des from the blog Peeking Thru The Sunflowers. I am so excited and honored that Pamela invited me to share with all of you today!
Peeking thru The Sunflowers
I have always had a love for interior design and old houses…even as a child!  So, I feel very fortunate to be able to live in an old house built in 1870 and be able to decorate it any way I want until my little heart is content.
Most people are surprised to learn I really like color even though the color scheme in my house is mostly greys and whites. For many years I decorated with bold colors and was constantly changing things because I got tired of the colors very quickly. I still change things around frequently but with a neutral palate it is usually only accessories now. I  guess I would describe my style as French  with some cottage and rustic touches thrown in and a little elegance sprinkled around to top it off. 
living 3
My style has really evolved over the years….when we first got married we couldn’t afford much so I furnished our home with garage sale finds. Then one day we went to an estate sale just out of curiosity and down in the basement was an old treadle sewing machine made out of cherry wood. We hauled it up the stairs and took it home and refinished it and that was when I became really smitten with antiques. I loved that the pieces were previously loved and had a story! I really found my true love though when I wandered into a store about fifteen years ago that sold imported European antiques. The dark oak finish made my heart skip a beat and I loved the mellow glow the pieces had from being waxed. No one else had anything like those pieces and I was instantly hooked!
I really love old books…..but not just any old books! Since we live in an old schoolhouse I collect old school books. It is so much fun to see all the little scribbles inside them.
roses 002
White ironstone is another thing I collect, I have it displayed in pretty much every room of the house. Platters seem to be my weakness……I think I have something like over fifty now?!?!?!
I have lots of treasures in my home that mean a lot to me for different reasons. One of those treasures is this armoire I found on Craig’s List. It is made out of teak wood and was originally stained before I painted it grey. Also, the old rocking horse on top of the armoire is special to me too……it was a find at a New Year’s Day auction about twenty years ago.

My best decorating tip is to always buy what you love and you can’t  go wrong. I also like to incorporate new pieces and antiques together so that a room looks like it has evolved over time and is not too contrived. I also use things with texture such as baskets and architectural elements with chippy paint.
Paint is also a great tool and can change the entire look of a room or piece of furniture for very little money. This bench in our master bedroom is a good example of this. When the bench arrived the finish was nothing like what it looked like on the website.  With a couple coats of paint and a little time I was able to achieve a completely different look for only a few dollars.
Untitled 1
When I was a child my mother insisted I take home economics because every good housewife needs to be able to cook and sew for her husband….she was a little old school.  Ironically enough my mother liked to do neither one of those things and while cooking has never really appealed to me I do like to sew. I took sewing all thru high school and made lots of really tacky clothes that I wouldn’t dream of wearing out in public. However that skill has really paid off because I make a lot of window treatments,slipcovers, and pillows for our home now. Thanks Mom!
Thank you so much Pamela for having me!
I hope you will stop by my blog and say hello.
Have a Happy Sunday!

Thank you so much Des for sharing your beautiful home with us. You have been such an inspiration for me and the reason I redid our dining room table. I just love stopping by and seeing what you are up to next. 


  1. You have featured one of my very favorite bloggers. Her style is so soothing and graceful makes you want to meet her in person over a nice cup of tea.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful home!! Love it! Thanks for sharing Pamela!
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. I just love touring Des' beautiful home. She has some exquisite antiques and what an ironstone collection.

  4. This home is wonderful! I don't know how I have missed out on her blog. I love everything here, it's all styled so beautifully. Great inspiration!!
    xo, Andrea

  5. I've always loved her style and the way she displays things. I'm a lover of neutral color palettes myself so I'm always inspired by Des's use of soft color as well. Thanks for featuring her today. It was fun to read more about her.

  6. Effortless elegance is how I describe Des' style. It is so beautiful and soothing. Elegant and calming.
    Thanks Pamela for featuring Des and her luvly home.
    Happy today.
    Hugs, Gee

  7. Hi Pamela,
    Thanks for having Des over to show us her home. I am a big fan of Des. I am a neutral style girl too and she does it with such beautiful grace throughout her home. I get a lot of inspiration from her gorgeous home.

  8. Beautiful home! This is my first time seeing it. Can't believe she found that armoire on craigslist... amazing.

  9. Beautiful home! This is my first time seeing it. Can't believe she found that armoire on craigslist... amazing.

  10. Oh I totally adore her style and her home, it is stunning. Thanks for sharing parts of it again. Hugs, Marty


  11. Enjoyed your story and your pretty home tour. Your bedroom chair looks as if it is wearing ballet cute.

  12. Thank you so much for featuring such a beautiful home! I'd never heard of Des' blog, but am on my way over now to check it out and let her know how much I enjoyed your feature. Hugs, Leena

  13. I've been following Des for awhile now and her decorating style is so beautiful! I love these kinds of posts because I always seem to spot something new in her home I didn't see before. Beautiful blog and a wonderful person. :)

  14. Love that antique hutch! Your home is beautiful!

  15. Des has such a gorgeous home! I never tire of seeing her beautiful photos on her blog.
    Mary Alice

  16. Des has an absolutely gorgeous home! I love her style! And I agree a neutral palette is so much easier to change and add bits of color too!

  17. Des has an absolutely gorgeous home! I love her style! And I agree a neutral palette is so much easier to change and add bits of color too!

  18. What a beautiful blog. It is always fun to see a blog that I have never run across before. Love it-xo Diana

  19. Pamela,
    Deserae's home is beautiful, and I love her decorating. Thank you for giving us a peek into her home. She's a great gal.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  20. Des has done a fabulous job with her home and her ideas and style is truly inspirational. I love her blog!

  21. Des' style is really close to my heart. Love everything she does. Now, if I'd just taken those home ec classes maybe I'd feel like tackling some slipcovers!!

  22. I so love Des' home... gorgeousness in every corner of her home....magnificent feature Pamela!


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