Friday, August 16, 2013

Living Room Update

Not too long ago I shared my living room inspiration board with y'all. I showed it to The Hubster as well and after that things were set in motion.
Our old couch made its way upstairs to the game room. 
The new couch arrived! I was so happy that I was able to find it locally and at a price we were willing to pay.  
I ordered the new rug from Overstock. I can not tell y'all how much I love!
I even ordered our new coffee table from them! 
Then a trip to HomeGoods led to me bringing this chair home. It is not a cushy chair but to me it is quite comfortable. I love the high back and the price could not be beat!
With new furniture in place I decided I HAD to finally decide on a new color for our walls.  If you look real close you can see where I was touching up after I painted last time around and well the paint did not match! I can not believe I lived with that for almost four years.  
After painting six different sample colors on the living room wall my color was finally decided on when I toured this beautiful model home. As soon as I walked in there I knew it was the color I had been looking for!
A trip to Lowes and the painting began. I will share the brand of paint and color in my reveal post.
Since the walls are painted that meant I could finally bring in a treasure that I found a few months back that was waiting patiently out in the garage. Ok, I did not bring it in, The Hubster and The Papa did!;)
It needs quite a bit of love to be beautiful again.
I am busy trying to finish it up and then I can take pics of the living room for y'all! And yes in the meantime I am finishing up accessorizing the kitchen for its big reveal as well!:) I promise that reveal really is coming soon!

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  1. Oh wow!! Lots going on over at your place as well Pamela.
    Can hardly wait for the reveal.
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Love that color and beautiful piece Pamela can't wait to see it all!

  3. Pamela, cannot wait to see the secretary all dolled up and the rest of your space!

  4. The new sofa is gorgeous and so is the new paint color. Looking forward to the reveals. Hugs, Marty

  5. love it all, Pamela. can't wait to see and hear more!

  6. So far-so good- Can't wait to see the full reveal. I love all your choices and they came very close to your inspiration pieces. xo Diana

  7. Love that paint color! Can't wait for the reveal!!

  8. Pamela,
    I can't wait to see the reveals. This is exciting and I know it will be amazing. Wooooo Hooooo you are almost there.

  9. Hi there....
    Been following ur's awesome!
    I love home decorating.......

  10. I just love that colour....perfect!! The new couch and chair will go so well with it all, too! I'm looking forward to the big reveal. Joan

  11. Love that color. This will be sooo beautiful

  12. What a worker bee you have been, Pamela! I love the new things for your room... Overstocks has the best rugs! I've gotten so many things from them over the years!!!
    LOVE the wall color too! Looks like you will have a beauty of a room!!!

  13. it looks like everything is coming together wonderfully! Can't wait to see the reveals!

  14. I love what I see so far certainly have a wonderful design plan for the room and love the rug...and looks like you have a great project going there with the secretary!....have a wondeful weekend!

  15. Hello Pamela,
    Beautiful sofa and that chair is also pretty,and awesome price too! Looking forward to the reveal.


  16. Your room looks amazing! Great choices! I love the new color and can't wait to see the entire room!

  17. Pamela, You are making all kind of changes! The wall color is wonderful and I love the your furniture choices. Thanks for joining the Open House party.

  18. I love your new goodies, Pamela! And, I can't wait to see how you transform your secretary!

  19. Lovely! I cannot wait to see it all finished :)


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