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How I Found My Style Sundays- DaisyMaeBelle

Woo Hoo!
I can't believe that I am here sharing at From My Front Porch to Yours!
Thanks Pamela for this amazing opportunity!
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My name is Melissa and I share my home and projects over at DaisyMaeBelle.
(Named after my 3 Southern girls.)
Pamela gave me some questions to answer about "How I Found My Style."
So, let me pour you a glass of sweet tea
and you can sit here on my front porch
I'll share a bit with you.
Summer Front Porch @ DaisyMaeBelle
So. . .
what would I call my style?
Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle
Southern Comfort.
I think that's what I'd call it.
Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle
It is really more of a feeling that I try to create,
rather than a style I try to follow.
My Dining Room @ DaisyMaeBelle
It is a collection of things that I love. . .
Things that are passed down from one generation to the next,
and collected from yard sale and antique store ventures.
Art made from an old family barn,
My Foyer @ DaisyMaeBelle
a rusty gate holding a favorite picture of my girls,
a sewing machine that is now used as a table,
Daisy's Room @ DaisyMaeBelle
fifty year old bedroom furniture passed down from grandparents,
My Dining Room @ DaisyMaeBelle
an old mirror that I remember hanging in my grandmother's front room,
a marble top table that has been in the family for more years than I know. . .
All used because they're special to me.
My Mom and Dad @ DaisyMaeBelle
My style is heavily influenced by my Mom and Dad.
You see, they really know how to create "home."
It isn't always the latest decorating trend for them,
or the newest furniture.
Don't get me wrong,
their home is beautiful.
But, more than beautiful; it's just so comfortable.
My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle
And, that is what I desire as well.
A home that is pleasing to the eye,
but more pleasing to the soul.
A kitchen table that is always open to family and friends.
Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle
Chairs tucked in every corner,
just waiting for conversation.
Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle
A soft place to fall.
Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle
A place to celebrate your victories.
Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle
A place you know you're always loved.
A true haven.
Fill your home with the things that make you and your family the most comfortable.
Things that mean something to you.
Things that you truly love.
My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle
As I have learned from past generations,
I too hope my girls are learning from me.
Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle
And, maybe one day,
they too will be asked,
"How did you find your style?"
And the answer will start something like this,
"Well, my parents had a beautiful home, but more than that. . . "
One can only dream :)
Life to the full!
Melissa thank you ever so much for sharing not only your home with us but your heart warming background behind your style! You truly have an amazing home and I am grateful that you stopped by today. 


  1. not sure of the name of your style but I love it, thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics...


  2. Thanks SO MUCH for allowing me to share here today! Enjoy your Sunday! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  3. What a warm and cozy home. I like that it is filled with memories and things that mean so much. Why have things that you don't love just for the sake of style or trend.

  4. I love the family pieces passed down through generations. However will she decided which daughter gets what?

  5. I love the family pieces passed down through generations. However will she decided which daughter gets what?

  6. Pamela,
    Melissa's home is warm and inviting and full of personality. Thanks for sharing her beautiful home with us.

  7. Luv your Southern Comfort Style Melissa. I too have an acquired layered style. My kids have grown up with vintage pieces and I passed some down to my now married son and his new wife, so they can have the same....
    Thanks for featuring such a warm home Pamela.
    Hugs, Gee

  8. Southern Comfort is the perfect name for your style. It is very warm and welcoming!

  9. Such a beautiful home! Love all of the fabric covered tables...

  10. Whenever I've seen photos of your home Melissa I've noticed more than the grace of it all, the feeling of welcome and comfort. I think this is more important than any name for a style. As important as the warmth Melissa extends to other bloggers and commentors.

  11. Beautiful! I just love the old gate. :D Linsey

  12. I just love Melissa's style. The pretty collected look is just right.

  13. Melissa's home is just so beautiful! She has such an obvious talent for putting together spaces that are warm, welcoming and unique. So glad you featured her here!

  14. Melissa's description of her style is so wonderful...I love it..Southern Comfort...perfect!...I have to remember that!...Melissa, your home is so say that there are chairs in every corner which is great because you would just want to come in and sit and enjoy the surroundings as you enter your addition to "Southern Comfort" is also "Southern Gracious"....Thanks Pamela for another great addition to your series!!

  15. Beautiful home and beautifully described!

  16. So sweet, I love how you "found" your style. What a wonderful tribute to your parents. I am now following you!

  17. I always love seeing your beautiful home. Beautiful inside and out, just like you! Blessings to you dear Melissa, Patti

  18. Great feature! Love her style!

  19. I just LOVE LOVE Melissa's blog and style!! "Southern Comfort" indeed!


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