Sunday, May 19, 2013

How I Found My Style Sundays- Debbiedoo's

Hi there everyone!
Thank you Miss Pamela for having me over today.
My name is Debbie and I blog and blab over at Debbiedoo's
Today, it should really be "How WE found our style"
You see
my hubby kinda digs decorating too.
I actually love MOST of the time that he is along for the ride with me.

You see back in the day...
when we built our first home in South Florida, we sorta were confused.
We had a cute little pink house, in the tropics.
That is when our antiquing days first began.
I could not even begin to go back and show you the revolving changes we had back then.
I will move forward to today, and forget about the past.
One of the first things you will notice, from the minute you are entering is
that I love color.

What is your decorating style Pamela asks?: Eclectic, Old World Rustic, Spanish Southern style.
How did we find out decorating style: I will say it found us!
Our most treasured find: 100 year Old church window from a church in Upstate NY
What tips do you have for creating a beautiful home?: Stay true to what you are drawn to, and never follow decorating trends. They never last long. And something old, always is new again:)

Carolina gardens 003
and because we live in the South..what would a true southern porch ceiling be with out the hue of Haint?
you can read up about that just in case you never heard of it.
So come on in, and I will show you around a few rooms downstairs.
You know the upstairs is always a mess, because,
it can be:)
No one hardly sees it.
Home tour for Pamela
Just when we think we are out of room, we come up with something else, and believe it or not
find an empty space for our new treasure.
When you enter our home, you can't help but look up...
with 22 ft. ceilings, it has been a challenge to decorate our family room.
The drapes were custom made of course, and when I tell you I shopped around for the most reasonable
fabric prices.. I did..
and in the end wound up getting a great price.
tour for pamela lighting
Pretty much most of our decor has a story to be told.
These lights, both in Miami,
the other here locally in the Carolina's.
Oh, and we are not the matchy matchy type..
I love that they are different.
old church bulletin
Some may feel they are entering church,
You can check the bulletin for the time.
home decor rustic style
You can expect to see an eclectic mix of rustic, meets, Old World,
it's a mixed bag.
Fireplace painted with chalk paint
I have to admit, my husband doesn't always initially agree with me when I have a decor change idea
getting him to agree to painting the fire place took years in the making.
But then again,
getting him to get rid of the Formal dining room
and turning it into a pub room
was a challenge as well.
English pub
We have a lot of nice times with friends and family when we gather here.
Kitchen french country style
Our kitchen, certainly provides
enough space to entertain there, so really,
did we need two eat in areas?

Our kitchen is a hod podge
of thrifted, gifted free
mod podged
spray painted home decor.
pallet decor
Be sure to check out
kitchen 002
Based on what you see...
we don't have the all white beautiful crisp and clean kitchen look.
In fact, even if we had a choice...
We wouldn't change much..
{except the hardware, which I am getting ready for that}
we like the rustic, cozy feel to our kitchen.
Kitchen french country style
Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite things, learned a little bit about me,
and perhaps will follow along with me, as I am always,
changing up something...
or mod podging a kitchen can.
You can follow me along here:

Debbie has such an amazing home! We share a love for Roos and I am glad to be able to call her my bloggy friend! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us today Debbie!


  1. Hi Pamela! Oh, I just love that little Debbie and her home is just amazing! She has such style! Thanks for featuring her home.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Debbie does have a unique style and has displayed it beautifully in her home.

  3. Thank you Pamela for having me over today!~ I really enjoyed my visit:) Happy Sunday to you! XO

  4. What a fun visit! Though I can't imagine Debbie in a pink stucco house? I only this home, so that is how I picture her. I love that Haint Blue porch. So dreamy!!

  5. Hi Pam! I've been following Debbie and her blogging for some time, and she is amazing, down to earth and fun! She's so talented,creative and I love her rustic d├ęcor, using things they love, and not worrying about following trends that are fickle, or "rules" that don't matter anyway. It was nice to see her featured on your blog! Love, Linda@ Grandmalay's Daydreams

  6. Debbie has such a great home! I love how she's decorated it and added her own personal and unique touch. I would feel very comfortable visiting! Thanks for sharing Debbie's style with us, Pamela!

  7. I think she has done a good job decorating in the style she loves. It's nice that her husband joins in too!

  8. Great feature! Debbie has some of the neatest finds...I love her home so very much.

  9. Debbie is so fun and full of creative energy! Her home is warm and inviting and filled with her creativity. Just as it should be.

  10. It looks very cluttered to me.

  11. So many unique details! Love her lighting and the church window is gorgeous! She has a special touch that makes for a beautiful home.
    So enjoyed the tour...

  12. Thanks for sharing Debbie's beautiful and fun-filled home with us, Pamela!

  13. Love Debbie's home and blog...She is super creative and her style is so reflective of her...beautiful and fun...Thanks Pamela for presenting Debbie's home and her "style" today..I always enjoy seeing her gorgeous home!

  14. Debbie is certainly a blog rockstar! She always inspires and has such an easy and fun-loving approach to decor. I love her vintage and antique finds and love that she's not matchy matchy!!!


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