Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Most Viewed Links THT #98 & A Treasure For The Kitchen

Time to find out who had the most viewed links from last weeks Treasure Hunt Thursday! 
1. Coastal Charm- Kitchen Inspiration 
2. Storywood Designs- Coffee Table Makeover 
3. Hickory Trail- Easter Mantle

Thanx ladies for partying! 
Speaking of treasures last week was a busy busy week. I had had no time to browse my favorite classified sites during the day so Friday night before turning in I took a moment to see if I had missed anything. To my surprise I saw this fabulous round kitchen table and it was still available so first thing Saturday morning we went to pick it up. I had been on the hunt for a round kitchen table for awhile now but had not found just the right one.

This one I just loved not only for its ornate sides but also because of this.
It has a leaf that folds into the table. How very practical I thought. Once I finish painting the kitchen we will bring it in the breakfast area. It needs some loving eventually. I am trying to figure out just how old it is or if it even is old. I looked for markings and did not see any when I was wiping it down. If anybody has any idea who the maker is or how old it is please let me know!:) That will weigh heavily on my plans for it.

Back to grouting the kitchen tile. See ya back here tomorrow for THT #99!!


  1. Love your new table ! I am looking for a round one myself with a leaf ...You are a pro at finding great stuff :)

  2. That table is beautiful! Envious!

  3. Great find, I love the table. My mom had one almost identical with the folding leaf, she bought it in the late 80's from Ethan Allen. I think it is worth refinishing instead of painting. Hugs, Marty

  4. Great find! That leaf is called a butterfly leaf...for obvious reasons! So nice when you don't have to put the leaves away in a closet!

  5. Oh Pamela,
    That table is great and the fact you do not have to try and find storage for a leaf how great is that. I can't wait to see it all done and in your new kitchen. Please stop by my blog this week and get in on my first ever give away to celebrate my 1 year anniversary in blog land!!!! You are so sweet I want to make sure you get in on the fun.

  6. Love the table..
    Can't wait to see what you do with it..

  7. Oh my goodness...can't believe that I was the #1 most viewed link...thanks for hosting Pamela. Great looking table that you found...looks like maybe her age is mid -late 80's.


  8. That is one super-cool table. Lucky you!


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