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How I Found My Style Sundays- Savvy Southern Style

Hi, Front Porch readers. I am Kim from Savvy Southern Style. I am honored that Pamela asked me to share my style with you. Well, I am a jeans and t shirt girl. Oh, not that style, my home decor style. Let's see.....

I got to thinking how my style has changed over the three years since I started blogging so I went in my archives and pulled out some photos of how my home looked the first year of blogging before I became the crazy lady that changes things all the time. That's okay. Change is good.

When I first started blogging all I saw all over blog land was white and more white and natural colored furniture. Now, I am a color loving girl, but I was kind of digging colorless look, too. So what's a girl to do, but join in. I ordered two Pottery Barn slipcovers and covered up my big red sofa and my red chair in the great room. I did love the look for that summer, but then I wanted my red back. Every time I have tried to remove the red it finds its way back. I do have quite a bit of red in my home, but I would like to have a custom slipcover made for this sofa next year in a nice neutral. I have had this sofa in the red since 2001 so I think it is time for something different.

The placement of the furniture changed, too because Mr. Savvy prefers his recliner facing the television more for good sound since he wears hearing aids.

Here is an old shot of the sitting room. Oh my, I changed that wall over the sofa a gazillion and one times. That is usually what I do keep tweaking until it feels right.

Oh, my!

I finally realized I wanted a gallery wall in this room and I found all these pictures at various flea markets. Oh, and the antlers are a French and English country thing. I love the designer Charles Faudree's designs and he uses the antlers a lot. This room is more English Country in style. I have always been drawn to hunt scenes so that is what I have filled this room with along with dogs.  

This is the way the bookcase in the sitting room looked before it went through changes and then was replaced a few months ago with my most favorite find ever....

This is my beautiful antique French Vaisselier which is just a fancy name for hutch. So much better than the cherry bookcase.

The sun room was probably the most colorful room I had. I did love the green walls for many years, but felt the need to lighten them up to a neutral color Jan. 2012.

With the walls being neutral I am able to change the accessories out for different looks. This is the most recent look. I like mixing vintage pieces with newer pieces to create a collected feel.

The kitchen and breakfast room used to be green like the sun room, but it has been lightened up, too.

 With beadboard wallpaper added and trim it now looks like this.

Master bath went from a drab green color on the walls to a pretty and brighter greige.

Beadboard wallpaper was also added to our powder room to give it a farm house style which is another style I love and have just added a few touches of it in our home.

Another thing I like to do is add a touch of whimsy here and there so my home isn't stiff and boring.
I love having this colorful cow print in the master bedroom.

I really do love the farm house style and told Mr. Savvy I would love to live in a farm style house with big wide plank floors, planked walls, a claw foot tub, vintage lighting, etc. But he said we aren't going anywhere until they carry us off.
So see, my style is ever evolving. I think we all have our tastes change as we grow older and change ourselves. Of course if it was up to Mr. Savvy the house would still look like it did years ago. The thing is he is always happy with the new looks.

I would say my style is mostly French country with a bit of English country and touches of farm house thrown in for good measure.

My tip for creating a beautiful home would be that paint is your friend. There is no easier way to change the look of a room than with a can of paint. If you aren't in love with the color paint over it.
It's only paint.

Another tip is don't just decorate your home with all retail store items and matching sets of furniture. Mix it up. Mix some vintage and found pieces with the new stuff. This will create a comfortable home.

Thanks again, Pamela for having me and I hope any readers new to my blog will come by for a visit.

Thank you so much to Kim for sharing her style with us! I have been following Kim from the very beginning of her blog. It has been so much fun to watch her style evolve thru the years. Hopefully one day when I am visiting The Nana & The Papa we can actually meet up. We attempted it once before but ended up at different antique malls!:)

Hope y'all have a great Sunday!


  1. I have been following Kim's lead since before she started her blog. Every style she has evolved from was just a great as the new style!

    Thanks to her, I've learned that "matching" isn't necessary and painting is fun! I've been working on that ever since.

    I'm glad you featured Kim here!

  2. Great post, Kim. I think I found you when I first started blogging and have watched your style grow and change. I always think of your home as Sweet Southern Cozy....because it is warm and welcoming no matter how many changes you make to it- you never lose the "warmth" factor. xo Diana

  3. I just love Kim's home, I love that things change up often, keeps it interesting and Kim is a source of inspiration and encouragement always,

  4. I love Kim's home and I love how her style is constantly evolving. My rooms are always changing too. Her blog is filled with inspiration.

  5. Kim, you sound exactly like me. I am always changing my look but seem to have the same old favorite colors creep in. Looking back at the pics, I so love the green in your sun room. That is a color I think I would always love to look at. Great post and I always love all Kim's looks:)

  6. I love Kim's style! Her blog was one of the first blogs I fell in love with and I have barely missed a day reading it!

  7. Thanks Pamela for sharing Kim with us! She has been one of my top favorites ever since I started blogging. Lord knows I need some inspiration to get my 'lil big house decorated! On a side note, did you guys get a ton of rain this am? We did. Crazy TX weather. Hope you have a great Sunday. I've got to pop back in so I can have a look at your foot stool. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  8. Thanks for featuring Kim's home, Pamela. I enjoyed the before's and after's of Kim's great style.

  9. What a great feature Pam! I enjoyed reading how Kim's look evolved in her home.Her home is beautiful!I love her style! I always enjoy reading her blog!Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Thanks for sharing Kim's home and style Pam. I luv the fact that her home is ever evolving. I am a hugs fan of 'change is good' . Luv reading her blog and enjoying her warm and inviting style.
    Kim, your style is warm and luvly.. luv it!
    Hugs, ladies.

  11. Love Kim's blog and I love this post! I especially appreciate the before and after photos showing the changes and paint colors. My house has a lot of green in it and I am wanting to make some changes. This was inspiring!

  12. Kim - you know I love your home and your style. I love how you can evolve and it keeps getting better. You have your own style and that is a good thing.

    Thanks Pam for featuring her home and giving us a nice refresher look.

  13. Hi Pamela,
    I have been following Kim since I started blogging almost a year ago. I love her style and the whimsy she adds to her home. I love the cow picture in her bedroom. That would just make you smile when you wake up each morning!! Kim has a beautiful eye for design and her home always looks so comfy and inviting.

  14. I always love what Kim comes up with, and most importantly she's not afraid to "jump in" with paint brush in hand. she's a real inspiration!

  15. Thanks for featuring Kim. I love her blog, home and style. She has nspired me to keep changing things around too. I get bored looking at the same things all the time. XO, Pinky

  16. Pamela, thanks for featuring Kim's place. I think I live on that sun porch, just beautiful. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  17. I love seeing how Kim's home has changed over the last few years. The sunroom is still my favourite room.

  18. I think you hit the nail on the head with the styles you've given your home. They all work together so well. It was fun to see how your home has transformed through the years. I like it best right now.

  19. Hi Pamela. What a nice surprise to visit your blog this morning, while following Kim. I love her style. Mostly because she isn't afraid of change and taking chances. I'm bad about getting in a rut. But like she said, paint is your friend. I'm going to remember that this year. Thanks for having her. I'm off to explore more of your blog. Have a great day!


  20. great feature. It's fun to see Kim's changes in one post. I've loved all the phases of her home =)

  21. Kim's home is lovely! Always changing it up and somehow continues to make it even prettier than before...she's one talented lady!
    Thanks for the looks back in time...

  22. That sunroom is a little heaven on earth. Love it, both in green and neutrals. But, girlfriend, until you've had a sofa for 25 years, you don't know what you're missing. I finally broke down and bought a new set last year or year before. (The months run together.) It was a bit overdue, even for me. :)

  23. Kim's home is beautiful. I always look forward to see what she does next. Thanks Pamela great feature.

  24. Pamela, thanks for featuring Kim, and Kim, thanks for sharing this informative post full of before and after shots. You know I admire your style and your energy behind a paint brush. '-)

  25. You had great style then and still do! Great to see al the changes and I just love the "Hutch", it looks amazing.

  26. Kim your home is beautiful..

  27. Really enjoyed the tour and remembering all the looks!

  28. Kim,

    I love looking at your home and enjoy seeing how your look evolves. That's the beauty of making a home, changing things and keeping it fresh, warm and cozy.

  29. Great interview and I loved hearing about Kim's style and it was so fun seeing how her home has evolved over the years. Great series Pamela!!

  30. thanks for the useful information in your blog.

  31. Completely entertaining and informative read! Thank you.

  32. I've so been enjoying this whole series Pamela! I love Kim's style and seeing some more of her home was just wonderful!

  33. This was very interesting. I understand how we can be influenced by what we see on blogland and how it's important to keep your own personality in your house.

  34. I love your style! Thank you so much for sharing.

  35. Ah ha ha ha... Mr. Savvy is a funny man!


  36. Kim,

    Great post, I love seeing your home over and over. I never tire of it.


  37. What a beautiful, cozy home, with lots of style! I really love your antique French hutch! ~Kristie

  38. Pamela, thanks for featuring Kim's home. I recently bought a red sofa, and loved seeing how Kim has not gone matchy matchy with the red. I chose not to go that way either. Ages ago it would have been assumed that all the seating would match. Today is today and more fun. Thankfully so!


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