Sunday, March 3, 2013

How I Found My Style Sundays- The Enchanted Home

Hi, so happy to be here today. Thank you Pamela for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful series you dreamed up. My name is Tina, I am the voice behind my predominantly design oriented blog, The Enchanted Home. I have ventured into other areas of interest like fashion and cooking/entertaining  as they honestly reflect who I am and what I love but interior design remains my true love. Fabrics, wallpapers, trims, even buckets of paint make my heart beat faster, it's all so intoxicating!
I took design courses for about a year after college and feel design is my calling. Was lucky to have landed some amazing design jobs but the biggest one to date is my own home which is a "work in progress". We  moved just about a year ago after building for nearly four looong years. I am having fun taking it on but really anxious to get more completed rooms under my belt!  I love the immense inspiration and ideas that I have access to through blogging. Its such fun to see what goes on behind the movers and shakers in design..and I am so happy to be included amongst them! So here we go......

1- My decorating style is?
One big dollop of traditional, small scoop of French, a pinch of old world and a sprinkle of refined country. It has evolved in some regards, but from the start I have always gravitated and stayed true towards an interior that feels classically timeless and traditional, old world yet still fresh.

2- How did you "find" your decorating style?
Honesty, I think its in my blood and possibly was born with it, lol. My mother, who has wonderful taste and whose background is French, instilled in me at an early age, how important it is to keep a beautiful and elegant home. I remember bedrooms with beautiful linens, wonderful smells permeating the air, meals that  involved sterling flatware, good crystal and china. All of these early memories absolutely helped define my sense of design and desire to create a beautiful home myself. I developed my own style naturally as the years went on, but think that the basis of what I love is from my mother so......... thanks Mom!

3- What has been your most treasured find for your home?
Too many! Maybe the antique English secretary, or the gorgeous pair of oil paintings from G.Williams that I recently scored. Anything old or antique is really cherished since they are relics from another time (but make no mistake many of the new things I have I am madly in love with)!

4- What tips do you have for creating a beautiful home? Wow this is a long we go!
Create soft lighting. I love the light that lamps and sconces bring, its soft (and flattering)! Of course its important to have "task lighting" but I do prefer in nearly all rooms except the kitchen, the soft lighting of lamps and sconces.

 Try to have fresh flowers of some sort in principle spaces that you see, use and    enjoy. I always have something blooming in my kitchen, master bedroom and foyer. They make me happy. 

I love candles and am very into wonderful scents. I love burning a candle in my kitchen (busiest room of the house) it allows the smell to permeate through the house. 

Invest in the best quality bedding you can.....sinking into a lofty comfy bed at night is the best way to end a day (afterall you spend almost half your day in bed, why not)! 

Have lots of pictures of those you love (pets included) to remind you of what is special in pretty frames throughout the house. A gallery wall of pictures in all matching frames is also a neat idea and one of my many projects for 2013.

  BUY WHAT YOU LOVE. I cannot stress this enough, I  would rather have one item that I love in an empty room over a full room of things that are so so. You will feel more inspired to create and build beautiful interiors when you surround yourself with things you love. I tend to stay with classics and am not much of a trend follower unless I just happen to love it

Start with your foyer, its the first impression your guests will have of your home and typically its a pretty easy space to tackle. Its amazing what a nice console or chest, with a lovely container holding an orchid, a pair of lamps and a pretty mirror can do! Its like an easy recipe for a sure thing that is bound to dazzle!

Keep an organized home. Nothing can spoil even the prettiest home more than clutter. Try to be as organized as you can, there are countless tips, websites and pictures on the web on how to get organized. Nothing feels as good as walking into a fresh, beautiful and organized home. Plus living in one is great know where everything is at all times!

Last but certainly not least, what is unique about design and decorating is how subjective it is. There is no right or wrong. Its all about what you love and what makes you happy. I say you can never know too much, and I am constantly learning, soaking in all the beauty and inspiration around me. I cannot overstate the value in great design books, I have a small library of them and the really good ones are the kind you go back to over and over, and every time pick up on a new detail not noticed before. They are a really great investment!  Surround yourself with things you love and the  happiness is bound to follow.....

Thanks so much for stopping in and I hope you enjoyed my post even half as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Thanks again Pamela for including me in this fun series!! Happy decorating and hope you have a fabulous day.

Thank you so much Tina for sharing your home and decorating style with us! I have so enjoyed watching you build your dream home.


  1. I enjoyed your home and all your suggestions.Every corner was enchanting.Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage

  2. Wowza, what a home! Our entire cottage could probably fit into their garage, haha! Such a gorgeous, inspiring house. I love what Tina said about only buying what you love, and also about having wonderful bedding! I totally believe that too. There are so many design elements that could translate well into a smaller home, too. Thanks for sharing this dreamy home!
    xo, Andrea

  3. Tina, your home is breathtaking and inviting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. And, Pamela, thanks for hosting this series. I love being able to glimpse into other's homes. Wishing you a pretty week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  4. Tina what great advice. Even though our home is smaller I think a lot of the principles you mentioned can be applied to any size home. love your tips on how to create a beautiful inviting home. Think i need to go light a candle and buy some fresh flowers today! Your home growing up sounds like it was a very special place, now we know its in the genes! I always enjoy a glimpse into your incredible home, certainly one of the most beautiful homes I have ever laid eyes on!

  5. Good morning Pamela and Tina!

    Tina my dear, it is once again so fun to learn more about you and the massive undertaking of designing, building and waiting for this masterpiece to emerge. Now the "fun" of planning your decorating for the remaining rooms has begun for you and for us who follow you!

    Your kitchen is a classic, as well as the rest of the rooms. But your foyer, that staircase....Oh my, I want to flow down that staircase in an elegant gown!

    Pamela, thank you for featuring one of Blogland's stars. She is a kind friend and talented entrepreneur, that is for sure! Anita

  6. Big fan of Tinas and her incredible home, beautiful style and fun warm personality! I never tire of seeing all the beautiful rooms, its all so incredible and inspiring.
    I loved reading her tips.Good to know and really agree about the soft lighting, adding things fresh flowers and wonderful smells to make a house feel like a home. Great job!

  7. Holy moly what a absolutely gorgeous home!Thank you for featuring Tina's home.I really enjoyed the tour and reading what inspired her!

  8. Wow Wow!!! Tina's home is so beautiful. The rooms are so gorgeous. What a beautiful amount of inspiration.

  9. Love everything about Tina's home! She has a great eye and I know her home is warm and cozy! Xo

  10. Gorgeous!
    Thanks for the tour Pamela...

  11. This was great! I've followed Tina for a while before she moved in her home and its been fun to see her decorate this massive dream house.

  12. Thanks so much Pamela for featuring me today, this is such a fun idea and I have enjoyed reading over some of the past was my pleasure to put this together and thanks to everyone for stopping in!

  13. Tina's home is beautiful and elegant, I really loved the tour and her advice. I agree with her thoughts on buying only the things you love. Everything will gel that way over time. I have to peek at her blog now!


  14. Tina's home is absolutely incredible and her decorating tips are spot on!

  15. Wow! Love all your photos.
    I'm a new follower!

  16. Tina as an amazing eye with regards to decorating and she's also a wonderful person:) Very kind, and always has something positive and nice to say. Wonderful job ladies and thanks for sharing!


  17. Tinas house never gets old. It is so beautiful. I love all of her ideas and tips and it sounds like she gets her good taste and great style honestly, from her mom.
    I love her ideas for creating a warm and inviting home. She has managed to do that so well, take a huge space and make it feel inviting. And yes buying what you love is the single most important piece of advice. I have learned the hard way, haha!

  18. I've been following Tina'sjourney for awhile and her home is certainly stunning! Her ideas can translate to a home of ANY size with some dedication and good planning. It was wonderful to hear her thoughts!

  19. Tina's house is classic and timeless, and amazing architecture turns out to be key!!':) "Karolyn

  20. Pamela, thanks for sharing Tina's lovely home and blog! I always love stopping by both of your blogs for a visit. Tina has given great advice on decorating! This has been a great feature!

  21. This was a great interview with great advice. I have loved Tina's home since I started blogging a year ago. She is so talented and I find her home breathtaking. Thank you very much for doing this interview.


  22. Pamela, Thank you for featuring Tina and her thoughts on decor. Her home is so stunning; however we can all take some of her style and incorporate it in our own homes in many ways.

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

  23. I've been following Tina pretty much since she started her blog, and it has been so exciting watching her home come to life. It is completely magazine worthy, and an inspiration to designers everywhere She is a true talent, ans a class act as well. What a great feature!

  24. I feel like I can call Tina my friend and yet I learn something new every time I read a guest post she does! Or…I just learn a more in depth version of her. She is the best…she is genuine and her taste is impeccable. If I could model myself after anyone it would be her. I love her taste, her talents, her selflessness, her inner and outer beauty! And I don't even know what she looks like! But I have a pretty good idea that she is a smiling, warm and creative person that I would very much enjoy hanging around with! Loved this post! Can't wait to read more of your blog!

  25. What an amazing home you have! I totally agree with you on surrounding yourself with all the things you love. I can tell you how much I spent for almost all the items in my home, where I bought them, there is a story behind every piece:)

  26. Does anyone have any idea what the kitchen floor is? It's beautiful!

    1. Care if you click on over to Tina's blog and ask her I am sure she will share with you. I do not have any idea. Thanx for stopping by for a visit!

  27. Tina, I love your house and am so interested in where you purchased your sofas. I love all 3 that are pictured. They look elegant and comfortable. Thank you, Sandra


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