Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Outdoor Fall Decor 2012

 I was planning on sharing our outside fall decor first since it was the first thing to be fully completed but the weather had other ideas. Today was a beautiful day so I headed outside and snapped some pics for y'all to see. I kept things pretty simple.
This year I purchased quite a few mums in a variety of colors. These here are from WM.

Since they were in smaller pots I was able to place them on either side of our gate.

Remember my Costco mum that was so big I was having trouble figuring out what to do with it?

I decided to place it in my urn. At first I tried it and thought it was too big because the pot would not sit down in the urn. Since I could not find anywhere else to place it I decided to pull out a few grapevine wreaths I had and some leaf garland to wrap around them. Now you can't even tell that the pot doesn't sit down in the urn. I added a burlap bow that was a lot fuller before the rain. Now it just sorta hangs there but oh well. Still looks nice I think.

I placed some red mums in our hanging baskets off to the sides of the garage. I made sure that all the mums I purchased still had plenty of buds to bloom. I didn't want them blooming out too early.

I really like how it all came together. I am STILL loving my carriage house garage door hardware that I got back at Christmas. Such a little investment for such a huge impact.

I used some of the same items from last year this year for the porch. Not sure why this picture is coming out fuzzy. It doesn't look fuzzy anywhere but here when I load it to Blogger. Grrrr. The grapevine garland around the door I had put up back in the spring. I just changed out the decorative garland to leaves so that it looked more full. I have thought about adding lights but we shall see.

I changed our welcome flag out to a pretty fall one that I purchased at our Ace Hardware.

Some more pretty red mums. Hope I can remember to keep watering them all!;)

Topiary I made last year.There were two on the porch last year but since then I moved the other urn to the garage area. 

The same wreath from last year. I didn't see any need to change it up.
Then the little bit of Halloween I have up. We have a little more Halloween to add this year because the boys are requesting it but I may share that closer to Halloween if it turns out right. I also want to purchase some pumpkins but at the time it was still too early. I did not want them to start rotting.

So there ya have it! I have a few more little displays of fall around the house to share so be sure to come back by and check it out.

Hoep your day is going well and don't forget to come back by tomorrow afternoon for Treasure Hunt Thursday!:)


  1. SO pretty. It's just super classy and perfectly Fall. You've got such a gorgeous home!!!

  2. Such a beautiful fall display. Everything looks lovely. Great job with the big pot in the urn. You would never know that the pot doesn't fit ~ have a great day ;-)

  3. Your porch looks great, Pamela, and I love your door wreath! Love how the garage area looks, too. I had the same problem on a smaller scale with a pot of mums {just did a post on my solution}. I love how the grapevine wreaths look on yours.

  4. BEAUTIFUL Pamela! Love the urn between your garage doors and your entrance looks so pretty and welcoming!

  5. Girl you have been a busy bee out there. Love how you displayed your HUGE mums...what a statement.


  6. All your outdoor Fall decorating looks wonderful! I adore all of your colorful mums! So pretty!

  7. Very pretty, Pamela! I love having a lot of mums, too, and yours are gorgeous. I like the one in the driveway and the one on the chair on your porch is so cute! You really have a lovely home!

    Happy Fall!


  8. Everything looks so beautiful Pamela!! Your giant mum is awesome in that urn and I love the ones hanging on the fence too. I thought of you this week when I was at Costco and got the same exact giant mum...in the yellow too of course! ;-)

  9. So pretty, Pamela! I love the sign in your wreath! Your porch looks so warm and welcoming! Love that huge Mum too!

  10. Your home is so gorgeous, inside and out. Sure enjoyed seeing all exceptional outdoor fall decos. I love brick homes, they just always seem to look so exceptional and clean.
    Will look forward to seeing your indoor Fall decos also. Always inspires me to try something I was hesitant to do.
    I love to shop my house and shed. We don't have alot of storage room so have to keep seasonal things in our shed. We just cleaned it up and organized it much better today so now at least I can find things when I want them, not when hubs decides to help me dig.

  11. Love your fall decor!!! So very pretty! Love the hardware on your garage doors!

  12. Your home is so pretty and welcoming, all decked for Fall! Love your garage doors! And that was a wonderful idea, using the grapevine wreaths in the urns with the mums!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the sweet comment left! :) ~Now following you!

  13. Carnations are so pretty this time of year!

  14. You are so clever and creative to place your mums in an urn and then conceal the plastic pot with wreaths and leaves. I think it looks better than it would have! Also, love how your garage is recessed with an overhang just outside your garage doors. That was a smart design! I didn't know those weren't real carriage doors. Wow! I need to try doing that to my plain doors. Love that!

  15. Your fall blooms are gorgeous. I really like your clever fix for the pot that was to big.

  16. I love it all. I have the same carriage hardware on our garage and agree - it adds the perfect detail. Your mums look like mine - 1/2 in bloom, but at least they will last longer :)

  17. Hi Pamela, wanted to stop by again and check out some more of your recent posts after you were so kind as to comment on a few of the ones I linked to your party. Thanks so much for the opportunity and your response. I'm in love with your garage doors with the carriage hardware. Amazing the feel it lends! You have a beautiful home and the touches you add are all stunning!


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