Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Garage Loving

There once was a house on a quiet street. It was a charming house with pretty garage doors.
 Nobody could imagine what lurked just beyond those doors! Q in scary theme music!;)
Believe it or not this was our garage. It had gotten so bad you could barely walk thru it and The Hubster was embarrassed every time we opened the doors.  The Nana & The Papa came in town so we decided to take the challenge head on and get it all cleaned out.

Reactions from the neighbors were quite humorous. One lady walked by just shaking her head and others stopped by thinking we were having a garage sale. It only took an hour to clear it all out which was not bad.
In the end we had multiple moving boxes filled with trash as well as 6 trash cans loaded up and umpteen  boxes for recycle. You literally would have thought we were Sanford & Son. 
 This is what got kicked to the curb out of my project  pile. The Nana laughed and said " Hey now that's a house we would pull over at and pick thru". So true but I HAD to let some of it go. I posted it on FB and a local lady who follows me came by and picked it up. She was thrilled and it made me happy to think that it made her happy.
 We got up and were out in the garage at 7 am before the100 degree heat set in. It would have been nice to have been able to wait till cooler weather but I had NO WHERE to work so it had to be done.
It took us 6 hours from start to finish but well worth it in the end! I am in LOVE with our garage now.
Here is where we would just pile all of my treasures waiting to be made over. There was no moving around here.
This is what it looks like today. Plenty of room to paint and play!
There are still a few things we need to do like hang some peg board so I can get all of my seasonal wreaths off the shelving.
The important stuff is all complete though and now we can actually get our bikes in and out of the garage. It broke my heart every time the boys would ask to ride and I would have to tell them no.
Now everything has a place! I am one happy mama, so please if you are a neighbor and catch glimpses of me dancing away out in the garage  just ignore me and drive on by. I just can't resist doing a happy dance when I go out there!;)
Before I go I need yall's opinion. I literally have had this radio cabinet for over two years. It has patiently waited for a make over and I have tossed about making it into a wine cabinet though we do not drink wine or making it pretty and using it in my sewing room for my fabric. The question remains on what to do with that space at the bottom. Any ideas?

Thanx for stopping by and have a great day! I am off to do a little dancing!;)

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  1. Being organized always feels so good. I was going to ask if there was a garage sale going on too!! - Tonya

  2. Wow, that was a lot of stuff. Love the dresser you have along the wall. Gorgeous. Wish I could find one like that. If you use that cabinet in a craft room you could just add bins for items in that space or piles of fabric, etc. You should have carried that stuff to Good Will. Great to write off on your taxes.

  3. I understand...believe me...I understand!! I have many times cleaned out our garage and it looked like we were having a garage sale!

  4. I was laughing out loud when I saw your post! I've been waiting to see your "after" since last week... especially since I spent last week doing the same thing. It's miserable but so worth it in the end, right?

    As for your radio cabinet - it's beautiful! Love the idea of using it in your craft room for fabric. When you open the top doors, does the space extend all the way to the bottom? If so, you could do chicken wire behind the opening and allow some pretty fabric to show through. If not, you could mount a bulletin board covered in a gorgeous fabric behind the opening and use it for pinning scrap fabrics, paint swatches, etc. Can't wait to see how you transform it!

  5. I myself was drooling over that pile at your curb. Fortunate lady that got all that!

    Now for the cabinet you are keeping. What can I say, but absolutely beautiful! I'm with one of the other commenters, about putting some pretty baskets in that cubby hole in the bottom.

    Once again, that cabinetry is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. I'm so jealous of your new garage...I really need to do the same in my cottage. Maybe you should put a back on that piece, and then add a basket.


  7. What a great feeling when the garage is cleaned out and organized....Really loving the furniture along the wall!!...You certainly accomplished so much in just 6 hours!

  8. Paint the piece a 'beachy' color and put an an aquarium in it.

  9. Can you guys come to my garage.I have done it before, its a lot of work. It looks fabulous. I would get a piece of luann cut it to fit from the inside with very small hings and add one of those great tranfers you have, then a clear knob. Then you could store all kinds of goodies.

  10. Can I go shopping in your garage? ...so many wonderful things! =)

    Good job, looks wonderful! XO ~Liz

  11. Your garage (before) looks TIDY compared to ours.. Maybe we should have you over for a Help us clean out our garage BBQ.. :)

  12. Your garage looks great- Lucky girl to have a nice place to work now. I love that cabinet. There are so many things you could do with it. A piece of chalkboard inserted behind it would work...as would a stenciled piece of fabric..or just a gorgeous fabric. I would definitely use it to "frame" something. Is there a way to access that from inside or is there a "bottom" above it. If you have to leave it open I think the baskets are a good idea. xo Diana

  13. It's time ours got cleaned out too! Good for you for getting the job done! XO Cindy

  14. That space at the bottom of the cabinet could be used as a puppet theater! Sorry, but that's the best I've got. Congrats on cleaning out the garage! That's a big job.

  15. Now can you come over to my house and help me with ours? My garage looks like your before shots, I'm afraid. ha! It has been so hot and sticky outside that I haven't done anything with it. I did start boxing some items up for the consignment store though. Didn't make too much of a dent in it though. Glad that you got that chore done and your kids can find their bikes now!

  16. Great job on the garage! I say open up that bottom space on the cabinet and turn it into a shelf... for cookbooks etc... Would look great! And if you don't need it sell it.. lol! - Susan

  17. Great job on the garage! I say open up that bottom space on the cabinet and turn it into a shelf... for cookbooks etc... Would look great! And if you don't need it sell it.. lol! - Susan

  18. Pamela, Much as I hate to admit it, my gameroom looks a lot like your garage did. I know how you felt...I used to sell on Ebay and that gameroom was my office/storage/whatever else. Still hoping to get it where our grandson doesn't call it "the junk room." He did say recently that it looked better than the last time he was here!


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