Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little Additions

I have been busy the past two days getting things ready for a visit from The Nana & The Papa. I added a few small things to the guest room.
Can you guess what I added?
If you guessed that I added the antique oil lamp you would be right. I got this piece back in July when we went to Ga to visit our family. It is one of my favorite pieces.
Next I finally placed the vintage christening gown that my mama bought for me when we were out antiquing.
I decided to get a hook and hang it on the back of the guest room door. It adds a little element of surprise.
I have also been busy getting these two fellas off to school. It is hard to believe that summer is over and a new school year has begun! They were ready and though I miss them terribly I know I will get back into the swing of things in a week or so.

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  1. Love your bathroom, so cute. Almost as cute as those two handsome guys who are off to school.

  2. I know that it's not polite to stay in the bathroom for a long amount of time.. Especially when a guest.. :) but your bathroom is Adorable and I think I would have a hard time leaving it.. :)
    Love the Sweet touch of the Christening Gown.

  3. I can see why that antique oil lamp is one of your favorite pieces...I love it and what a darling Christening Gown.

  4. Your bathroom is adorable! I love the shower curtain! Have a great visit with your folks!

  5. Love the little dress on the back of the door....so sweet and it is a bit of a surprise.

  6. Your additions look great, Pamela. Love those back to school pics, too. xo Diana

  7. The little things are always the biggest things for me! Love the wreath on your window. Love the wire basket, love the scrub brushes in the pitcher. They just make the whole thing for me. :)

  8. The new touches look great Pamela! Your boys are cuties!!

  9. The bath look's great pamela.The boy are adorable. I love the shutters on the window.

  10. Pamela, Your boys are just adorable. I LOVE "first day of school" pictures!
    What pretty additions you added to your beautiful home!

  11. Love the christening gown on the door. I just love vintage baby clothes in general.
    Your boys are so handsome. I know you are proud of them
    Enjoy your company.

  12. Love all your new additions...the gown is so adorable behind the door...and talk about adorable..your "fellas" are the cutest!!...Good luck to them on the new school year...!!

  13. Your guest bathroom looks beautiful! Have a wonderful visit with your parents! The boys look so cute! :) Wishing them a great school year!

  14. I think your bathroom is so feminine and pretty! Love the christenng gown on the back of the door!

  15. All these images are very nice because they make me think of lightness and comfort. Congrats by the boys, they are awesome and go to school is the part of the best years of our lives.



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