Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Loot

So I promised y'all that I would share all my loot from our trip to Ga last week so this evening I started to unpack it all. I am not quite done but here are a few of the items. I apologize for the poor pic quality but it was just easier to use my phone as I went.

One of my all time favorites is this antique oil lantern!!

Look at the neat mirror on the back to enable the light to bounce thru the room.

My mom gave me this architectural piece. She enjoys treasure hunting as well and was willing to give this one up. Thanx Mom!

A beautiful French tea cup and saucer. The gold has been worn off the handle but I still adore it.

The pillow is from the Pottery Barn Outlet and was just $10!

I had to buy both of these charming little mirrors. Can you tell I am a little addicted to mirrors!?;)

I just loved the pantina on them and all the detail.

And I FINALLY found an antique scale! Well The Hubster found it for me and I am glad he spotted it. It was perfect. I realized the top had been replaced but that was okay with me. I can display more on it now. And yes, I brought home some AS paint. I was out and figured since it was there it would save me a trip across town after we  got back home.

The scale is dated 1912 and the face is wearing away a bit but to me that just adds to its charm.

Back to the paint. I am currently playing with a new chalk based paint that has recently hit the market here in the US. I can't wait to share it with y'all! So stay tuned!

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  1. Great finds! I love your scale! The pillow is wonderful; what a deal! I have to go to this outlet!

  2. Mirrors. Awesome. And SO you.
    You are the mirror queen ;)

    Scale... LOVE IT. Good eye hubster ;) Good eye!!

  3. One day I'm going to make it to that PB outlet...LOVE that pillow...what an awesome price. I also love that vintage scale Pamela.


  4. Love that oil lantern! And the PB pillow. Im always bummed that we cant get pottery barn stuff in Australia

  5. What a haul! I love mirrors, too!

    Jan ♥

  6. I do believe that globe is the long lost step sister to my globe family! Quick, pop it in the mail - it needs it's family!

    Love your scale too - great finds!

  7. Great finds Pamela, I love the pillow.

  8. Nice loot, Pamela. I'm a sucker for ornate frames, and you picked up some nice ones.

  9. You found some wonderful treasures!!!! Love those mirrors :o)

  10. Really like your antique scale. A few years ago I went on a search for an antique hanging scale for my pantry. After a lengthy search, my husband found the perfect one, and it still works! Thanks for sharing your finds.

  11. Oh, fun, fun, fun, Pamela! Great treasures, & I love the antique scale!

  12. Great deal on the pillow, Pamela! I love all the mirrors and that frame, too. You really got some wonderful goodies!

  13. Great finds, great job! love the pillow!

  14. Great finds Pam ....I love love love that scale!

  15. my favorite is the round mirrors, but you got a lot of treasures!

  16. You go girl! I love the pillow (actually it makes me love the pottery barn outlet even more)!


  17. Great suff I love the mirrors and I love the fraemes they are in I can't wait to see what you do with them.

    I just adore that teacup too!!


  18. You did find some fantastic things! Love the mirrors and the scale is wonderful! Good Job!

  19. cool cool cool can't wait to see where they end up.

  20. You have an eye for some great finds, I really like the old scale, Im sure it will come up a treat - go hubby!

  21. You did very well! My favorites are those little mirrors, and of course that antique scale. What a score you lucky girl. How fun to go with your mom!


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