Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beautiful Day

It has been an overcast but beautiful day outside this morning so I have been working on some painting projects and enjoying the cool breeze.
This is a nesting table that I have had out at the cottage but it hasn't sold so I brought it home to add a little something special to it. I figured since I already had the stencil why not.

I am also trying to finish up this farmhouse style coffee table so I can get it gone and out of the garage. The Hubster has almost two weeks of vacation coming up since he has been working so much so I promised him I would try and clear out the garage beforehand so we can organize it while he is off.

The most exciting project I am working on is the frenchy desk! I stripped the top and now I am not sure if I am happy with it or not. It may get painted. I am using a crackle technique on the bottom portion and this is the first layer. Trying to decide if I want to finish it off with Old White or if I want to do a layer of Old White and then a custom grey on top. Just not sure yet.

So what have you been up to today?

Praying for those in the DFW area after the terrible storms and tornadoes ripped thru yesterday! I my heart goes out to y'all.
Just an FYI Treasure Hunt Thursday will be live TOMORROW morning. I haven't had a chance to view all the entries from last week and I want to beforehand so see ya in the am!:)


  1. I am loving the desk in the last picture as it is. You don't? I love that dark top with the white bottom! Care to share the crackling technique?
    I am working on another dining table and chairs for the shop, but it sold before I even got finished! I am having a hard time keeping the place stocked (I am not complaining!). I really wanna know the crackling technique?

  2. Pamela -- this is beautiful! I love that stencil! I just got a hold of some old fencing and am trying to decide what to do with all of it -- this stencil jumped right out at me :)

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  4. That table is looking good! I've just popped by in the blogging world. Don't exactly know what I've been doing with my time.....working my regular 9-5 gig, Pinterest, holidays, etc. etc. I'm ready to get painting and spring sprucing up!

    Happy Spring Ya'll

  5. I love the stencil on the table. I think the desk looks great, you really don't like it?

  6. Love the chair -
    See ya in the morning.

  7. Been working in the yard since Sunday. Can't wait to see your projects finished.

  8. This is so pretty.
    I will come back in the morning to link my post.

    Is it just my computer or is your screen really, really large? I can't see it all without moving the arrows on the bottom. Just sayin'....:))
    xo bj

  9. Boy you sure have been busy Pamela! Can't wait to see all the finished products!

  10. I, too, like the table just like you have done it.......the dark top with the white bottom. Gorgeous.
    Im now following you from Please come visit me and maybe you'll follow back. THANKS 8-)

  11. What a beautiful job....Don't you love the feeling when it goes so well?...Blessings, Becky

  12. I love table...beautiful carvings...Can't wait to see how you decide to finish it....


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