Sunday, February 12, 2012

Half Bathroom

So what have y'all been up to lately? Me, nothing at all so that left me with nothing to blog about really. I have a thousand ideas running around in my head but I have done zip with them. Not really wanting to spend the money on them right now. I was going thru old pics this evening though and came across our half bath in our last house. I had just started blogging back then and it was on my first blog so I do not think I have shared this redo yet. 

I was on a tight tight budget back then but wanted to dress the space up some. 

On one of our weekly trips to Target I found this beautiful buffalo plaid curtain panel. It was perfect for the coloring in our house.

So I brought it home along with a few other accessories and got busy making a skirt for the pedestal sink. I used velcro sticky things and a hot glue gun to create box pleats all the way around the sink.

My assistant thought it needed something more so I tacked a piece of ribbon up there and decided I really liked it.

I think my assistant knew what he was talking about!;) 

With the extra length from the curtain panel and three placemats I made this window topper. I am not digging my choice of curtain rod but at the time I believe it was all I could find!;) That and the swirls matched the swirls in the rug for in there.

To top the window off I added some upholstery tacs to the bottom of the windowsill. If the new owner did not like them I am sure they had tons of fun trying to pry them out!;)

So there ya have it! A half bath makeover for right about $50 if I remember correctly. Most everything was on sale or clearance. Just the way I like it even today.

Hope your weekend is going well! Now back to deciding what to do with our current half bath.


  1. That was really clever, Great job The colors are very pretty.Thanks for posting.

  2. What a pretty way to dress that bathroom up and I LOVE the frame hanging over the mirror, very pretty!!

  3. You've got a great assistant! Meow~great job.
    Happy Sunday,

  4. The layered mirrors are a great idea! Fabby look!!!

  5. Pam, looks really good. Let us know how hard it is to keep clean. I often wondered with how my sinks tend to have water drips running off the sides. Maybe because we are short.

  6. You did a great job. I like the color of the fabric.

  7. Love the skirt! You talented gal!! Thank you for sharing. Hope you had a grand weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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