Thursday, January 5, 2012


Edited 1/5/2012- Daisy 522 I have tried tirelessly to figure out who you are. I have posted numerous times on my blog and on FB trying to reach you. You did not leave any way for us to contact you so if we do not hear from you by 1/06/2012 by noon then we will have to go with the runner up.
Attention Daisy522 please contact me thru my blog or FB page so that we can get your info and send out your Annie Sloan prize basket! If we do not hear back from ya I will have to crank up the old random number generator and get a new winner. I HATE to have to do that! Still debating on how long we will wait. If anybody knows Daisy522 please let her know she won and that she needs to come and claim this awesome prize! I have no way of contacting her so I have been leaving messages on my FB page and now here. I really want her to get her awesome prize!


  1. or... I am getting it by default for being the first to comment =)

    Bwah ha ha!!!!!

  2. Too great of a prize to let it slip away!!!! I hope she contacts you !!!

  3. wow! she's so lucky to have won that! hope she contacts you

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