Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good day at Goodwill!

The boys had early release today so we went out running errands after I picked them up. We ended up at Goodwill of all places. I was trying to find some odds and ends to fill my up closet space out at The Old Oak Cottage. I next to never go in there because they never have anything!

Today they had this beauty!

Not quite sure why nobody wanted her anymore. She was in excellent structural condition. 

She just needs to be perttied up a tad! This is one treasure I will not be keeping. At least I do not think I will be. She was purchased with every intention or reselling.

I also found these items. The cheese tray I scooped up first! I have been seeing them all around blogland and just had to have one for myself. Then the little girl pic caught my eye. She was purchased to resell as well but she might be staying put in the guest bedroom. Then three identical wood frames that were just 99 cents each! All together I think I spent $24. Not bad but not as good of a deal as I would have liked. I went in thinking the sign said all non clothing 30% off today. It was not. Just yellow tagged items and NOTHING I had was yellow tagged.

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  1. Great finds, Pamela! That little girl picture is so cute; it would probably do well at your booth. The Goodwill here is big, clean and very neat, but sadly lacking in home decor items. The store is 75% clothes and they do a very brisk business in clothes. I did, however, find a wood pillar candlestick for $1.99 yesterday, so I was happy enough with that. Something I didn't have by me in NY, Salvation Army. I happened to see it when I was driving past and will have to check them out. It might be a better place for me to shop for my thrifty finds.

  2. Hi Pam - Great finds indeed! You never know what you might find at Goodwill, or the Salvation Army. All it needs is a creative touch!
    Happy Day!

  3. Goodwill usually is hit or miss, usually the times I go not expecting to find something, that is when I find the best things.

  4. You found some great treasures. Love the chair, and the pictures are super find also. The cheese keeper will be a ton of fun to play with. Don't forget the Fall Cloche Party on Nov. 1st and the cheese dome counts. Hugs, Marty

  5. I love your GW finds. I haven't been lucky enough to find a great chair like yours though! That's on my wishlist. I posted one of my GW finds on your Treasure Hunt Thursday party. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Love your finds! Really -- that chair is in such great shape -- usually don't find them like that!

  7. A good day indeed! The chair is amazing so are the frames.

  8. Darn! Ok, that's really not the word I wanted to LOVE that chair and I would absolutely purchase it if I lived close. You scored big time on that one!!


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