Friday, July 29, 2011

Snickerdoodle Dandy

The boys and I were in a cookie mood when shopping for groceries. We spied  the new Snickerdoodle mix by Pilsbury. I LOVE Snickerdoodles and the only place who does them right is The Great American Cookie Company and honestly we rarely if ever get a treat from there. Just too dang expensive. So when I saw this I figured why not give it a shot.
They are a little messy when mixing um together but oh so worth it in the end!! Just as good if not better than any I have ever had before! Snickerdoodle anyone!?;)
 One last thing before I go. I am currently redoing our  guest suite because well it is my bad addiction!:) I just wanted to throw this out there in hopes of NOT turning to Ebay.  I want to find a loving home for the set I already have. It is from the Country Living Line. I have the queen/full quilt and the two pillow shams. If interested just let me know. I can send more pics. 
I also have two of the matching Country Living Shower Curtains.

And I have this red floral queen/full Ralph Lauren bedskirt. Everything is in excellent condition! The guest suite only gets used maybe 4-5 times a year if that. Again if interested just let me know. I will offer a discount if purchased altogether. Must have a Paypal account.

Hope your Friday evening is going well!

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