Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weigh In Wednesdays #2-Hard

Sorry this post is a lil' late this morning. Last night we had graduation for Littliest which kept us out till after 9! Then this morning I went outside to water the strawberry plant and noticed a trail of ants making a bee line for the house. Had to nip that in the butt immediately!! Hoping that I got it taken care of. Now on to Weigh In Wednesday!

 To be honest I have hit the hardest part of this journey and it is not the food part but the exercising part! I know I need to do it but I have had no motivation to do it. When I do do it I love it but it is the actual act of making myself do it. I know that may not make any sense to some because who in the world would not do something they love!? Crazy!

Now don't get me wrong we have still been out there sweating our butts off but not as often as we should or have been. We normally would go once a day sometimes twice a day and well now it has been more like once a week. I know I know really really bad! Good thing though is that I have not gained anything since I am still watching what and when we eat. 

To kick myself in the butt this past Sunday I went on a 5 mile + bike ride which was quite enjoyable at least the first leg of it. I thought I was nearly gonna die the second half because it was so hot and windy! I was so wishing a pool would have magically appeared in the back yard while I was gone. That would have felt so good!

To keep myself motivated I have to keep reminding myself how far I have come in such a short amount of time and that really I only have 25 more pounds to go to reach my goal by Nov 1 and that it IS really attainable. Now mind you it is not my ultimate goal but to make things seem more attainable I broke them down into mini goals. This works sooo much better for me than thinking "OMG I have to loose almost 80 pounds!!".
So what do you do to keep yourself motivated? I hope you have had more than me these past few weeks! 

I am gonna leave ya with one of my all time fave quotes I got from Jennifer over at The Magic Brush! Head over and see how Jennifer and her exercising buddy blingged up the work out room!

"She Believed She Could So She Did" 

Have a great one and I look forward to ya joining in on the linky party!:)

If you link up please be kind enough to link only to your Weigh In Wednesdays post and NOT your entire blog. I look forward to hearing about other weight loss journeys the good the bad and the ugly! Nobody is here to be judged just to be supported so lets have some fun and start sharing and loosing y'all!


  1. I don't have a post to share but I'll try to have one for next week. I've been on the weight loss track for six months. I'm looking much better and I have muscles begining to show (just a little LOL) It gets me so excited. I try to get to the gym every day for at least an hour. I've got the workout stuff down. Now I just have to work on the diet! hate that part!

  2. Pam I did not know you were hosting a party like this. I really will consider joining it next week. I started an excercise log page on my blog to try and motivate myself but have been so slack about it. I too am finding a huge lack of motivation though I want to loose weight desperately. This may be just the motivation I need to get back on track! Thanks!

  3. I NEED to write posts and link up to a hop. I need the motivation as well as the shame.
    Getting household things squared away this week, since I have the holiday weekend all to myself. I intend to be posting better in June.


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