Monday, February 14, 2011

The Ripple Effect

On a trip to Lowes Sat night we found two of these. Who would have known they would have led to a total transformation.

This is what our front porch looked like since holiday came down. Um yeah, not very inviting in the least. 

This was our front door in desperate need of re-staining. 

Yes, much much better and did not really take all that long. I am hoping to one day change out the door hardware to an antique bronze.

While the door was drying I commenced onto my next project. Please excuse my toes.

This is always the worst part of wreath making to me. It always takes me forever to cut the wires.

This wreath was super easy to make. All I did was wrap the cherry blossom garlands around each other and then laid them on top of the grape vine wreath. I secured them with some florist wire and then just started adding my greenery.  

I think it turned out pretty nice though I am kinda wishing I had made it larger but oh well. 

Much better! And there are the two topiaries that The Hubster got me for Valentines Day from Lowes. They are a true commitment because well they are real, GULP! I ended up having to actually plant them in the urns which at first I was not sure abt since it made them sooo tall but now I really like that they are so tall since we do not have any coverings on the side windows of the door. Heres hoping I can keep them alive!;) I can not wait to add some more decorative touches as Spring time arrives.
Well it is time to start the Valentine festivities. Off to not one but parties today with the boys. Hope y'all have a wonderful love filled Valentines Day!
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  1. Those topiaries look so pretty on the porch and the new wreath too. You are all set for spring. So inviting.

  2. Yep! I'm making a trip to Lowes today! I want to see if they have those all the way over here in the NW because that is EXACTLY what I have been looking for for our front porch! We don't have window coverings on the side windows either so they would be perfect. Then it really would be from your front porch to mine! Hehe! It looks absolutely goreous Pam and I love your wreath. Anyone who can make one is uber talented in my book! :-)
    Happy Valentine's Day friend,

  3. Looks lovely nice to have such a wonderful front entry...Your wreath is gorgeous...I need to work out what kinda wreath I wanna put on our front door...Maybe it would distract ppl from the chicken poop on the front steps hehe.

    Blessings Kelsie

  4. Your topiaries are absolutely stunning. I love them. Your wreath is fabulous also. Your entry looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  5. You have a beautiful front entrance, Pamela! The topiaries are a nice touch as is your wreath.

  6. Very pretty. My front door is also in desperate need of restaining.

  7. I'm visiting from BNOTP. I love how the topiaries look! I need to restain my front doors & I haven't done it before. What did you use to do it?

  8. Hi, Pamela, fellow Texan! :)
    I'm your new follower. Your brick home entrance is absolutely beautiful even without the added touches you've made. But your wreath and topiaries are very pretty and look perfect!

  9. Hi, Pamela!
    I love the added height! And your wreath turned out beautifully! I struggle with just what springtime wreath I want. I'm find with other seasons but have trouble finding the right one for spring. Your's is beautiful!

  10. Your front door is dressed and ready for Spring! So lovely!!!

  11. I'm a topiary girl!!! Love this.

  12. This looks very nice! I love the topiary's in the urns!!!

  13. Thanks for stopping by..
    I love topiaries and yours (as well as your front porch) look great!

  14. Very pretty Pam! I love the cherry blossoms and those topiaries are gorgeous! Your entry way looks so welcoming!

    Happy Valentines day!

  15. Absolutely charming Pamela! I love your topiaries! I have had some kind of spruce or something topiaries on the sides of my door for several years, but just this winter- one pooped out and now, I have one beautiful topiary and one yellow topiary! Argh!! Hoping that I will find a very similar one in size, shape, color, etc this spring to have balance there again!! Happy Valentines Day! :)

  16. Well SHUT the Front Door, that's the best looking entrance around, LOL!!! It looks so good but everything you do usually does : )

    I need to learn how to make wreaths. Those things are expensive and the stores never have what I want.

  17. Oh, oh, oh... I love your new wreath. It's so perfect. I have been looking to make one as the ones I currently have are for holidays or Spring. Thank you for the inspiration. I will pick out my own flowers and will flower your lead. I am becoming one of your followers. Can't wait to read more of your blog, I found you through Kim's blog.

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  18. This is a gorgeous makeover, and the wreath is the perfect size, it is framed perfectly in the space of the glass. Love the stain choice, and well, I love real Topiaries , mine is real on my front entry, and it didn't take long to fill out the form from a small ivy plant. They're quite hearty and do not need much attention. Great job!
    Stopping by from Kim's Savvy Southern Style. xoxo tami


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