Sunday, February 20, 2011

Asparagus, It's what's for lunch and dinner!

Those of you who know me know I do not like to try new things but this year I have decided to make a change not only for me but for my boys. They need to be more adventurous. Oldest is some what because well he likes craw fish. Nasty! So for his bday every year we try and take him for craw fish. Anyways, I made this recipe a few months back but with extra virgin olive oil and well I was the only who liked it. No surprise really. 
So this past week when the boys were at school I made some for lunch. I actually added some fresh pepper, sea salt, and garlic to my mixture to jazz it up a bit.

YUMMY!It was also dinner for me last night because it is just that yummy. 
 As for the paper plate just keeping it real!:) 


  1. Yummy!!! You must know that asparagus is my all time fav! Maybe you can come over, and we'll just have an aparagus lunch one day soon:) Try drizzling it with red wine vinegar, spraying it with a little olive oil, and sprinkling on some sea salt. Delish!!

  2. Pamela, I love asparagus and fix it like that a lot or with lemon pepper sprinkled on.

  3. Oh this is a great way to make asparagus I have it no other way!!
    So good for you too!!

  4. Oh Yumma~ I love asparagus. My husband likes it too. My girls....not so much.
    I'll try it that way. I think the cheese sprinkled on would be good.
    ♥ Joy


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