Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Adventure.

Remember this past Christmas when I made these for my son's teachers? Well I got soo many compliments  on them and soo many people telling me I should sell um that it got me to thinking. I have been making baby items for geez over 6 years now. The boys have grown and I frankly am not as into making baby stuff anymore. Sad I know cause baby stuff is too stinkin cute but my interest have swayed more towards decorating. 
So with that being said this week I have been working on things like turning a plaining gold frame into this.

I am truly in love with how it turned out!

The birds are two dimensional so they pop off the frame.

I wanted to give the frame more of an aged antique feeling. There are three differ colors at play here along with some anitiquing glaze and Rub N Buff.

A wonderful 4x6 frame just in time for  Spring decorating!  If I get enough request I will start listing my frames in my Etsy shop. Just testing the waters right now.
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  1. These are beautiful!
    You should totally open an etsy shop...Just an idea ;)
    You are really talented!

  2. Your song birds are adorable. I bet you have no trouble selling them.

  3. That is GORGEOUS! Those birds really do pop off the frame!!! Best of luck with your new adventure. :)

  4. Pamela,
    This frame is gorgeous. You did an incredible job on the very Frenchy finish. Great work. Love the birds too.

  5. This is beautiful Pamela!! Great job!! I wanted to let you know I highlighted your beautiful island at this weeks Feathered Nest Friday party, too! :)

  6. This is beautiful, Pamela! I know what you mean about your intrests changing. There was a time when I make a LOT of baby bedding. Very rare these days.
    Good for you, moving on and finding something else you love to make! And that you're SO GOOD AT!

  7. That is just gorgeous Pamela! You did a fantastic job and I am so excited for you and your new adventure! :-)

  8. Pamela, that is a wonderful paint job on that frame. You are very good, too.

  9. Hey Pamela, it's Pattie, with the burlap all you need is 3m Super77 Multi-Purpose Adhesive. I found it a walmart.


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