Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Master Bath Shelf Reveal

Hope this post finds ya'll doing well this week! Many heartfelt prayers go out to those affected by the tremendous flooding in TN and the oil spill in the Gulf. I can not even imagine what these people's lives are like right now. We have been thru two hurricanes so I guess I can imagine a bit but I know what they are going thru is 100 X worse. Again many prayers and hopes that the oil spill will not reach the beautiful shores of AL and FL and that they can find a remedy for the situations at hand quickly!

Now with all that said here is the big reveal of my shelf from last week!

Here is the picture of my inspiration done by Rhonda over at Blue Creek Home that I lusted over for sooo long! I love her entire bathroom! Go on over and tell her hey if you have not met her before!

Here is my $7.99 find from GW that Littliest and I found last week. Drum roll please.....

Here she is. Not quite in all her glory. My idea was to find faux ceiling tin to put on the back so that is why I finished it kinda sloppy. Nobody was suppose to ever see the back of it. Well the tins were not quite wide enough and it would have cost over $60. So that idea was a no go. Then I thought abt embossed wall paper but did not want to have to go thru the trouble of busting out the paints again and trying to match um up. I will share in a moment what I did come up with though. I did the same as Rhonda did and drilled holes in the side and used a cafe curtain rod so I could hang some towels from it. Stole the curtain rod from our breakfast nook that I still have yet to finish the cafe panels for. Shame on me I know because it has been almost a year now! I told you I really do have OCD and ADD! Ha!

Anywho, here is the view looking in from our bedroom. See that rug down there? Believe it or not it is was only $12 at Costco and ours only had one. We hunted down the other one at another Costco on the other side of town the day we went back to our Costco...across town in the other direction...to see Ms. Paula. Again thanking The Hubster for being soo patient. He knows once I get something in my head it has to be or I won't be happy and I HAD to have another one of those rugs!

Here is an up close pic of the distressing that was involved. The knobs I already had and are from HobLob. I had them to hang our dining room curtains with but have yet to paint that room so I figured I would go ahead and put them to good use. I can always get three more the next time they are 50% off.

I have been hunting down some towels for awhile now that would be only for looking at and not touching! HA! I just could not find any until the other week when I was in HomeGoods. They definitely made me HomeGoods happy! The design on them matches the rugs soo perfectly!! I had purchased the regular size bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths. They are kinda thin though and pull rather easily so I took the bath towels back and kept the hand towels and wash cloths since again they were just for looks anyways. Thankfully the hand towels are odd in the fact that they are super HUGE for a hand towel unless of course you are the jolly green giant. With that being said I was able to use them and the wash cloths for display on the curtain rod. A normal bath towel was too big and thick but again this is all for looks!;)
Now that I had that taken care of I was still obsessing over the back of the shelf and what on earth I was going to display on the shelves. The next day after hanging it up I went to HomeDepot in hopes that they had something but nope. So off to HobLob. Oh how I love HobLob! They always come to the rescue and you can not beat the prices!

So here is what the trip to HobLob resulted in. Can you guess what I am using for the back of the shelf?? Yep, it is just plain old scrap book paper but humor me a lil' and tell me it looks soo darn real will ya!?;) Eventually I will redo the back of the shelf but for now I think it looks pretty good. I still need a few nick knacks though. The scrap book paper was half off as well as was the Relax sign which was just $4! The mirror I found in the 66% off clearance isle and was just $13! I just love it.

A full view. That pedestal in the corner I purchased off of the local yard sale site MONTHS ago and was actually getting ready to list it myself but it just popped in my head to use it there. I will take ya'll on a full tour of our bath once I get it all completed. It was done TOTALY on a penny pinching budget!

I still need to come up with a replacement for this. It is from our BR house. I think I am just going to purchase a plain old white sheet and make something for it.

Then I have not one but two of these in the master bath. I HATE them and they are in every bathroom in the house. Did I ever mention for some reason the builder thought this house needed 4 and half baths!!?? Why on earth I will ever know. I do limit which ones are used due the fact that the maid...me... refuses to clean them all!

And as if I was done, here is my next project! The Hubster and I got in a little tiff so I hauled this baby out to the garage...determined not to ask for help... and took my frustration out on her. She is almost done so be sure to stop back by!
I will be linking up to Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps On The Porch and at Marla's WhooHoo Wednesday as soon as she opens it up.
P.s So the word HATE was a strong one abt the light fixture. It is an okay fixture but I do not like the metal thingy part on the globes. The silver just does not go with my flow of things in there. I am though keeping this fixture in our guest bath but with new globes. I think it will work in there.


  1. Pamela, you are so creative! Love your little cabinet and what you did with it.
    Take care!
    Ladybug Creek

  2. I love that cabinet. I can't believe what you did with it. The paper is perfect for the back and I love what you put on it.

  3. Great job, Pamela!! Can't wait to see your "next one."

  4. Pamela, I love the way it turned out!! It looks gorgeous in your bathroom. Woo Hoo!!

    Thanks for being so patient with my linky issues. I was hurrying home and got stuck in a traffic jam which never happens here cuz there's hardly any traffic so I had to do the crazy driver routine and take all back roads then linky is fighting me tooth and nail. Really needed a glass of wine and I have only 1/2 a glass in the house. Ya see my day... :)

  5. Honey, you are just the sweetest!! I'm going to go take a hot bath now.

  6. You have created my dream bathroom! I love it! What an amazing transformation. No wonder you are woo hooing about it-I would be too!

    Best wishes,

  7. That turned out just great! It looks wonderful in your bath!

  8. Great job, you are so creative AND thrifty! Pretty classy, I'd say.

  9. Love the new shelf. From the pic, the light fixture doesn't look too bad. Great job on the bathroom. NG

  10. I lvoe the finished shelf. You did good girl. It's perfect for your room. Don't ya love it when a plan comes together??? LOL. Thank you for stopping in at junkblossoms. Blessings Pat.

  11. OMG! I love that shelf, I love the scrapbook paper, I love the Relax sign, I love the mirror, I love the tall white plant holder thingy, I love love love everything! Can you tell? LOL It's nice to meet you...I'm Robyn from www.foresthillsroad.blogspot.com...found my way here from Marla's Woohoo Wed...

  12. Woo Hoo for you- GREAT JOB! I was just about to tell you about tin ceiling scrapbook paper and then i saw you found something! If you want to see the tin, heres a link to a pic of it.
    I can't wait to see your next peice!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  13. Great job on the shelf! I love the distressed job! Your bathroom is beautiful. I'm new to your blog and found you through Woohoo Wednesday. Can't wait to look around.

  14. Love the shelf! Just found your blog through Woo Hoo. What I'm really loving is your creative window treatments over the tub. love, love, love!
    Visit me @adoctorinthehouse.blogspot.com for a giveaway.

  15. Pamela, it looks AMAZING!!! Your whole bathroom is gorgeous!! Now show me that headboard already! :)

  16. That turned out great Pamela, I'd be thrilled with it :-)

  17. Thanx everybody for all the sweet comments! I just finished polying the headboard! I can't wait to get it back in the house.

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  19. Pamela, that shelf looks really good. I like the finish you did and that is such a good idea to add that rack to it for towels.

  20. Rad-re-doo! Such a great mix of shab and elegance. I've going to find something fabulous at my thrift store tomorrow. Thanks for inspiring me!

  21. You did a great job making over the shelf :-) Great idea to use scrapbooking paper for the back, and the mirror and Relax sign look really good.


  22. It turned out perfect!

    I will never know how you score so good at our goodwill. That place is just one giant mothball to me.

  23. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful transformation on your cabinet!!


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