Monday, May 31, 2010

Major Night Owl

It is yes almost 2 a.m. ! Actually after taking pics and downloading them it is now officially 2:07 a.m. . Don't ask me why the cat was sitting there staring at the clock. I guess he was fascinated by the ticking sound.

Since I could not sleep I decided to work some more on a mini project I had started last night. Can you guess what it is??

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends! Before I go could you please send a prayer or two up for a young girl named Bathany!? I do not know her personally but our paths crossed briefly this evening while the fam and I were out running a few errands. Bethany apparently took a corner too quickly and lost control of her little car. She ran off the side of the road and tried to correct herself which led to her landing in the ditch which then led to her vehicle going air born flipping several times and landing on the opposite side of the ditch. We were one of the first few people on the scene since we were behind her by two cars. All we saw was the dirt flying and we knew something terrible had happened. After spending 10 min or more on the phone with 911 help finally arrived and were able to get her out of her car. The only reason I know her name is because I was handed her license so I could give the 911 responder her info. Not sure of her injuries other than she said her head hurt really bad and she was bleeding quite a bit. The Hubster said she was pretty out of it which is to be expected. It was found out that she was not wearing her seat belt and it is truly amazing that she was not thrown from her little car. So please send some prayers up for her and her family and friends. I know they could use them!
Off to bed now. It is 2:22 a.m.!!

P.s Don't for get to enter the CSN give away if you have not already! It is a few posts down from here.


  1. Pam,
    We will add her to our prayer list. No wonder you are still awake after seeing an accident. If you follow up at the hospital you'll have to let us know how she is doing.
    What are you doing to your bathroom? Now you have me wondering!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  2. Adore your bathroom and that yellow ikea frame... is so lovely. WAY TO GO! jENN~ thanks for your sweet visit too, I am glad you LIKE MY W&D on my washer dryer. ;)

  3. Oh no! I hope she is okay. My prayers are with her.

    Your cat is hilarious! Love all of your decor changes. Your home is beautiful Pamela. :)


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