Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Out With The Old & In With The New

Well The Nana & The Papa are headed back to Ga. We had a nice time and wish we knew we were staying in Tx for good so we could talk them into getting a vaca home here. It is hard to only see them three or four times a year but it is better than just the two times a year I see my mom. Living half way across the country has it pluses and its minuses and that is definitely a minus.
Today I was planning on going no where. Littliest kept begging to go to "town" as he calls it so we headed out and ended up at HomeGoods. I had not been since Friday and figured new stuff was sure to be out and it was. I am on the hunt for two seagrass bar stools or two ladder back bar height chairs. They had two perfect ones back when we moved in but of course then I was not thinking abt stools.
So no stools today but I did luck up and found new pillows for the living room. Ours were made to match the couch and chair 7 years ago that we purchased at StoreHouse. We no longer have the striped chair in the living room due to too much love and my tastes have changed a bit. We were more Pottery Barn back then and well now I am more of a french country shabby cottage kinda gal. We will not be getting a new couch anytime soon so I needed new pillows that would help my PB style go with the french country shabby cottage style.
After HomeGoods I rushed home to see what they looked like before getting into carpool line since Littliest fell asleep in the cart at HomeGoods and we still had 30 minutes to spare. I could not wait to see what the pillows looked like. After I did that we sat in car pool lane and listened to the radio with the windows down since it was only 83. I started getting hot so I turned the mini back on. Well I tried to turn the mini back on. It would not start!!! Here it was 5 minutes before the line was suppose to start moving and the mini would not start!! Thankfully the dad behind me had jumper cables and she started right up. He was my angel for the day!!
Other than that mishap our day has been a good one and I hope yours is to!

The Old pillows. Not sure if I will put them up stairs in the game room or just sell um at the community yard sale next weekend.

The New Ones. I was not sure abt the striped damask ones because they were soooo large but once I put them on the couch I knew they were indeed what I was looking for and super comfy! If you look to left you can see where I am in the midst of painting our living room. Little by little it is getting done. I will show ya the entire room once it is all painted.


  1. The new pillows look great! You asked about contractor Bill, did the fireplace work and he used his own scaffolding, so I am not sure how hard it is.


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