Thursday, June 4, 2009


This past weekend hubby and I went hunting  for our new nest in Houston. We walked thru over 20 nests and the funny thing about it all is that the nests that were at the top of our list actually ended up at the bottom and the ones at the bottom actually ended up in our top three pics. We were a little discouraged for the sheer fact that the plans we had made were not working out. We had wanted our new nest to be in the original section of our old community so we could be walking distance to the school and friends. That was not the plan for us from above. There really was nothing that fit our needs there and the one nest we were really interested in went under contract. In the end though we did finally end up finding a beautiful nest. It was LAST on my list because there are power lines that run parallel to the fence in the backyard. It was top on hubby's list because it was a builder close out and has been sitting there since we moved to Cajun Country 2 yrs ago. He could smell a bargain nest!

BEFORE: This is our current nest in the state that we purchased it 2 yrs ago. I was not crazy abt this nest. This nest needed a lot of work for it to feel like home. We had toadd  landscaping, fencing, gutters and then all of the pretties as we call them to make our nest feel like a home.

AFTER: This is our nest now after two years and lots of love. I now HATE to leave this nest but I knew all along that this nest was not the nest we would be staying in. If we could pick this nest up and take it with us we would. I will miss her tall stately plantation like columns. I will miss my long front porch with my bistro set and bench. I will miss our very tall double front doors. Most of all I will miss our landscaping. We pray that our nest will be bought by another loving family that will  take as good care of her as we have.

This is the new nest! She is very beautiful and a bargain definitely in the waiting! We just could not pass her up. After two nights of staying up till 3 am worrying and praying to God to guide us I finally had a peace come over me on the second night. This nest has everything we wanted but did not think we would get in our budget. We actually ended up getting an additional amount off the already steeply discounted price that we had offered. So now we are just waiting for our nest to get inspected and then closing at the end of the month. There are so many possibilities for this nest and I know we can make it even  more beautiful once we move in. I know feel as if this nest was just waiting for us these past two years. I can see my boys running up and down the stairs and filling the nest with laughter and love already. Thank you God for leading us to our new nest!

P.s The power pole is actually in our neighbors backyard!:)

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  1. Pamela, it is GORGEOUS!!! I hope everything goes smoothly and quickly! And that Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil-A are close by! :)


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