Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Thursday everybody! We had a great party last week with not only our regular party goers but some new faces as well which made me smile! Thank you to all you attended! I had a hard time picking so this week I chose a few extra to highlight!:)

21 Rosemary Lane  shared their CopyCat herb pots! So darling that you must go check them out!

Beyond the Screen Door shared these divine drapes for a doctors office! Such talent!
Have you seen this fabulous budget kitchen makeover at Fox Hollow Cottage!?

Turn Style Vogue shared a wonderful chair rehab!
And I just could not leave out Maxwell! Head over to Kathe With An E and read all about his story!

As always thank you to all who partied last week! I am so truly honored to have such talent partying at my place! If you were featured please feel free to grab the "I've Been Featured" button!:) I have the newly updated button with html code on my sidebar! 

 What would be a HUGE help and encourage more comments not just from me but others as well would be for everybody to take off their required verification codes for leaving a comment. This seems to take just a few seconds of time but when you have to do it on 30 or more blogs it takes up a TON of time. Last week most everybody had turned off their Word Verification which made it so much easier for me to stop by everybody's links! Thank you!

Now on to this weeks party! 
As with all parties there are the normal rules. You must link back to From My Front Porch To Yours in your THT POST. Just common courtesy. If ya don't link back ya don't get to party. Only link up to your Treasure Hunt Thursday post and NOT your blog homepage. Please No advertising and PLEASE NO MORE than 3 links from the SAME party goer. Also NO MORE linking up to your own link parties. I am seeing more and more link ups of just people promoting their own linky parties. I know it takes time to go back and make a separate post to join the party but it is just the polite thing to do. If you find your post deleted it is not because I am a meany, I just have to make sure the rules are being followed. You can save some of your posts for the following weeks party!Please only link up new posts and not posts that you linked up the week before.Also be sure to visit at least the link before you and after you to just say Hi! It makes partying all the more fun! If you are new around here I would love it if ya become a follower!:)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Designer Showcase Home & Leslie Sinclair

Sunday was a busy day. I had a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time but I will share more about that in another post. 
Part of my adventure on Sunday involved traveling to see The Pink Ribbon House. I was very excited but very nervous at the same time. My men were all staying home and I was venturing out on my own. Those who personally know me know that I do NOT travel very far from home. I have a crazy fear of driving on the Beltway or Interstates. The only reason I was willing to venture out to the Pink Ribbon House was because I essentially knew where I was going and that at the time I chose to go traffic would be semi light. It was still a white knuckle two hands on the wheel drive though. 
I thankfully made it in one piece! The Pink Ribbon home is in an older neighborhood in Houston. You will see a variety of different style of homes from original homes to new homes. This was a newer home.  
Here is an original home. A lot of times for people to get into the older neighbors down in Houston they will purchase the older homes for the land and tear down the original home. This was the case with The Pink Ribbon House. 
There were Pink Ribbons to guide you in.
I parked in front of this beautiful older but obviously updated home. I LOVED the landscaping out front. 
I was excited to have made it to The Pink Ribbon Home. Not only because I was going to be touring a showcase of immense talent but because I was going to meet up with.....
Sharon a fellow blogger from Mrs. Hines Class blog! We had been talking about meeting up for awhile now and figured this was as good of time as any! 
So come on along with Sharon and me on our covert operation of sorts ( no pics were allowed so we took what we could ) and tour this fabulous home! Yes, you must wear the pink booties or go bare foot.
This is a beautiful window treatment in the downstairs utility room/office. I am not really sure what this space was because it didn't have a washer or dryer but was off of the mudroom. Beautiful space none the less.
Half bath with skirted sink. I loved the sink itself and the antique silver trey the soap was laying in.
Sharon and I stood there analyzing this wall treatment for a few minutes. It looks like wide burlap ribbon put on top of plaster and then lightly coated with plaster. Very interesting and not so sure how it would stand up to dust and all but intriguing none the less. Another viewer told us it was actually wall paper.
This is the view from the half bath and I only am sharing because of the awesome trellis work for the jasmine growing on the fence! This will be beautiful once it is all grown in! 
This is part of the master closet. Oh what wonderful storage! 
The master bath was just gorgeous! I am not sure wether or not the columns will be staying because I can certainly see them being knocked over by little ones running around. They do help make the space though.
The fixtures in the master shower were divine! After getting home and thinking about it though I wonder how hard it would be to keep them free of soap scum.
Outside there are several little court yard areas and this one was off of the dinning room. There were even hidden outdoor speakers. A perfect party place!
Here is another example of the homes around The Pink Ribbon Home. I found this one to be very odd indeed.
This one is across the street and I just loved it to pieces! The front porch was large enough for rocking chairs.
Not only did we get to tour such a beautiful home but we also got to meet some of the very talented designers. Here is Leslie Sinclair of Segreto Designs and Julia Blailock of Blailock Design. I wish Juila had a website but I can't find one. These ladies were the nicest gals ever! They both had a hand at the design of the kitchen and living area. I wish I had a picture of the dining room that Leslie did because it was amazing! I will include links to other sites though that have a better representation of this beautiful home.

Here are some links to other sites that have more pictures of The Pink Ribbon House. I just LOVED the back patio! Let me know which rooms are your favorite! It was mentioned by a few of the ladies there that the furnishings in the home were not staying and that the home owners would be moving their own furnishings in in a few weeks.

Houston Chronicle
Culture Map Houston

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