Friday, May 27, 2011

Front Door

This is our front door. Nice as it may be it just is not quite us.

We miss our double front door at our last house. 

I wish I could change our front door up by painting it. 

Very bright but thinking I am really digging it.

Turquoise is a popular choice these days.

Red is always one of my faves though. It is always very welcoming and makes for great curb appeal. Sadly though we are not allowed to paint our front door. 

So I will continue to dream abt the day we may one day replace our front door with maybe something like this! Oh how I would love to have a front door like this one!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weigh In Wednesdays #2-Hard

Sorry this post is a lil' late this morning. Last night we had graduation for Littliest which kept us out till after 9! Then this morning I went outside to water the strawberry plant and noticed a trail of ants making a bee line for the house. Had to nip that in the butt immediately!! Hoping that I got it taken care of. Now on to Weigh In Wednesday!

 To be honest I have hit the hardest part of this journey and it is not the food part but the exercising part! I know I need to do it but I have had no motivation to do it. When I do do it I love it but it is the actual act of making myself do it. I know that may not make any sense to some because who in the world would not do something they love!? Crazy!

Now don't get me wrong we have still been out there sweating our butts off but not as often as we should or have been. We normally would go once a day sometimes twice a day and well now it has been more like once a week. I know I know really really bad! Good thing though is that I have not gained anything since I am still watching what and when we eat. 

To kick myself in the butt this past Sunday I went on a 5 mile + bike ride which was quite enjoyable at least the first leg of it. I thought I was nearly gonna die the second half because it was so hot and windy! I was so wishing a pool would have magically appeared in the back yard while I was gone. That would have felt so good!

To keep myself motivated I have to keep reminding myself how far I have come in such a short amount of time and that really I only have 25 more pounds to go to reach my goal by Nov 1 and that it IS really attainable. Now mind you it is not my ultimate goal but to make things seem more attainable I broke them down into mini goals. This works sooo much better for me than thinking "OMG I have to loose almost 80 pounds!!".
So what do you do to keep yourself motivated? I hope you have had more than me these past few weeks! 

I am gonna leave ya with one of my all time fave quotes I got from Jennifer over at The Magic Brush! Head over and see how Jennifer and her exercising buddy blingged up the work out room!

"She Believed She Could So She Did" 

Have a great one and I look forward to ya joining in on the linky party!:)

If you link up please be kind enough to link only to your Weigh In Wednesdays post and NOT your entire blog. I look forward to hearing about other weight loss journeys the good the bad and the ugly! Nobody is here to be judged just to be supported so lets have some fun and start sharing and loosing y'all!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nearly One out of Five

My children are my life! I knew from a very young age that I always wanted to have children. There was no question about it. Is it stressful? Yes. Do you go insane from time to time? Yes. Do you long to be able to have private time while in the bathroom? Why yes but would I change it for the world  no! Okay that is a lie I would LOVE to be able to go to the bathroom in peace but the trade off is completely worth it. Our boys have added so much joy to our lives and we can not imagine life with out them! 

I was just reading an article on CNN- Does having children make you happy?- and for me yes it does! The article states that nearly one out of every five woman choose to not have children because they feel their lives are happier without them. There are some people who don't need to be parents. Trust me I get this but it just baffles my mind that there are people out there that are all about traveling and seeing the world and witnessing the greatest wonders of the world and yet they choose not to have children. To me they are missing out on Gods greatest gift!! Even if you take God out of the equation and I am not sure you really can after experiencing child birth it is still the most amazing thing ever! 

You are given a little life that is just amazing! I am sorry but there is not one sun set or one water fall or one what ever that could ever match that feeling of your child smiling at you for the first time or seeing them take their first steps or hearing them call you mama and saying how much they love you every day! There is nothing that could ever top that! 

So I guess it is not that the gal in the article chooses to not have children that is her choice. Part of me feels sad for her but then I understand that there are people who have children all the time who never wanted them and thus the children suffer. I get that. What I am having a hard time grasping is the fact that the article states that children make our lives miserable and that we would be better off without them! I am sooo sorry but I would love to know what samplings of people they chose for their studies. Parents may be more stressed but really would any of us trade it in for the opposite?? The rewards are so much greater than the negatives and for me my children are my greatest accomplishment and I could not ever imagine life with out them no matter how much sleep I loose! I am one happy mama and so thankful to have been given this opportunity so add that to your study people! 

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