Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Do

Okay so I am like really bored today! There are things I could be doing like cleaning up the clutter back there on the counter but it is just one of those days. Instead I wanted to share with y'all my mini make over. The lighting is not so hot in the kitchen so let me try that bathroom mirror self portrait that every body does.

After many attempts since my camera does not have an LCD screen so I can see what I am taking a picture of this is what I got. Not to bad.

I am still warming up to the length or lack there of but loving the highlights. I have not had my hair this short since my senior year in high school and that was....insert clearing of throat here...18 years ago! I like it I think. Can't wait to see what The Hubster thinks. He has never seen me with short hair.

Okay now off to actually find myself something to do like make lunch for Littliest. Maybe we will go to Wally World afterwards. Crossing our fingers though that we will get some more rain today.
Hope your day is going well!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Not too long from now...three months to be exact.... The Hubster and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary and our 15 year together anniversary. We have been trying to figure out what we want to do. We always said for our 10 year we would go back to Maui where we honeymooned but we want to wait till the boys are older and take them with us. We also thought a Sandals vacation to the Bahamas would be sooo dreamy but at $3100 for just a three night stay including airfare that is out of the question. We are just too frugal. That is an entire week plus some in the Florida Panhandle!
So with limited options, I started surfing the web for things to do nearby. The first option is to go to the Texas Hill Country for a few nights. We loved it last spring when we went so I figured I would check out B&B's there. Look what I found!

This is the Cat's Eye cabin and it is sooo gorgeous!!! It is filled with tons of frenchy goodness. That headboard is to die for.

This is the little kitchen area. Can you get anymore rustic charm in one place? Love the chandy over the sink and the wood beamed ceiling!

And here is the tub area. This lil' cabin looks just divine! There are many more wonderful pictures here on Absolute Charm of the Cats Meow and I hope they don't mind that I shared a few with y'all. This site  has many wonderful B&B's in the Fredricksburg area. There is even one on Main Street called The Legacy which you can view as well. I think since it is right on Main Street and you can just go right out and walk to eat and shop that it would be perfect. It is gorgeous! A perfect weekend getaway.

We have a little while to think about what we will be doing though if anything but I think these two places are just divine!

Hope your week is going well! Many prayers continue to go out for those effected by the horrible tornadoes and the terrible flooding that is happening right now. I am thankful though that yesterday we FINALLY got much needed rain and are expecting some more today. 

P.s. SOOOO happy that this post was not lost forever in cyber world but sad that the lovely comments that were left were!:( 

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