Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dining Room Fluffing

This is how our dining room looked a few months ago. Since then I have started on revamping the curtain panels and adding other decorative touches.

Here is what it looks like today. Ignore the blue on the ceiling. It will soon be white again.

Littliest and I purchased these shutters back in December and it took me this long to figure out where to place them. They were already black so all I did was sand them down a little and added some stain.

Yep, I am thinking I really am liking them here but what I am not liking is how dark everything is in this room. I debated on whether to paint the shutters but did not know what color. Than I decided I like them black since the mirror was black. I am thinking of maybe adding some plates to the sides as well but am thinking that may make it all look too busy.

So that brings me to the buffet. I have been pondering re-staining it or maybe now since it is soo dark and heavy in the room I may just paint the bottom of it and leave the top stained. If I do paint what color would you choose?? Mind you our bench is blue but it may or may not get repainted as well. I am so close to having this room done if only I could figure out this dilemma. What would you do?

Ha! I just noticed something in both of the first pics. Can you guess what it is!;)
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See that list there? I just counted and there are 268 blogs I follow! All are followed for one reason or another but I have to admit I get soo overwhelmed sometimes. Does this happen to anybody else?? I try to keep up with everybody but it just is not possible. On top of those I also have almost 230 followers who I feel obligate to stop  by and visit. In all honesty I just do not have the time to do all of that which makes me feel bad because I truly do  appreciate all of my bloggy friends!!

Right now to try and stay at least half on top of things I always respond to anybody who leaves me a comment. I then make sure I visit their site as well and leave a lovely comment. Everybody loves a comment! This is sometimes hard for the sheer fact many bloggers do not have their blog set up to receive email. I get a no reply address when I try to respond or when I click on their avatar they do not have their blog listed. It is all very time consuming but again I feel guilty if I do not try my hardest to acknowledge my pals who take the time to leave comments.

If I have extra time I pick a spot in my list of blogs I follow and I just go thru each one till I either get tired or run out of time. I try to do this abt once a week or every other week. I also go thru abt once a month and clean up my follow list. I ALWAYS hesitate when I do this. Nobody likes to be unfollowed but if I do not clean house from time to time my list gets completely out of control.

So here are my questions for y'all!

1-How do you keep from getting overwhelmed with all of your blogs you follow?
2- Do you visit all of your followers and if so how often?
3- Do you clean house? If so do you ever feel guilty doing so?
4- Do you have any tips to make bloggy life easier??

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Ripple Effect

On a trip to Lowes Sat night we found two of these. Who would have known they would have led to a total transformation.

This is what our front porch looked like since holiday came down. Um yeah, not very inviting in the least. 

This was our front door in desperate need of re-staining. 

Yes, much much better and did not really take all that long. I am hoping to one day change out the door hardware to an antique bronze.

While the door was drying I commenced onto my next project. Please excuse my toes.

This is always the worst part of wreath making to me. It always takes me forever to cut the wires.

This wreath was super easy to make. All I did was wrap the cherry blossom garlands around each other and then laid them on top of the grape vine wreath. I secured them with some florist wire and then just started adding my greenery.  

I think it turned out pretty nice though I am kinda wishing I had made it larger but oh well. 

Much better! And there are the two topiaries that The Hubster got me for Valentines Day from Lowes. They are a true commitment because well they are real, GULP! I ended up having to actually plant them in the urns which at first I was not sure abt since it made them sooo tall but now I really like that they are so tall since we do not have any coverings on the side windows of the door. Heres hoping I can keep them alive!;) I can not wait to add some more decorative touches as Spring time arrives.
Well it is time to start the Valentine festivities. Off to not one but parties today with the boys. Hope y'all have a wonderful love filled Valentines Day!
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Simple Changes

This is what the little area to the side of the fire place looked like until recently. I was uninspired and it looked just dreadful.

A few simple changes later and this is what I came up with.

I love my lil' Kirklands pillow.

I brought back out a few of my fave decorating books.

My fave picture of my mom's family when she was a lil' girl.

Some layering to spice things up a bit. I need to add some ribbon or twine to the Faith sign.

And here is what the shelf looks like. I am never happy with what I put up there simply because I do not have a lot of little trinkets to display. Maybe one day it will all come together.

Thanx for stopping by! I hope that your weekend is going well! We are busy preparing for Valentines Day for both boys at school tomorrow and just finishing up a few other things around the house. It will surely be a busy day.
Joining Marty for Table Top Tuesday over at A Stroll Thru Life!

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