Tuesday, February 8, 2011

He loves me, he loves me not....

So I have been super busy working on my biggest revamp EVER!! ;) It took a ton of late nights and lots of sweat and tears but finally I am done!

Here is a before picture of what I had to work with.

Here is my inspiration pic.

And here is my finished project! Ha! Yep, I know how crazy am I!:) No really since we have all been sick and  I have not really been able to finish some more projects I am in the midst of doing I thought I would share how very much The Hubster loves me in honor of Valentines Day coming up. Lucy Jane came home a little over a week ago and let me tell you she definitely was a labor of love! I actually almost gave up on her on several occasions cause I was tired of playing the games the car dealerships play. After extreme dedication and extreme stubbornness on price we finally got the awesome deal we wanted. It took literally 3 weeks of negotiations! It did not help that the minivan had been rear ended almost 4 years ago needing her bumper replaced. Yep, just two months after we purchased her. It is the curse around here. Anyways, the salesman had to drive all the way up to the OK and TX border to get Lucy Jane for me. The one they had here did not have the automatic lift gate and that was a must for me this time around. 

I am in heaven every time I slide into the front seat. Lucy Jane is the most comfortable car we have ever owned to date! That is what won us over from day one of sitting in a Flex. 

Her detail is just amazing and has even been said to beat out the Porshe! I read way tooo many reviews before we purchased her!:) She drives like a dream. Lucy hugs all the turns and purrs like a kitten! I feel like I am driving The Hubster's F150 or our old Expedition just without the giant size.

Everybody including the third row has there very own sunroof! The boys love it.

This here is actually a mini fridge which the boys can not wait to use on our next trip whenever that will be. It made up for the fact that we no longer have a built in DVD player. We were not feeling the additional $2,000 price tag and since the boys are older now we are just gonna get them their own hand held ones. No more fighting over what to watch next so really it was a win win situation.

And here is the very roomy back with the third row up which we always leave up. They are powered and even have a tail gating option where the seats flip and you can sit on them while watching a game or whatever. Compared to the Odyssey we have just a tiny tad less cargo room with the seats up but it really is not an issue. So far my love runs deep and I am very grateful for having a hubby that yes truly does love me and not because he just bought me a new car but just because he does!  Thanx honey!! I love you for putting up with all my wild ideas! Oh and just in case you are wondering the minivan was starting to have issues so it made my quest to convince The Hubster we needed Lucy Jane all the more easy!;)

If The Flex is a little too boxy for ya and ya are looking for something a little differ but still wanting the minivan convenience check out the new 2011 Nissan Quest! It was released last week and I must say it is very similar in styling to the flex. 

Oh and really this is a project I have been working on. Still not feeling it but once I do I will be sharing! Thanx for stopping by!
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