Sunday, October 17, 2010

Foyer Metamorphosis

This was our foyer back when we first moved in last year. Oh the possibilities it held!
This is what our foyer transformed into late last night at the witching hour!;) I was stewing over my island fiasco and helping The Hubster kill a wasp that our furry children had noticed buzzing abt in the window above the door. After he almost toppled off the ladder it dawned on me where to put that adorable little HomeGoods table I purchased a few weeks back off of the local yard sale site. The coat rack use to sit on the opposite side and I really loathed the fact that it was the first thing you saw when you walked n the door. Now it is nicely concealed behind the door but still in the perfect spot to catch the coats.
This is were my awesome pumpkin sign that I won from Paula over at Castle & Cottage ended up! All I need to do is add some pumpkins and it will be good to go. Thanx again Paula for such a great giveaway! 

And here is that adorable lil' table. I added some music sheet scrap book paper to the  shelf in the middle  to add some extra charm to it. The lil' picture frame will soon become a lil' chalk board reminding me to go to the mailbox everyday. I seem to forget abt that most days since we have a community mailbox instead of a single one in our yard. Of course Pedro had to rest at the bottom. The possibilities for this lil' table here are really endless. I am looking forward to decorating it for the seasons. I am already pining for an outlet to go close to where she resides so I can put a little lamp on her or even my antique ceramic Christmas tree. Wink wink to the Papa Bear!;)I get giddy just thinking abt it all!:)

Here is what the bench looked like after I stole the decoration from the frame to put in the office.  Trust me when I say the shoes have been much much worse.
This is the newly organized bench area. I cleaned out the coat closet which  stores all of our shoes on a closet organizer I had used in the nursery when the boys were little. We shall see how long the shoes stay put up. I am really loving the signs but not digging the circle in the frame but it will do for now.

With very little effort I think I added some much needed coziness and warmth to our foyer. Thanx for stopping by and be sure to hop on over to
BTNOTP for Metamorphosis Monday and see other wonderful transformations! 

All Over The Place

I have sorta been MIA as of lately. A lot has been going on around here. I was sick and then Oldest and Littliest were under the weather as well. On Top of all that my Aunt Susie passed away last Thursday night. Please if you have a moment pray for her family to find peace in her passing. She was married to my Uncle for 48 years!! I pray that The Hubster and I make it that long! She has two sons and four wonderful grandsons of which the latest was born just this past Spring. I am soo thankful that she was able to spend some time with him. I find peace in knowing that she is no longer in pain and no longer in fear of leaving her family though she knew what a wonderful place she was going to. She had battled pancreatic cancer for the past year maybe longer. The last time I saw her sadly enough was almost 9 years ago when my Nanny passed away. I can count on one hand the only times I remember seeing her but I can still hear her say the phrase "Mom & Dad"when ever she was referring to my Nanny and Poppy. She is dearly missed that is for sure. Her memorial service was today and mom said that Uncle Earl was expecting 250-300 people!! Yes, she was truly loved by all who met  her! 

So with that being said I have literally been all over the place with what I have been trying to accomplish.

This is the desk, hutch, and chair for my sewing/craft room the The Hubster bought for me back in August for our anniversary. It will soon finally be completed if only I can figure out the final details for it! I am just sooo indecisive that it is not funny.
This is the future top to our kitchen island! It just needs a little more lovin' and it will be perfect. 
This is my friends fireplace.
She fell in love with our fireplace surround when she saw it last week and asked me to do theirs. I was soooo VERY VERY nervous because one I have never done any type of work like that for anybody but myself and secondly I was not sure I remembered how I did ours. This is what it looks like thus far. Next week I will be putting the finishing touches on it. I am really hoping she ends up loving it too! The Hubster said it is kinda like a one of kind piece. He said not worry abt it being exact and as long as she says she likes it to stop fretting over it. Okay he did not use the word fretting but  I knew what he meant!;)
This is what my wild hair did this evening after putting the boys to bed. Rub on scrolly things for the island. I was going to attempt hand painting them but figured I would try these out. What is the worse that could happen right!?
Yep, here is the worst that did happen! For the life of me I could not get it to stick all the way and then when I placed a wet sponge on top of it to get the paper off it started sticking but not till after I had already peeled part of it off. I am thinking I may not have known what I was doing and silly me threw the directions away. Not sure who makes um or I would look it up online. Oh, well just 30 minutes gone.
This past week I did find new knobs for the island at HobLob!! I just love um so much that I am going to be getting some for our bathroom as well. 
I got this darling lil' table off the local yard sale site. The gal said she had bought it at HomeGoods and I am sure she had to have paid $60 or more for it. I got it for $20. The Hubster fussed because  I had only an inkling of an idea where it would end up. It has sat in several places over the past few weeks and all the while The Hubster continued to fuss. He had doubts.
Tonight after the island fiasco and a wasp killing in the foyer it just came to me. Now the table has found it's new home only after a lil' bit of rearranging which The Hubster just shook his head at cause mind you it was after 11 p.m. I always do my best work best at night. I will share the updated foyer soon. As for The Hubster and his doubts he just shook his head and laughed as I lovingly said "In Your Face"!;)

Thanx for stopping by and hanging in there for what I am sure seemed like a never ending post! Have a good one y'all and come back soon! Now that I am all caught up on orders I can finally focus on completing some of these projects and I can't wait to share!

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