Friday, December 18, 2009

One Sick Mama

Yep thats me! It stared in on Wednesday afternoon. I was out with the boys shopping for The Nana and The Papa. I could feel the achiness in my muscles and bones and that evening I just chilled. Thursday morning I was still a little achi but made it out shopping with The Hubster in between dropping Littliest off at school and having to be back for his program. After the program it all went down hill. I have NEVER felt so bad in my life!! No, that's not true. I felt pretty bad after I had Oldest but that is a differ story. Every bone in my body hurts as well as muscles and my head.
Last night was HORRIBLE. I did not sleep at all and I went from chills to sweats. Right now I am in the sweats stage. After trying to get to sleep I finally was able to drift off to dream land around one and slept a few hours. I still feel pretty bad but I am at least up and about which is more than I have been. I am praying that nobody else gets sick and that I am better tomorrow!
Be back next week with a new post and pics. Hope your week was a good one!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What a mess....

Hey ya'll! Hope your Tuesday has been a good one thus far and that ya are having fun checking out all the beautiful homes on tour. There are soooo many that I have been adding book marks to my inspiration file because I will never be able to find them on my own again!

Today has been a busy day. Littliest and I ran to Ulta because I ran out of my makeup. Figured it would be a quick in and out. Boy was I wrong! Took 30 minutes in line almost. After that we headed to Hobby Lobby thinking the worse. I needed to pick up a few more things to make my mom a Christmas gift and to finish up the teacher gifts. Surprisingly enough we were in and out of HobLob! That is almost unheard of.
After we picked up Oldest from school I tried to bribe the boys into staying with The Hubster while I ran to WM for a few groceries but that did not go over well. Ended up we all just stayed home. Littliest took a nap while Oldest and The Hubster watched The Discovery Channel.
I made a HUGE mess finishing up the teacher gifts and making my mom one. She said there really was not anything she wanted from a store to just make her a tassel or something. Since the tassel embellishments are not on sale yet I made her a Vintage Santa frame for now. I did find a cute little bird to make her tassel with though once I can collect all the right color scheme in supplies.

This is my huge mess! The Hubster asked me if I had an entire room for just sewing why on earth I felt led to take over the dining room too!;)

Here are the finished frames. I think they turned out pretty nice. It took a little longer than had hoped. I got frustrated with bows and gave up on them. I am glad I had those rhinestone thingys what ever they are called. I think they work. The gold one in the back is moms...shhhh! The two red ones are for Littliest to take to school and then I distressed the white frame with some Rubnbuff for Oldest to take to his teacher. I am also adding some chocolate covered pretzels to their bags. I hope that is enough!? They work so hard with our kids! There are 20 kids in Oldest's class and no aid. Can you imagine!!??
Well have a wonderful rest of the evening. I need to clean up from dinner, get the boys a shower, and do our Christmas cards after they go to bed. Here is hoping for some sunshine tomorrow! We have had 4 days of rainy cold weather and three days straight of fog all day long! Yuck!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Nester Christmas Tour of Homes 2009 & More

Welcome!! I am so excited to have you join me and MANY MANY other bloggers who have joined up with The Nester, Rhoda, and Karen all for their exciting holiday tours! So come on along as I take ya on a tour of our holiday pretties.

This is our stoop. I am on the hunt for a holiday initial flag but seems the initial 'F' is super hard to find!:( I had plans of hanging ornaments from the ceiling but when I went back to Costco to buy um they were all gone. It will make next year all the more fun.

This is my vintage Santa wreath. Had all the supplies already except the Santa so all I did was throw um together and added the Santa. I made a burlap ribbon to hang him.

Here is the full reality of our dining room.It is my catch all for my many projects I am currently trying to work on. I was hoping to get my bench done this week but not looking like that will happen.

This is my absolute most favorite holiday piece that I purchased this year! My mom had one when I was growing up and of course no longer has it. I went on the hunt for one and all I could find where ones on Ebay for $50 up to $100!! Luck was with me though and I purchased this one off the local yard sale website for just $10 with all of its original pieces! It is large and has a music box! It is dated 1976 on the bottom.

I added some garland and ribbon to the chandy. Very whimsical I think.

Rudolph greats you as you enter the living room. I purchased him probably 4 years ago. His head has been broken off twice at the eyes but thanx to gorilla glue he is good as new.

I adore these vintage pieces I found at HomeGoods a few months ago. The wire deer I have had for many years and purchased at Metals Petals & More in Old Town Spring.

Here is a view of our living room from the breakfast room. Sorry my lighting is not all that great. We just purchased a new camera and I am trying to learn how to use it.

Here is my fave DIY project! I found these wonderful holiday note cards at HomeGoods and had no idea what to do with them and then I happened upon Kristen of Kristen's Creations. She makes the most BEAUTIFUL frames ever and knows ribbon! I wish I could have her head on over here and help me out! Being on a budget though and soo inspired by her I had to figure out how to make one of her wonderful frames myself and this is what I came up with. I am actually making some as teacher gifts as well.

I just purchased these topiary nutcrackers at Cracker Barrel yesterday. All Christmas is 40% off now. I love Cracker Barrel during the holidays!

Here is our tree. I just used the same old piece of burlap I have been using for the past 8 years as the tree skirt. Who knew burlap would end up being so popular! I would love to make one with ruffles. I saw it on a blog the other day and it is super cute! Ruffles elude me at this time though.

This is my view while washing dishes. So dreamy! Makes me wish I could leave everything up all year long!;)

Only holiday decor this year in the kitchen.

Next year I want to add some ribbon and then also hang some snowflakes from the arch above the Believe blocks.

So there is our home this holiday season! Most everything I already had and now I know what I would like to have for next year since this is our first year at this nest. I hate that Christmas comes out in July and then once ya get around to dragging out the holiday decor and see what ya need it is all gone.
Thanx again for stopping by ya'll! Have a wonderful blessed holiday season!

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