Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

That is what we have been since abt Wed around here. I FINALLY kicked myself into gear and started sewing again. I do enjoy it immensely but when there is so much other fun stuff to be doing like decorating the house I have a hard time sitting down and sewing. It is a catch 22 though. Sewing allows me to feed my insatiable addiction to HobLob and HomeGoods so I knew if I wanted to implement any of my wishful thinkings I needed to get it together. This evening I started listing a bunch of new Spittle bibs and as it turns out that is all it took to drive more traffic to my little Etsy shop! In 30 minutes of listing I already have a sale. Thank you!
This is my absolute fave right now! I so wish I had a lil' girlie girl who could wear it.

This fabric worked out nicely as well. I love the green background and who doesn't love um a sock monkey!

This one makes me sad. It is my very last bib...last anything I have in this fabric. It is called Summer In The City and I LOVE it. It is no longer in production and ya can't find it anywhere. I look every now and then but no luck.

So other than sewing, Open House, and everyday stuff. the fam has just been hanging out. Today The Hubster and I split up. He took Oldest and I Littliest. Littliest and I had fun shopping at the other HomeGoods...not really, they are not all the same in the least...then to Sephora for my Bare Minerals which I buy abt every 4-5 months. I just purchase the starter kit so I can get all new brushes. We then went to a place called Sam & Moon Home. It had some wonderful items but a bit pricey. Some you could get at HobLob so why bother. I did get a set of initial coasters, an initial garden flag and a fleur de leis garden flag holder. I had been wanting the flag forever and was excited to find it for just $11!
This evening after listing some things in my Etsy shop I did a little window shopping. I found this on the local yard sale site for just $50!

It is a bit dated but I saw somewhere in blogland where somebody redid a hutch and took off the moldings on the doors and it came back thru but was really pretty. I wish I knew who that was. I emailed the gal for more pics of the doors to see if it would be even possible. $50 is a good deal I think. I am actually on the hunt for a secretary that can turn into a china cabinet but so far I can not get the one I want for any less than $150.
I also saw this listing. Isn't it great! All they are asking is $25 OBO!! I would sooo love to have this for my sewing/crafty room. I can see it now distressed in a white or green or robins egg blue.
So what do you think of those two pieces!? Should I spend my bib money on um and if so how should I finish um off? Would love to hear any suggestions!
Well it is almost midnight and my eyes are blurring up. A true sign of too much computer time. That or I seriously need glasses ya'll. Probably a little of both. Have a good one and I will let ya know if I score either of those pieces! The site shuts down on Sundays so it usually put s a damper on any wheeling and dealing till Monday and with Kindergarten starting on Monday I may miss out.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Who doesn't love a giveaway!!

Stumbled upon an AWESOME giveaway tonight when I should be in bed instead but hey what better time to lurk around blogland than after the men of the house are in bed. Head over to The Dress-up Drawer and enter to win this wonderful chicken wire picture board from The Creative Crate! It is darling as can be as well as some of her other creations! I LOVE the cupboard chalk boards! They are tooo cute and I so want one or t find an old cupboard! Several ways to enter the give away so run on over there now!;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Complete Success!

We walked out of the house to go to Flight School aka Open House and this is what we saw. I took it with my new IPhone which was an anniversary present. 8 yrs on paper but 13 altogether! Again time flies. Anyways, I digress. The pic does not due it justice. It was just a beautiful sight to behold.

This is what we saw on the way to school! Mind you the school is literally just down the road in our neighborhood. We could walk if we wanted to. Okay, maybe a bit far for a normal walk but perfect for a brisk walk on a chilly day but only if somebody stayed behind just in case we could not make it back. Ha! Again I digress!It was beautiful and a double one at that! I am kinda corny and for me it was a sign from above that all would be alright. We would make it thru kindergarten and we will make it thru the next 11 -15 years of schooling after that. And yes I did tear up when we met Ms. Harper. Corny again I know but I am just a big ol' softy who loves her babies more than life itself. Now if Oldest had been acing up and was behaving like one of "those" children I would not have been so soft but he was an angel and LOVED school. He loved it so much he wants to get up and go in the morning! HA! Now does he realize he will have to get up at 6:30 every morning?! We shall see what he says Monday morning.
So one down and one more to go. I need to look up when Littliest has his Preschool open house.
Have a good night ya'll! If you are sending your baby birds off to school to I hope your Open Houses were as good as ours was! Again time flies by and we just need to relish in the moments we have with them.

Am I Ready For This??

Okay so quick post before we head out for Flight School. What is Flight School you may ask!? Heck I have no idea really except that it is our schools version of Open House. Our mascot is an eagle so I guess I can see it.
Anyways, am I ready for this night? I am not so sure but thankfully The Hubster got home early and will be there to ensure I keep my tears at bay. My baby is actually getting ready to head off to Kindergarten. Has it really been 5 years already!? It could not have gone by that quickly could it have!?
Well off to Flight School. Wish us luck. Oldest is hesitant because he is like The Hubster and me. We do not like change. We like routine and things familiar. Such a bad trait for the kid to inherit.
Hope your day was a good one!
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