Sunday, March 31, 2013

How I Found My Style Sundays- White Lace Cottage

I want to wish each and every one of you a joyous and blessed Easter! May your day be filled with family and friends.

Once you are done with your praises and hunting down eggs I hope that you will join me in visiting another wonderful place.
Hi,I am Anne from White Lace Cottage.
 I would describe my style as eclectic. I love the Farmhouse look mixed in with a bit of French, cottage, romantic Nordic and a tiny bit of industrial.You can see why I say my style is eclectic. I have always been drawn to vintage items. I love the character and uniqueness of each piece.Every piece has a story. My white walls have a neutral back ground which allows me to add bits of color. Warm whites are a favorite of mine. I like mixing in a bit of wood as well. I am always treasure hunting looking for interesting and unique pieces for my home. That vent dormer was a fun find. I also love finding old doors,windows and architectural pieces.
 Adding fresh flowers brings life to a room! I have lots of favorite things in my home. Right now I would say my favorite item is my barn door in my kitchen.

I love changing this door up. It is a great backdrop for this room. My most recent find was this sweet chippy pink farm table. It looks perfect against the barn door I think. I also added a mirror to add a little sparkle to the space. Mirrors are another favorite of mine.
I have a growing collection of white ironstone and white dishes that we use everyday. I painted my kitchen cabinets a year ago. It is so nice and bright our home is now. That ladder was added between the two cabinets to join them together and is also great for displaying my collections.

 Those chippy posts were recently added to the mantle. I am always searching to find pieces with original chippy paint.
 I shop at thrift stores, garage sales and antique shops but sometimes I also shop my own home. Shopping at home allows me to add a quick change to the look of something. Fabric is another thing I love to look for at thrift stores. I recovered my dining chairs with heavy pillow sham fabric found at a thrift store. It is a cheap and easy way to change the look of any chair.
 One thing I find is that if you wait long enough you will find what you want and for the price you want to pay. You just have to be patient. That chandelier was a thrift store find for just $10.00! To update it I just spray painted it white. I consider my self very thrifty and do not tend to over spend on anything I find. Paint is the cheapest and easiest way to change the look of a room or to update furniture.     
  When you are looking for your style find things that make you happy. Don't follow trends because in the end it won't be YOUR style. Be patient if you are on a budget! You will eventually find what you are looking for and at the price you can afford. 
 Thank you so much for joining me on my home tour. I hope you enjoyed your visit.     
Thank you Anne for bringing us into your home this Easter day! You are such a gracious host.



  1. I absolutely love Anne's style. Her colors and textures and mixed use of found objects works so well together. A dreamy cottage for sure.

  2. Anne,
    I love it all. So much chippy goodness and fun old vintage finds everywhere!!!I always have said I am in love with your kitchen but now it has some competition I am loving your living room and dining room and bedroom too!!!! Oh my all so beautiful. Anne love it all. I think I need to come shopping at your house!!!!:)

  3. Very pretty Anne. Textures and blends of whites come together to create a wonderful home.
    Luv it!! Thanks for featuring Anne's home Pamela.
    Happy Easter ladies.
    hugs, Gee

  4. Inspirational! So much to look at and study to see what was done! Great photos and thanks for sharing.

  5. Love all your chippy fun pieces, love the photos and the fireplace looks so wonderful, thanks for showing us all the pretties...

  6. Beautiful pieces, Anne! I love your bedspread. I've been looking at new bedding and yours is pretty close to what I want. Gorgeous ... love all your chippy pieces!

  7. anne's home is so charming and filled with wonderful, creative ideas! tfs!

  8. What a beautiful home to feature. I always love seeing Anne's is so full of charm!


  9. I know I love Anne's style, her home looks so comfy, you could visit and not feel bad about putting your feet up on coffee table. I'm about comfort alot more than how things look at this point in life.
    I was way too rigid about how everything had to look with 4 kids (plus all their friends) in house. Too bad I learned too late. I thought I had to be stern, (previous generation rule) and be comfy. One thing I have learned is people don't really notice if home a bit messy as long has they're greeted and treated warmly.

  10. I always love visiting Anne's blog.
    Her home is gorgeous and inviting, just the style I love!


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