Friday, October 19, 2012

Stair Landing Makeover

I have several projects going on at once which really is no surprise to anybody who knows me. That is just life around here. I added to my list by redoing our stair landing this week. I had been wanting to freshen things up for awhile now. I had a vision in my head of just how I wanted it to look. 

Here is how the landing looked about a year and half ago when I redid it. Since then that rug has landed in the foyer as well as the little white table. The panels I made were faux panels. I didn't even sew them on the bottoms. They were attached to the wall by upholstery tacks. Though I enjoyed this look I was wanting something more classic and simple.

Sorry this pic is awful but at the time I was frustrated because this project was taking a 100 times longer than it should have. I could not find the right bit for our drill so I had to hand screw everything into the wall. Anyways, I was trying to transform the landing spending little to no money. I had these white Ikea panels and figured they might work. I tried them several different ways and though lovely it just was not the right look. I searched and searched the internet for other options. I almost order some panels from Pottery Barn but I really didn't want to spend $65 a panel and not know if they were going to be exactly what I wanted.

The boys and I went to HomeGoods and waiting for me where these beautiful sheers. They have been there for about a month now just patiently waiting for me to take them home. At first I did not think they would work thinking they would be too short but I read and they were 108 inches long! Wow! So I grabbed two packages thinking to myself that I didn't really care that it would cost me $60 because I was positive they were the "ones". I read the package again and turns out it was $30 for a set! I was doing the happy dance in my head.

We brought them home and I immediately got to work putting them up. They are rod pocket but I chose to hang them from clips. I purchased the clips at WM for $7 a package. I needed two. I also purchased the rod at WM for $13 which I didn't think was bad at all so I was okay paying $7 a package for the clips though I remember when they use to be just $5 a package.

I finally added this faux beam that The Papa had cut for me back in the spring. Yes, I have been wanting to redo the landing since way back then. I love this look but I am thinking I may need a little wider board.

I pulled out this beautiful little mirror I got back in the summer while treasure hunting in Atlanta.

A little touch of fall.

I had just a plain pillow here and wanted something a little more so I pulled out this french inspired grain sack and just wrapped it around the pillow.

Lets go on up and see how it all pulled together shall we.

Simple and classic is what I wanted and that is just what I got. I love how airy the landing feels now. The panels actually are very similar to ones we have in our living room so everything flows so much nicer now. I am trying to talk The Hubster into ripping the carpet out on the landing and into putting the flooring down that we have put away for this space. It will be divine if I can talk him into it soon but he knows I will then want to rip the carpet off the stairs and that opens up a whole nother can of worms I am not sure we are ready to tackle just yet. 

See that pot light up there in the ceiling. It is just screaming to be turned into a ceiling mounted chandy!! Now to try and figure out how to make that happen without it costing an arm and a leg. If there is a will there certainly is a way!;)

This project ended up costing me just $60. 

Here is a sneak peek at the half bath I am in the middle of transforming. It will probably be a week or two before it is completed. I am hemming and hawing over which sink I want for in here.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Treasure Hunt Thursday #78 & Highlights

Welcome to THT #78! We are still going on strong with many new faces and those of you who come week after week. I thank you so much for taking the time out to come on over. The inspiration is just amazing.

Amanda over at A Girl In Pink shared her beautiful crafting/blogging space. I  love the story she had to tell about the table she is using as her desk. Mama's do know best.

Ann over at On Sutton Place shared her recipe for some super yummy pumpkin bread. I am sucker for anything pumpkin!

Katie over at Something To Be Found shared her yearly Somethings Sale. She treasure hunts all year long and then has a sale. Head on over to see just where she sets up shop! I love this idea.

Shelly from Shelly's Creations  shared her rustic fireplace cover and just how to make one of your own. This project is moving to the top of my project list for sure!

As always thank you to all who partied last week! I am so truly honored to have such talent partying at my place! If you were featured please feel free to grab the "I've Been Featured" button!:) I have the newly updated button with html code on my sidebar! 

 What would be a HUGE help and encourage more comments not just from me but others as well would be for everybody to take off their required verification codes for leaving a comment. This seems to take just a few seconds of time but when you have to do it on 30 or more blogs it takes up a TON of time. Last week most everybody had turned off their Word Verification which made it so much easier for me to stop by everybody's links! Thank you!

Now on to this weeks party! 
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Most Popular Treasure Hunt Thursday #76 Link Ups

 I hope everybody's week is going well! I have a few projects in the works that I can't wait to complete and share but till then who wants to see the top 3 most popular link ups from last weeks THT party? 

Art Is Beauty came in at the #1 spot last week with this beautiful glass table top makeover! Thanx for sharing Karin!

Alderberry Hill came in next with their funky fun Halloween decor which Sarah shows you how to create!

The # 3 spot was actually a tie this week!
Y'all enjoyed popping over to Creek Line House and seeing Coutenay's wonderful outdoor fall decor.

One Thrifty Chick tied with Courtenay by linking up her hutch make over and her fabulous fiesta wear! Great make over Jenn!

There ya have the top three...four this week...most popular link ups from last weeks THT party. Be sure to come back by tomorrow morning for Treasure Hunt Thursday #77!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Day At The Auction House

My friend Kele and I had been planning since the spring to go to Round Top. Well Round Top came and so did the rain. Not just any rain but flash flood rain so we decided to not go but are looking forward to the spring show which I hear is better anyways.

Since I still had my stash I had been saving I decided to head to a local auction house today. I have never been to an auction before so it was an adventure to say the least. My GPS took me around my elbow and back three times to get where I needed to go and I felt like I should have been carrying some heat just to get there. 
I finally got there and its like the gates to Heaven opened up! Oh my all the eye candy there was to see. Pardon poor pic quality. All I took was my phone.

I had specifically come in hopes of snagging one or two of these dough bowls. I have always wanted one but have never been able to afford one.

I really wanted that smaller one in the basket. Sadly enough while I was there only two had gone up for auction and they sold at $90 each. More than I willing to fork out for just one. 

I loved these conversation chairs. I really wanted one but was too timid to bid. They sold for $60 each plus 15% fee for the auctioneer on top of that. 

I wanted to bid on these bread boards but they never made it up to the front before I had to leave.

This Welch cabinet went for only $650 I think.

I went a little early and was able to preview what was up for grabs to make sure I really wanted it. Then it was time for the auction to begin where the owner stood up front elevated from everybody and called out everything SUPER fast. I mean so fast that if you blinked you missed your chance.  

They held each and every item up for us all to see. That pretty blue chest went for over $800 I believe! 

These bread boards I missed out on because I was still trying to figure out how the bidding went. They sold for only $30 each. I was kicking myself for not holding my number up.

I loved this portrait and wish I could have staid to see if I could have brought it home.

They had some fabulous architectural pieces.

I LOVED this island!

I wanted to bring this little side table home to make it into a vanity for our half bath but it sold for $350 and there was no way I was going to feel comfortable tearing it up.

Loved the carving on this piece.

I thought that this piece would have been a neat side table.

Beautiful french bed.

After four hours it was time to head back home and the showroom was not even a quarter of the way empty. I was told the auction sometimes lasts till dinner time. It starts at 10:00 am. The auction was pretty expensive this go around. I didn't think I would be going back unless my mama wanted to go or The Nana but I heard a regular say that today every thing was bidding high so she was heading out and would be back next week in hopes of the normal bids.

I did get over my fear of bidding and actually placed a bid and won.

I won this barley twist rush seat foot stool.

It is in perfect condition. I won the bid at $45 but my total with the 15% fee and tax it was $56.02. Normally I would not have spent that much on a foot stool but I HAD to bring something home!;)

Now that I am done playing it is time to get busy. We kicked baby girl out of the half bath so I could finish the make over in there. She has been chilling out in there for a month and half now. It was due time. Kicking her out though turned into another project all in itself. Wait till you see what is up with these!!! You are not gonna want to miss it!! Do any of you know what they go to?

Hope your day is going well and don't forget to come back by tomorrow to see what the top viewed Treasure Hunt Thursday links were.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pinterest Loving

Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite Pins from over at Pinterest.
I adore this entire space over at Patina White but what I love the most is that incredible lamp! Such a fabulous project.
I LOVE this idea! When you click on the pin it doesn't take you to the source but whomever thought of this was genius!
I dream of beautiful outdoor spaces such as this one!
I am in LOVE with this kitchen I pinned from The Enchanted Home! The Hubtser and I are in the process of figuring out how we want to update our kitchen to make it brighter. Those moldings at the top of the cabinets make me drool!
The boys and I could eat asparagus every day so I can't wait to try the Asparagus Gruyere Tart via Martha Stewart.

Hope everybody is having a great weekend!:)

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