Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Goodies

 Look what pulled up in front of the house yesterday! It was like Christmas! I had no idea all the new goodies for the shop would arrive on a semi! It was neat though because turns out that the driver actually lives in my hood and was super nice. It is always fun meeting neighbors. Still not sure why a semi was need for just 14 boxes.

So do ya wanna see what came in?
 Here are a few of my favorites.
I fell in love with this chippy rustic shabby sconce
The finish on it is just divine I think. 
I LOVE this magnetic board as well. It actually comes in three different color stories. I used my personal magnet and pic for the display. 
I am a sucker for anything with birds on it. This is a great vintage like print with a crackled wood frame. It will be added to the shop today sometime. I also have another similar print to add. 
Then there is this vintage dog print. I LOVE the frame it is in. There are actually several prints I am in the process of adding in the shop with that frame. Be sure to check later today on them if you think you might like one. There are cow and sheep prints as well.
This little caddy is part of a three piece set. Perfect for those vignettes we all love to create.
Who could resist these adorable ceramic pig place card holders! They come in a set of six with 12 place cards.
Speaking of adorable I couldn't leave y'all without sharing this pic. I was busy adding the new goodies to the shop last night and got up to check on Oldest in the living room and this is what I found. I doesn't get any more cute than this I don't think.

Thank you to all who have helped make my online shop a success thus far! I appreciate all of your support and spreading the word for me. I could not do this without y'all!

Today is The Hubster's birthday so we will be spending the day celebrating. Hope your weekend is a good one y'all!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Treasure Hunt Thursday # 71 & Highlights

Welcome to Treasure Hunt Thursday #71! I hope that everybody is having a great week. I am praying for those who are being effected by Isaac.

We had 92 entries last week which has been our largest turn out ever! I am over the moon and look forward to seeing our party grow each and every week. Maybe this week we can reach 100!:)

There were so many great links last week. I stopped by to visit but didn't get a chance to leave a comment because things have been busy here with getting the boys ready for BTS and The Nana & The Papa coming into town. I promise to go back thru and leave comments when I get a chance. Know that each one of you are so very much appreciated!
Petticoat Junktion shared with us a piece she did with Miss Mustard Seed's new milk paint. I have to say I am in love and though I have been against using any paint I have to mix myself I think I may just have to break down and try this stuff out. It looks so dreamy!
Rooted In Thyme  shared with us these adorable gnome cookies. 
From Generation to Generation shared this amazing shelf her hubby made. Can you guess what it is made of? 

Sophia's shared  this amazing craft cabinet! I wish I had one of these for my craft room.
As always thank you to all who partied last week! I am so truly honored to have such talent partying at my place! If you were featured please feel free to grab the "I've Been Featured" button!:) I have the newly updated button with html code on my sidebar! 

 What would be a HUGE help and encourage more comments not just from me but others as well would be for everybody to take off their required verification codes for leaving a comment. This seems to take just a few seconds of time but when you have to do it on 30 or more blogs it takes up a TON of time. Last week most everybody had turned off their Word Verification which made it so much easier for me to stop by everybody's links! Thank you!

Now on to this weeks party! 
As with all parties there are the normal rules. You must link back to From My Front Porch To Yours in your THT POST. Just common courtesy. If ya don't link back ya don't get to party. Only link up to your Treasure Hunt Thursday post and NOT your blog homepage. Please No advertising and PLEASE NO MORE than 3 links from the SAME party goer. Also NO MORE linking up to your own link parties. I am seeing more and more link ups of just people promoting their own linky parties. I know it takes time to go back and make a separate post to join the party but it is just the polite thing to do. If you find your post deleted it is not because I am a meany, I just have to make sure the rules are being followed. You can save some of your posts for the following weeks party!Please only link up new posts and not posts that you linked up the week before.Also be sure to visit at least the link before you and after you to just say Hi! It makes partying all the more fun! If you are new around here I would love it if ya become a follower!:)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little Additions

I have been busy the past two days getting things ready for a visit from The Nana & The Papa. I added a few small things to the guest room.
Can you guess what I added?
If you guessed that I added the antique oil lamp you would be right. I got this piece back in July when we went to Ga to visit our family. It is one of my favorite pieces.
Next I finally placed the vintage christening gown that my mama bought for me when we were out antiquing.
I decided to get a hook and hang it on the back of the guest room door. It adds a little element of surprise.
I have also been busy getting these two fellas off to school. It is hard to believe that summer is over and a new school year has begun! They were ready and though I miss them terribly I know I will get back into the swing of things in a week or so.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Dining Room Changes

The new hutch made it into the dining room.
Before I share what it looks like now I thought I would share what the dining room looked liked before I started changing it up. This was one of my favorite rooms in our house. It was actually one that was pretty much complete.
Then I found the hutch and all that changed. 
Here is the dining room with the newly painted hutch. Though I LOVE my hutch I just was not sure how I liked it in the dining room. I would walk by this room a million times a day in the past week just staring at it. I am a creature of habit so sometimes change is hard for me. I honestly wasn't sure if the hutch was staying or if I was going to be selling it. I decided that it needed something on the sides to anchor it to the room.
So I decided to take my vintage pictures down from this wall.

I really enjoy having a lamp on in here at night so now I am on the hunt for a small table I can sit the lamp on or maybe even get a new lamp. I am thinking I may even change the chair out with another one in the house.  
Now with the pictures flanking each side of the hutch I think it looks a lot better in here. The hutch is a keeper!:) 
I replaced the vintage pictures with this huge frame I purchased out at the cottage before it closed.
I love all the detail it has. I am thinking I am going to make it into a huge chalk board once I get a chance. I have always loved Courtney's (French Country Cottage) chalk board in her dining room. Of course mine is not as big but I think it will be lovely once it is done.
There are quite a few things I want to hunt down to complete this space so I know I will have lots of fun trying to find them. I am on the hunt for some new chairs. I want some frenchy ones. The ones we have are a tad too red now. I also am even trying to hunt down a chandy similar to the ones Courtney has in her dining room as well. I was in LOVE with those the moment she posted about them. If I find one then this chandy will probably end up in our breakfast room. Once ya start changing up one room it always snowballs into another one!;)

Thanx for coming by to visit! I can't wait to share more of this space as I find the new pieces to finish pulling it all together.

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