Friday, July 6, 2012

Treasure Hunt Thursday #64

Hey y'all! Hope everybody had a fabulous 4th! We spent ours with family watching fireworks and chasing lightening bugs. With that being said I am behind on getting THT up. I apologize for no highlights this week. They will be back next week. Same rules apply as normal. Only new links please. I saw a few of the same links from last weeks party that were from the previous party. As always thank you for coming to my place to party!:)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Year Ago!!

I was just going thru my stats and taking a look at what posts are the most popular. In the top ten is my post about our flooring reno. I can't believe that it has been one year since we completed our crazy floor renovation. I know many of you have already seen and heard this story but in the last year there are many new faces so I thought that I would repost. That and honestly I have nothing  better to ramble about right now! Ha!:) I am working on that though!:)

Originally posted on July 09,20011-

It has been almost three months since The Hubster woke one Saturday morning and had the bright idea that Yes, we could redo our floors ourselves. I having have wanted to change out our floors before we even purchased our home so I said sure why not. Doing it ourselves was a brilliant idea.

Reno of the floors ended up involving the reno of our fireplace surround as well. We ripped out all the carpet in our living room and laid the new wood flooring down not once but three times!! First we floated it with underlayment. Decided after a few weeks we did not like the hallow sound of the flooring. Thought maybe it was because we did not level the floor before hand so up it all came and we leveled. Still hallow and so up it came up once again and decided to glue the flooring down. Soooo much better! We were thankful that we had purchased flooring that gave us three differ options of installation. I do not recommend gluing your flooring down unless it states that you can do so. Just thought I would throw that in there as a side note.

Well for the past few months I have been going on and on about our journey and how it was taking us FOREVER. Last weekend after tearing out the old glued down flooring ourselves we waved the flag of surrender. We were tired and I was wanting my house back so we called in the pros! 

Without much further ado here are the Before & After pics of our floor reno! 

Since the floors were finished today we have yet to move all the furniture back in. Makes for some more great Before & After posts!;) As you can see we decided to lay them horizontally. See those stairs believe it or not we are actually talking abt trying to tackle those ourselves! Yes, we are a glutton for punishment. I may make a video for the stairs and enter the True Value contest for $2500 I read abt on Miss Mustardseeds

Here is the office. The before pics are from when we first moved in and before I painted. This room looks sooo different!

View from office to foyer and then the before & after of the dining room. I was wanting to do some type of wainscotting in the dining room before we move everything back in but it is just not in the budget right now so I have decided to just be happy with my new floors and chandy! The Hubster hopefully will be installing the chandy for me tomorrow! I am really excited and can not wait! 

Though the floors are done I still have this to tackle! Something to do this upcoming week when I feel like being a night owl!;)

This was the BIGGEST reno that we had ever attempted by ourselves or with help and in the end we think it turned out pretty awesome. Total quote for project with materials was around $10,000. Total actual cost was a little less than $5,000 for supplies and all The Hubsters new toys/tools. That total even includes hiring out the tail end. Not too shabby!

Thanx for coming along on our journey!

So what were you working on a year ago? I would love to hear. I think it is always fun to look back from time to time.

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