Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Not much going on around here so I thought that I would share a few of my favorite Pins on Pinterest. Just click on the links below each picture and it will take you to their home! All such wonderful eye candy!
Gorgeous kitchen!

Gorgeous Antique Door!
Love the farm house feel!
Fabulous Fireplace!
I really am not the only one with a vintage sofa in her foyer!!
I would never leave this room!
Clean & Crisp

Hope your day went well!

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  1. Pamela, these are gorgeous images. My favorite is that foyer with the herringbone pattern brick floor and yes, the sofa.

  2. I am literally drooling over the third picture, with the farmhouse feel, and I LOVE the dog picture on the floor!!

  3. Pamela, these images are just stunning! That first kitchen...GORGEOUS!!! Love it!!

  4. Wonderful inspiration. I especially love the french farmhouse style table and chairs.
    Mary Alice

  5. Love all of these pics. I also love Pinterest, its a great way to blow off a whole day hehehe!!

  6. Your Pins are lovely, Pamela. I love that rustic white kitchen. And that inviting bathroom! I'm following you via Linky Followers now and hope you'll pop over to Cottage and Creek and follow back. Looking forward to your party :)

  7. That kitchen is awesome! Would that we could win the lottery...but I would need to actually play, first! All of the pictures are gorgeous. My next door neighbor has a fainting couch in her foyer, too.

  8. Lovely pictures! That bathroom is to die for :)

  9. I love what you're pinning! I also commenting from Linky Follower Blog reader page, I love that option :)


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