Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As y'all know I have enjoyed my time working out at the cottage! I have gotten a chance to meet so many wonderful people and today I would like y'all to meet one of those people!
This is Cecily! I think I literally met her my first day working out there and she is such a wonderful person just full of life and super super sweet! She always is full of smiles and it is contagious I tell ya! Her kiddos are super cute as well!

Cecily and her hubs own a local boot camp called Humble Area Boot Camp! They really know how to kick butt and take names!
Recently Cecily started on another adventure in her life. Well actually two but first let me tell you about her kitchen makeover!

This is Cecily's kitchen not too long ago. Beautiful but she wanted something more. Something that fit her and her hub's personality a bit better. Let me tell ya they seem like the most funniest couple ever! You should have seen their Christmas card pic! It was priceless. Anyways, for her birthday she got some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and got busy!

Doesn't it look fantastic!!??

Cecily did the painting and her Uncle did the waxing for her. The finish turned out just perfect!

And as you know I am a sucker for beautiful hardware and these glass knobs are no exception!

This is their desk area. It truly makes their home sooo much brighter! Cecily has a great sense of style mixing the old with the new!
Now not too long ago I noticed that I had not seen her in awhile. I was thinking maybe that I had just been missing her. Well Christmas Open House came and went out at the cottage and no Cecily. Then one day while on FB, FB suggested a few people I might know and Cecily was one so I went to send her a message and looked around her page. What I read pulled at my heart strings immensely!!
See Cecily had not been out at the cottage in awhile because she found out back in October that she has breast cancer. Yep that big ugly C word!! I cried when I read that.
Cecily refuses to let that slow her down. Even though she has had to step back somewhat from her work while she undergoes treatment she manages to keep busy with her kiddos and her passion for decorating her home! I can NOT believe that Cecily was able to accomplish her kitchen makeover herself! She truly is an inspiration I swear!
If you would like to find out more about Cecily, send her well wishes and see more of her beautiful home please stop by and pay her a visit at her new blog- Faith,Patience, and Love, My Recipe to Survive It All! She is new to the bloggy world and would really love to meet some new friends so I knew y'all would be more than happy to welcome her because y'all are the best!

Hope your Monday was a good one y'all!


  1. What a great transformation. You gotta love that paint. I get to spend next week with my daughter/blog partner in cold Syracuse, and we are going to paint her cabinets. Neither of us can wait!!!!

  2. What a touching blog post Thanks for sharing her story.

    Love what she did to her kitchen.

    Enjoy your day!!!

  3. I popped over there. Cute girl. Great job on those cabinets.

  4. Pam!!! How fun to see her makeover but what excited me even more was to see the barrel chairs that I redid at the cottage before I left!!! Glad the chairs went to a good home...

  5. The cabinets look great! Thanks for sharing!


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