Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas 2011 Home Tour

I wanted to create a post that will have all the links to our Christmas decor this holiday season. There are so many posts and parties out there that I was getting dizzy trying to go back thru them all. No worries though there are a few new pics I have not shared yet!;)
Welcome to From Our Front Porch To Yours!
To see more of our outdoor decor you can click here.
This is the transom window above our front door. I took the shutters from the fall mantel display and decided to use them here.
A view of our banister from the foyer. This is a new display this year. I really like how it turned out. 
This year our manger found a new home.
You can click here to see more.
Ice Skate Wreath I made for our foyer.
Click here to view more.
This is the view from the front of our home into our living room.
Take the entire tour here.
Our mantel display this year.
Click here to see more.
Last but not least our tree which is sadly enough already crispy!:(
You can see more of it here.

Thanx for stopping by! Hope your week is going well!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Treasure Hunt Thursday #35 & Highlights

Welcome to THT #35 y'all! Boy has it been a busy past week. Though I have not had a chance to knave individual comments know that I have been by to visit everybody who came to party last week! We had so many wonderful links up that it was hard to choose my favorites.
Check out this neat Christmas Card Holder over at REDOUX! She shows you step by step on how to make your very own!

Oh my word is this not beyond gorgeous or what!? I soo wish I was Courtney's neighbor! Check out her awesome chalk board and her awesome style over at French Country Cottage!

I could not resist some crafting going on this past week! I am in love with lil' Rudy here! If you have not seen him head on over to A Pinch of Prim and check him out!

This pink crepe paper tree is just as daring as darling can be and better yet there is even a tutorial! Head on over to  Miss. Fibbertigibbet's and check it out! There is still time before Christmas to get your craft on!;)
As always thank you ladies and be sure to grab your "I've Been Featured" button!!
Now on to this weeks party! As with all parties there are the normal rules. You must link back to From My Front Porch To Yours in your THT POST. Just common courtesy. If ya don't link back ya don't get to party. Only link up to your Treasure Hunt Thursday post and NOT your blog homepage. Please No advertising and PLEASE NO MORE than 3 links from the SAME party goer. If you find your post deleted it is not because I am a meany, I just have to make sure the rules are being followed. You can save some of your posts for the following weeks party! Also be sure to visit at least the link before you and after you to just say Hi! It makes partying all the more fun! If you are new around here I would love it if ya become a follower:)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest Bath Mini Remodel

We interrupt the current holiday blog posts to bring you breaking news on our guest bathroom!
Not sure if y'all remember or not back in the spring when we decided to rip out our carpet and old wood flooring in our main areas of the house? Well that was the exact same time we noticed a leak under the sink in our guest bath. It was a teeny tiny drip caused from changing out to a cute new faucet. Well that cute new faucet caused major headache because well we did not catch on to the teeny tiny drip until almost two months later causing the MDF inside the cabinet to bubble up. 
The Hubster attempted to just cut out the bottom and the back of the cabinet to replace the MDF boards to no avail. We ended  up having to take the entire cabinet out counter top and all. 
This is where it sits now till trash day. We are going to sell the marble counter top to help off set the cost of a new vanity and faucet.
Thankfully all went well and there were no surprises waiting for us behind the cabinet!! We had fears of mold  every where and were holding our breathe but thank the Lord we were clear! Tear out took approx an hour which was not bad.
Next we headed to Lowes since we had a 10% off coupon.
 I found this gorgeous vanity.
And then this one! This one was in the lead and we were going to buy it but the gal who was working that department did not think we were important enough to stop what she was doing and assist us. So after being slightly irked we decided to head to HomeDepot just to see what they had in stock and to compare prices.

On the way there I remembered that Kirklands sometimes has some pretty vanities so The Hubster stopped to let me look seeing as HomeDepot and Kirklands are in the same shopping strip.
 Wow! Luck was on our side again because I found this vanity there and it was half off!! Of course I had to look all around it to make sure it was okay and it was so  out came my $10 off coupon and away we went only spending $250! Now that is a far cry from the $419 for the one at Lowes were looking at.
Of course we immediately had to head home to see how it would fit in the space. This is a tiny bathroom!
Thankfully it fit just fine and actually is not as deep so it gives us two more inches when we walk in there which makes a world of difference! Ya no longer feel like the room is closing in on ya. It also seems that it will give our guest more counter space as well which is another major plus! There was next to none on the old counter top.
Now after getting it into the space we realized the coloring was just way off! It was far to yellow. 
So out into the kitchen it came! I know I can hear gasps everywhere right now!;)
Here is where I am at now! Can you believe The Hubster did not even bat an eyelash at me painting a brand new piece of furniture!!?? He actually thought that I was going to paint the ones at Lowes too which I was not but funny that he was okay with that! I guess he really does get me after all!;)
Now that I am almost done with the vanity I still have to texture portions of the bathroom walls, paint, find a new faucet, and figure out what we will be doing with this situation. See I HATE this tile. It is just awful in my eyes and well whomever painted the bathroom to begin with spilled paint all in the grout everywhere and it never came out so it always looks dirty. The Hubster and I are trying to decided on how we need to fix this hole in the tile that the old cabinet covered up. He wants to rip out the baseboard board behind the toilet and then try cuting out the four tiles that were cut into and replace them. I just see tons of work and we need this room done like yesterday since The Nana & The Papa will be here in just a few short weeks. I think we should try and cut the skinny pieces out there on the side and then cut a piece to match up to the tile closet to the toilet and then all the rest of the new tiles will fall in the correct line. He says it will look bad. I say nobody will notice because it is mostly under the sink anyways. That and the fact that I want to eventually rip out the flooring anyways!
I have dreams of flooring like this in there!! So the debate rages on on what we should do. I am afraid if we go and take out those two big tiles it may crack the others and then we HAVE to redo the floor and there is just no time for that right now. Stay tuned to see what we actually end up doing!

Off to wax one vanity and to start prepping the bathroom for paint!

Have a good one y'all!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Living Room Holiday Decor 2011

Yesterday I showed you this view into our living room from the front of our home. Today I thought I would share the rest of our living room all decked out for Christmas.
This is the view from our breakfast room.

Even our tv armoire gets into the holiday spirit. I added the ribbons to the doors last year and hang some of my favorite Christmas cards on there when they come in.

I love our angel! I purchased her at HobLob at half off last year. The candles on either side are really neat. They flicker like real candles and actually glow a real candle light and not orange like most. 

Simple table coffee table decor. 

The current home of our Lego Advent calendar prizes! 
Partial view of our fireplace. If ya wanna see more head on over to my Holiday Mantel Party! Lots more pics there!
This is the small area off to the left of our fireplace.

Last year it held our manger but this year it holds another one of my most coveted holiday decorations! I just love this vintage porcelain tree! I purchased it off the local yard sale site a few years back for cheap. It even plays music!! I decided this would make a great spot for the cardboard vintage like houses I purchased at HomeGoods a few months ago. I just adore those as well. They light up which the boys love. I was irritated though because the one did not work after putting batteries in it but no worries. I ended up taking the light box out of the bottom and just stuck a small faux tea light under there and it works just fine. 
The boys love Nutcrackers so I try to add a few every year. 
If ya wanna see what this area looked like last year click here.

Well that is ALMOST all of our Christmas decor. I still have to share the foyer and our banister upstairs so stay tuned!:)
Hope your weekend is going well!

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