Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ready for the ball!

Meet Lucille! I purchased her a few months back. When I saw Lucille I knew she would be my first large piece to  pertty up and try to sell.

Well here is Lucille all ready for the ball! I just love how she turned out if I do say so myself!;)

I had a heck of a time with the handles. I was so excited at the over all physical condition she was in and the fact that she had ALL of her original hardware that I did not bother to see how the handles came off. Well they don't! They are glued on or something and not just screwed on. That left me to having to take a small paint brush and paint around the handles. 

 Lucille would easily become mine if I had a spot in my house! That is the problem with only painting pieces that I myself would want. Hopefully she will find a great home with somebody who will love her just as much as I do!

Lucille will be heading out to The Old Oak Cottage for their Christmas Open House next week! I can't wait! If ya live in the area be sure to come on by! Open House will be Nov 4-5 with a preview party on Nov 3! Let me know if ya need anymore details!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Treasure Hunt Thursday #29 & Highlights

Welcome to Treasure Hunt Thursday #29 y'all!! Wow!! I can not believe next week will be #30! Time flies when ya are having fun and I just can not get enough of your amazing treasures ladies! Last week was no exception so lets get on with the highlights!

I just love this magnetic board that Marla and her hubby Steve did over at Always Nesting! That green is so yummy!

I guess I had a thing for boards and such cause Lynn over at Rustic Gold painted this mirror frame and it is gorgeous! Head on over and help her decide on wether she wants to keep it a mirror or turn it into a chalk board. I voted chalk board.

Audrey over at Elegant Economies has a fabulous Fifi O'Neal inspired craft room! If only my craft room looked half as nice!

As always thank you ladies and be sure to grab your "I've Been Featured" button!!
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Good day at Goodwill!

The boys had early release today so we went out running errands after I picked them up. We ended up at Goodwill of all places. I was trying to find some odds and ends to fill my up closet space out at The Old Oak Cottage. I next to never go in there because they never have anything!

Today they had this beauty!

Not quite sure why nobody wanted her anymore. She was in excellent structural condition. 

She just needs to be perttied up a tad! This is one treasure I will not be keeping. At least I do not think I will be. She was purchased with every intention or reselling.

I also found these items. The cheese tray I scooped up first! I have been seeing them all around blogland and just had to have one for myself. Then the little girl pic caught my eye. She was purchased to resell as well but she might be staying put in the guest bedroom. Then three identical wood frames that were just 99 cents each! All together I think I spent $24. Not bad but not as good of a deal as I would have liked. I went in thinking the sign said all non clothing 30% off today. It was not. Just yellow tagged items and NOTHING I had was yellow tagged.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thank you Junking Fairy!

A few weeks back I had found this vintage sofa on a local selling site and fell head over heels. The Hubster thought I was nutso so I passed her up. She was $125 and needed a total make over. Then I lucked up big time!
I  somehow managed to cram an 83 inch long frenchy sofa in the back of my Flex! She fit too, all except for that one leg in the top right hand corner so I had to drive home with the lift gate open and the mosquitoes but that was a small price to pay.
I purchased "The Old Lady" from an older couple who was selling their winter home and heading back to Indiana. 
She had purchased it off of Craigs List last year from a gal who just finished having it reupholstered but recently married and was consolidating homes, thus no longer had room for it. "The Old Lady" as we refer to her as because Mr. Front Porch says it is an old ladies couch is in pristine condition and oh my soo heavy! 
Her fabric is lovely and neutral though I do have dreams of one day changing it out. 
Look at The Old Ladies curvy legs!!
Also check out the AMAZING euro pillow shams that I purchased from Sonya over at Beyond The Screen Door!! I can attest that she does fabulous work! 
Hope your week is going well!
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Monday, October 24, 2011


Today was a day that God thought I needed to learn patience. Either that or he finds my aggravations quite  comical. I guess with a job like he has he is entitled from time to time!;)

After spending part of the morning gussying up Lucille for her debut at the cottage I headed off to run a few errands. When I came out from HobLob this is what I found!!! Note I am the Flex and I was there first! I had to park further over than normal because the person on the other side had parked further over. All was good that was until the Traverse decided to not give a second thought to how they were parked. You could not open the door even if ya wanted to! Needless to say I climbed in from the passenger side and spent 10 min backing out. Patience is not a virtue that I posses at times.

It is a lesson though that I quickly remembered this evening! Good things come to those who wait! The junking fairy deserves some extra sparkle dust for this find!

Hope your Monday was a good one! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sorry I have not been posting a ton lately! I have been super busy and am excited to share that I am now teaming up with The Old Oak Cottage & Showroom!

Soon this closet will be emptied out and will be the home showcasing my custom pieces! I am starting out small because well honestly I am too scared to rent a larger space just yet. This will give me a taste and allow me to see if I really am wanting to go larger.

Until the closet is cleared out I have a few of my pieces hanging out around the cottage and showroom!

I was even able to bring in some of my boutique baby bibs!

So yes I have been very busy but hope to be stopping by to visit this week with y'all!

If you are in the area and want to learn more on The Old Oak Cottage & Showroom you can read all about it here and here!

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