Friday, September 30, 2011

Treasure for the Week

 I saw this raspberry velvet chair  a few weeks back at a second hand store here in the area. They were wanting far too much for it so I decided to forget about it. At the time I did not even need a chair. 

Here is a corner of the newly painted guest room. See that rocker? Well it just does not flow with the room anymore. With that being said I just so happend to get an email this week saying that the raspberry velvet chair had been marked down and if I purchased online I could get an additional 10% off. Well now we were talking!
I made not one but two visits to the shop to look at the chair. The first was to see the actual condition of the chair. Sometimes ya just never know. Well it was in great condition with no rips, stains or smell! Yes I actually smelled the chair!
I went home to ponder some more. The next day I went back up there and took my side table with me. I am sure the owner thought I was a loon but I had to make sure they worked together. They did but I still needed to ponder and to make sure that nobody was going to list an even better chair cheaper on the local yard sale site. I am always out for a bargain! Well nobody did.
Thus the raspberry velvet chair came home today!

I just love its curves!

And as for it's raspberry fabric it will have to stay around awhile till I get brave enough to tear it off and start from scratch. I am though already pondering how to paint and age the wood! Stay tuned!

Hope your week was a grand one!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Treasure Hunt Thursday #25 & Highlights

Welcome to Treasure Hunt Thursday #25 & Highlights! I am posting a tad earlier this week due to homework tonight for both boys. I hope your week is going well! If you came to the party last week A BIG thank you is in order and if you are new to the party a BIG Welcome is in order!
Now on to highlights from last weeks party.

Love the awesome dining set that Cas from An Oasis In The Desert found for just $125! If you have not seen it head on over. It is beautiful and was a STEAL!

I am just adoring this crochet flower shared by Faye from Wild Rose Vintage

And last but certainly not least is this amazing table Martina found over at Northern Nesting!

Thanx for sharing ladies and don't forget to grab the "I've Been Featured" button!:)

Now on to this weeks party!
As with all parties there are the normal rules. You must link back to From My Front Porch To Yours. Just common courtesy. Only link up to your Treasure Hunt Thursday post and NOT your blog homepage. Please no advertising. Also be sure to visit at least the link before you and after you to just say Hi! It makes partying all the more fun!

Fall Porch

Hey y'all! Rhoda from Southern Hospitality is hosting a Fall Door Decor party and well I just had to join in on the fun! 

Welcome! I am still wanting to get some grape vine to go around the door and maybe some white lights for the topiaries and of course once it gets closer I have to have some real pumpkins! According to The Hubster it is done though!;)

The topiaries are just metal garden cone shaped trellis that I purchased from HobLob quite a few years ago. I just wrapped more than several garland around them and secured them with floral wire so they would not slip down. Then I just tied some raffia into a bow to top um off. I really am itching to add some white lights. Lets see if I can resist!;)

Boo sign I purchased a few years back from HomeGoods and no I promise I am not being compensated by them!;) I just LOVE HomeGoods! Also you can see that I added grapevine wreaths around the bottom of the topiaries. Just thought it gave um a nice touch.

Here is my favorite part of the porch! This wreath is pretty large and made from garland and picks. The last two years I had our initial hanging in the middle but I wanted to change things up a bit this year so I added the pumpkin Autumn sign and some more picks.

Yep, it is beginning to look a lot like fall around here! Now if I can only talk mother nature into deciding that it truly is fall and that we NEED cooler temps here in South East Texas plus some more rain things will be just grand! The last two days we have hit 100!!

Hope your week is going well!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Paint & A Reveal!

Here is the new guest room in all of it's Antique White glory! I am in love with the new color in here. Though I liked the cottage blue that use to be in here Antique White makes the space so much brighter and airy. The red headboard is out in the garage waiting for it's transformation. I can not decide if I want to strip it or go the easy route and put some Kiltz over it all. With the room being painted I can now focus on the fun part which is adding all the things I have been purchasing over the last few months for this space! The largest of those purchases is over there in the corner. Yep, that is the armoire that The Hubster bought me back in August for our anniversary. It is finally completed and so happy to be in it's new space! Come on and take a closer look.

Picture this piece as a late 1970's early 80's creamy and gold armoire. I could have left it that way. Honestly it was not that bad but if you know me I just could not hold myself back. It screamed "Paint Me!". So paint it I did. I used my beloved chalk paint in Chateau Gray and Old White. I toned the grey down with equal parts of Old White. 

I used clear wax and then dark wax to add definition to the piece. It was the first large piece that I have ever waxed and honestly next time I will do less dark.

I just love the curvy lines this piece has! 

I kept the original hardware because honestly anything else would have taken away from the piece. I did however  use some Old White on the hardware and then sanded a tad off to make them look old and worn.

Here is the inside! I am in the middle of making some panels for the doors and was going to wait till I was done for the reveal but HobLob was out of the material I am using. I have one door panel done so I figured I can just do another post once I finally have both completed.

This will be the perfect place to house a t.v. for our guests. Thankfully we will not have to wait long to get one because The Nana & The Papa just upgraded their bedroom t.v. to a larger one and so their old but pretty new t.v. will be coming to our house! Thank you Nana & Papa!

 Not sure if you remember but I had attempted to transfer some really awesome numbers onto the drawers but it did not go well at all and so I resorted to ordering these adorable antiqued number cards from an Etsy Shop. Even better I think because if I ever decide I am done with the numbers I can just take um off and not have to repaint the drawers again.

I lined the drawers with this beautiful swirly paper but I am debating on whether or not to replace it with old book pages or script paper. Not sure though.

So there have it! The whole reason the guest bedroom was repainted was just for this armoire!:) I am tickled with how it turned out. I have never painted a piece as large as this before so it was a little intimidating. Thankfully all went well though.
Hope all is grand and thanx for stopping by!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

B&B Closed

Sorry but if you are inquiring about a stay at  our B&B we are temporarily closed due to remodeling. Don't worry I am not attempting a new design statement. Just needed a place out of the way to put stuff.

Say good bye to the blue....though still a very pretty color.

And say hello to Antique White! Liking it a lot already!

Hope your Monday has been as productive as mine! Thanx for stopping by to visit!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Mantel-An All Day Affair

Yep, The Fall Fairy decided to finally make a stop at our house! Let me tell you it was an all day affair! I was arranging things and thinking how I needed a few more things so I started digging thru all my stuff and forgot I had not one but two bins full of fall goodness in the pretty closet. Yes, I said pretty closet! We have his and hers closets and well mine is full of what my boys call my pretties!;) Some gals go for shoes I go for decor.

My fall mantel display was created pretty much with stuff I already had. This cute Autumn sign I got last year at HomeGoods.

I used the architectural piece bookends I purchased last month from HomeGoods to flank the wreath.

The wreath is the only new piece! I just could not pass it up when I saw it at yes, HomeGoods on Thursday! It hopped in my cart and refused to get out. I paid $40 for it and tried to reason myself out of it since I usually make my own wreaths but I was adding up what all was in the wreath and by the time I purchased all the garlands and picks I would have been pretty darn near that $40 in the first place even with it all on sale.  

I needed some taller items on either side of the mirror so I pulled the topiaries down from the front door ledge and just stuck some fall leaves and a pumpkin in them. The shutters I just finished painting and were a gift from my mom. She got them at an estate sale. I have another set out in the garage that I am thinking of painting and selling.

And here is what took all day! I did it layer by layer and would get frustrated so I would walk away and come back to it. I am not one that can just throw stuff together in a flash. It always takes me some time to achieve the look I am going for.

Down on the hearth I pulled out my twigs I have had for years from Target and my candle sconce from a store called Illuminations that sadly closed up shop. It was divine! The only light in the entire store was by candles!

For the lantern I just threw some picks on top with raffia ribbon.

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. This is the first year to decorate for the seasons with the new fireplace surround and flooring! And yes that is blue painters tape you are seeing! I am still working on caulking and repainting the baseboards!;) 

The Fall Fairy is not done and has left a few messes along the way. The dining room is still in progress as well as the landing and as soon as I get the trim painted behind the tv cabinet I need to decorate the top of it so there will be plenty of fall yumminess yet to come!

Speaking of yumminess!! You MUST go out and get these tart warmers from WM! They are beyond yummy and our entire house smells delicious!
Hope your weekend is going well and thanx for stopping by!

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