Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bird/Nest Inspired Decor

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Hope your weekend is going well! I am joining in over at Funky Junk Interiors for Sat Nite Special #90- Bird/Nest Inspired Projects! I love decorating with nests and birds thru out our home and here are just a few pics capturing those displays.

Master Bath 

Nest Wreath

Frame done in Duck Egg Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

Thanx for stopping by!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Keeping Busy

Today has been a busy busy day! I have been going non stop trying to get the house back to feeling like our home. I painted some more trim and cleaned up that. Then I started to move things back to where they went and reworked them as well. I did the lil' side area next to the fireplace and then the foyer. Today I will share the little side area next to the fireplace.

Here is the little side area earlier this year before we started ripping everything up. 

Here is where the antique dresser and a ton of other things went for some time. Can I tell you how excited I am to have our bedroom back!!??

Lil' antique dresser back in its spot. I am wanting to find a new lamp for here. I keep checking HomeGoods and HobLob but so far nothing.

I love my little Ikea clock.

I kept things rather simple.

I still need to find a picture for this darling frame but no time for that right now.

I stole this sconce from the landing amongst other things. Now I have to redo the landing but that is what makes  this all the more fun!;)

Hope you are having a great day! Now back to laundry and seeing if I can move some stuff into the office before The Hubster gets home. I doubt it but I am sure gonna try. Also enjoying the fact that not one but both my boys are taking a nap!! That has not happened in years y'all!
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chairs on the brain.

See these beautiful chairs?? Yes, I know I Mentioned some other chairs earlier but those were duds and well I have been watching and admiring these for a few weeks now.

I really want them but unfortunately they are wayyyyy out of my price range. I still wanted to see them  up closer and so I googled them.

I found this picture which is much clearer and now I REALLY want them! I had been chatting with the owner about some other items of hers that sold before I responded to her. She knows how much I adore her chairs so I sent her an email, a plead really. I told her I had save up some money and if she still had her chairs when it was time for her to move and she was ready to get rid of them that I would so give them a loving home. I also told her I was not trying to offend because I know the chairs are worth much more than what I have set aside. I know it is a long shot and that I will not be bringing those lovelies home to live with us but it never hurts to ask. A girl can dream can't she!:)

I hesitate to even mention this because the chairs are already so beautiful just the way they are but I would probably eventually try and find this Ballard fabric to go over top of the tapestry fabric so that I can preserve the tapestry. I think they would look nice in our dining room! Of course with this fab at $24 a yard I would have to hunt it down for a steal of a deal as well. Wonder if Ballard will send me a discount code any time soon.

In between obessing over chairs for the dining room I was productive and finished up painting/caulking the baseboards and shoe mold in the office. Tomorrow evening I am hoping to get The Hubster to help me put everything back in. Once we get that done I will share some more pics!:) 

Hope your week is going well! Thanx for listening to me ramble!;) 

Drooling & Waiting

UPDATE: Went and looked at the chairs and they would have been a great fixer upper project for sure but not for the money that was being asked for them. They were wobbly and had been screwed into already with silver screws. You just don't do that to vintage chairs. The lady who was extremely nice wanted $120 for them but in all honesty in the shape that they were in I would have only paid $40 for the both. They needed tons of work. Oh well, they would have been nice in the dining room.

Am I the only one drooling over this set of chairs?? In this case I hope I am!:)

Can you see the possibilities they hold?? Just waiting for a response from the seller. The Hubster agreed they could come and live with us. Can you guess where they might go??

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weigh In Wednesdays #9-What's for dinner?

Welcome to WIW # 9! I tried posting this earlier today but Blogger was having issues and not wanting to upload any of my pics!:( Today I thought that I would share what a typical dinner looks like in our home. 

We love these lil' Kangaroo Pockets! They come in Honey Wheat or White but I usually buy the wheat ones. I can only find them at Target though so I make two grocery trips a week. One to Wally World and one to Target. 

Another Target favorite. If you are not a fan of fajita chicken they also have just the regular chicken strips. We like either or. 

These have a lil' kick to them.

I saw these this week and figured since Target had buy 2 get one free on Ore-Ida we would try these. I had purchased some brand of sweet potato fries at Wally World but we were not a fan of those. I think they were Alexia or something.

I left them in the oven on broil for a lil' bit to make them extra crunchy. The Hubster likes his fries extra crunchy! 

I also sprinkled them with a lil' bit of this. I love me some Tony Chacheres! I discovered this spice when we were living in Baton Rouge. I even sprinkle it on air popped pop corn to add some flavor!

Yummy! And yes I did add a touch of ranch to my pocket. Like I said I am doing this weight loss thing for the real world. I will never give up my ranch. The sweet potato fries were YUMMY! I loved um but the men folk all turned their nose up at them.

We also had a side of red peppers. Yes, my boys will eat peppers any day of the week and mushrooms.

To finish it off we had a Sugar Free Blue Bell crunch bar.

If you are a calorie counter then you will be disappointed that I did not include the calorie count on our meal. I do not calorie count. I will look at the calories when I purchase something and then I always make sure to control portion size. I only had one pocket and even with the ranch and lil' bit of cheese I probably came in at 160 calories for a half a pita.

So what did you have for dinner this week? 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Perfect Tool For Painting Furniture??

Hey all! I just happened upon a local furniture refinishing site and they were talking abt spray paint guns. I have always wanted to buy one and we have looked at them before but I always felt guilty because they are pricey so we have yet to purchase one. I paint all my items by hand but I will tell ya my hands hurt really badly afterwards which slows things down quite a bit. I am afraid I have inherited my grandmothers arthritis. Hers was so bad that I only remember  how bad her hands hurt her and curled up. It always made me so sad and I fear that one day that may be me. Anyways, I got super excited when I saw this!

They recommended this 20 Oz. High Volume Low Pressure Gravity Feed Spray Gun after they had tried other expensive ones. It is on sale right now for just $14.99!! Yes, that is right $14.99 and 99% of all the reviews say it works like a charm. So I figured at that price it was worth a shot. 

I also ordered the Gravity Feed Spray Gun Stand which is only $10.

And I also ordered the 5 Piece Air Spray Gun Disposable Paint Cups. All together I spent with shipping just under $44 I think it was!!
At that price I think it is definitely worth a try and I hear it works wonders with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

If you think you just have to try it out for yourself as well click here ! I will be honest I get a $10 credit towards my next purchase if ya do plus I think you get a 20% off a single item which will make it even more worth a try though I am not sure if it will apply to your current purchase or a future one!:) I just went straight to the site to order so no coupon code for me. Best thing is is that you can tell all your friends too and get a link as well so you can earn a $10 credit! It is a win win ladies!:)

Happy painting!

P.s Did I mention how much I am LOVING our new floors!!! I keep walking around in awe. It is hard to believe we ever had carpet. 

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