Friday, April 8, 2011

$10 Master Bedroom Make Over

This is what Littliest and I worked on today. Trust me when I say moving a king size bed by yourself with instruction from a 5 yr old is no easy feat but I got it done!:) Also let me say that you need to ALWAYS check the reconstruction of your furniture after the movers put it back together. One foot of the bed was not even screwed on!!

If you remember back in November I was soo excited because I had finally found the color I wanted for our bedroom. The green was the IT color!

Well we were at Lowes a few weekends ago and what did my wondering eyes spy? There was not one but TWO gallons of this Oops paint at just $5 a gallon. (Yes, mom I know YAWN.) I bought it and thought maybe master bedroom but again I was still digging the green. Then I got to thinking that with the green I would be pretty much limited on decor and bedding. I googled French Country pics and what I was finding was that most of the rooms were very neutral and added color with linens and other decor to achieve the French Country look. So I decided to give it a try. 

View into master bedroom before we moved in.

View back in November. SCARY I know!

The view today! I know I know it is a very subtle change but I promise you it made a world of difference!
Here is a pic I took this evening after it got dark. You can kinda see the warming effect it has in the room.
Pic taken before we moved in.

Another pic from back in November. Trust me I still love the green but I just could not pass up $5 a gallon paint.

Pic taken this afternoon. Pardon the closed bathroom doors. I was in the process of sorting laundry and thought I would spare y'all. As you can see I still have two places I need to finish up. I was not brave enough to climb the 8 ft ladder without The Hubster here to watch me fall! :) That and I was not able to move the long dresser and t.v. by myself and well I did not want a repeat of what happened to my sewing room cabinet! Thankfully The Papa was able to put that leg back on. Thanx again Papa!

Here is my lil' corner of the world. I am thinking of finding a table of sorts with room to put baskets underneath to store my extra pillows and blanket and to cover up the outlet there.

Here is The Hubster's corner and I am seriously thinking we need larger lamps but then I was thinking maybe just new shades. What cha think?? The iron pieces went over our bed at the last house but I may hang them here at a diagonal. 

If I use the iron pieces by the side tables than I am left with what to do over the bed. Hmmm, what to do? I am very excited to finally be able to accessorize our bedroom! I was giddy when I hung the mirror on the wall today!:)
Off to pin our sheets back up so we can go to sleep tonight and fold some clothes. Not very exciting for a Friday night but I wouldn't change it for anything! Okay, that was a lie. I would love to have a folding fairy and I can't wait till we have blinds and real window treatments but I think ya got what I ment!;)
Have a good one!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Decor

I do not have a lot of Easter decor but I just finished putting out some of the few things I do have. 

Come on up the stairs y'all to our landing.
( I am debating on what to do for new curtains up here. Welcoming ideas!)

I adore these little faux chocolate foil wrapped Easter bunnies from HobLob. 

Here are the infamous Pier One bunnies on a stick from a few years back. 

This throw I found at HomeGoods a few years back as well. I just love it and it tends to stay out till fall rolls around.

I have a few more bunnies but I will save them for another post abt Bunny Love.
Thanx for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WhoHoo! And It Only Took 6 Mths!

Today was a good day minus the fact that I forgot to set my alarm and woke up at 7:08 and found Oldest lounging on the couch watching Disney instead of realizing "hey the suns up and Mickey Mouse Club House is on why isn't mom up?". We were able to get ready and out the door in just 20 minutes thank goodness! After I dropped him off at school Littliest and I came home and I finished up a few orders and then decided to tackle a project that I had started well 6 months ago. Really! No let me count....7 months ago! OMG! See honestly OCD and ADD here y'all! 

This is our dining room before I repainted it last summer. I had found these rooster toile curtains at Tuesday Morning and fell in love with them. Well they were a tad short and I was not sure how I was gonna hang um.

Here is a bad pic of my first attempt of hanging them with knobs from HobLob. I also had let out the hem to make um puddle. That did not work and I decided they needed something more done to them. 

So I accomplished making a topper with pinch pleats back in September and had The Papa cut down some  rods for me. That's how it stayed till well now. Yep, just one panel and yes, blue on my ceiling. I did paint over the blue but until last week!;)

Ta-daa! Finally both panels are done and I LOVE them! Now please if you are a master seamstress like Sonya over at Beyond The Screen Door please don't come running over to look at my handy work. ( Thank You Sonya for being my inspiration on attempting these! You rock!) It is far from perfect but I do think I did pretty darn good figuring out how to adjust the original panel and how to pleat both the new topper and toile panel. 

Here is the view from our foyer. One day we may add some bamboo shades but for now I enjoy how sunny and bright the room is with the windows bare.

Closer look at the topper. It took me abt two and half hours to do this panel today only because I forgot how I did the first one! My bad since I did not do both at the same time.

I love how they puddle just a bit on the floor!

While we are here in the dining room look at my cute bunny salt and pepper shakers I found at HomeGoods a few weeks back. Aren't they just adorable!!?? I kept hoping they would get another set in for my mama but no such luck. I know she would love them too.

And look what I found yesterday on my weekly jaunt to HG! I had purchased The Maddison Pattern in blue our first fall in the new house. I LOVED them but decided to go a differ direction than blue and thus they sadly went back. When I saw the same pattern in green I HAD to bring them home to see if they would work with the white plates...also form HG...that I already had.

Here is the opposite setting which I think I do like. Still debating though.

I have added a cute spoon and fork print from HobLob. Not sure it will stay there or not but I do like it.

I also added this adorable bunny pic to the buffet! Just LOVE it! All I did was find the pic on google and printed it to size and framed it. I hope to find a real one someday soon. I have been on the hunt.

Just a pic of one of my many nests.

I think I have finally decided that my Pottery Barn scrolly votive holder will get hung on this wall.  

As for this wall I am thinking a Menu board with some plates framing it. Let's see how long that takes for me to accomplish!;)

And since I finished the dining room panel my next task to accomplish is cleaning up the boys art window and making the last set of cafe curtains for the breakfast area. Oldest says he likes sitting by the window because it inspires him!:) Love him and his corkiness but not loving his mess.

Thanx for stopping by and touring the dining room! I am linking up to Wow Us Wednesdays over at Savvy Southern Style and the following other parties later this week:
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Monday, April 4, 2011

For Sale

Well I did it, I listed a few of my furniture pieces on the local yard sale site this past Thursday. I was a bit nervous to say the least. Every morning since then I would repost in hopes of getting a message that somebody was interested.

I listed this cute lil' island that I had painted and distressed after we moved in. It was in perfect condition and I hated to think of letting it go but we no longer needed it. So it got a coat of poly which I had never gotten around to doing and drug outside for some cute pics. Can't show ya just how cute the pics were cause that would give away another project I have been working on!;)
Anywho, I got a bite this evening and she came by to look at it and well this lil' island now has a new home. So excited to say the least as I keep telling myself it was the cute distressed black paint job that sold her on it!;) Broke even on this piece which is pretty darn good since we bought her almost two years ago. It is like we got to use her for free. 

Of course I also listed my lil' frenchy side table.  Still waiting on some bites on this one. I may drop the price a tad in the next few days maybe. 

Littliest and I picked this table up last week.

We came home and got started right away on it. Littliest was adamant that he was going to get the groody plastic things off the bottom of the legs for me.

One very determined little boy he is! Needless to say he ended up riding his bike while I popped them off. 

Here is a sneak peek thus far! I hope to have it finished by the weekend. Can't wait to share the reveal. Keeping fingers crossed it turns out ok looking.

Hope your week started off well y'all and thanx for stopping by! Off to take a bath and read my new cook books that came in the mail. 

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