Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Remolded Kitchens

Edited Note: For those who live in my area go and check out The Weather Channel and see what they are saying there is a 40% chance of next Wednesday!! Yeah, it will change but ya never know! It snowed abt 4 inches around that time last year! Now betting that Oldest will come home from school tomorrow talking abt it! An entire week of "check the weather mama check the weather!;)".

Okay so I just finished up my pretty big order and have a breather so I thought that I would go ahead and start sharing some of the pics I took while we were in Ga. In this visit I will share The Nana's and my mom's kitchen remodels. I sadly do not have before pics and truthfully my pics are not that great but I am sure y'all can get the idea of just how beautiful these two spaces are. 

Here is The Nana's newly remolded kitchen! It is quite stunning in person and like I said the pics are SUPER bad so I apologize. My in laws built their home  themselves board by board brick by brick approx 36 years ago. In recent years they have been updating rooms here and there to freshen things up  in hopes that their new home itch would fade. Well back in June when they came home from our yearly beach vaca they found their home flooded from a broken water pipe in the kitchen. The result was a total gut of I think they said abt 67% of their home. I probably have those numbers off but what I do know is that they pretty much lived in just two rooms of their home for three months!

The end result though not worth the stress is just gorgeous!! I love the maple cabinets that were glazed and the custom island. They just recently added the back splash themselves as well as under cabinet lighting. The drawers are super sweet because they close on their own! And those new appliances are super fab as well!

This is the granite that The Nana picked out and I just love it! I wish I had it in our kitchen.

Now on to Mom's house. Here is the view of the breakfast room from the living room. She did an amazing job transforming an early 90s apple themed kitchen into this!

This is looking from the breakfast area. She tore down wall paper and painted the walls as well as got new appliances and counter tops.

She just recently had her handy man route out these cabinets and ordered custom glass inserts for them. I just love um! I did tell her though that she needed to add something to the back of the cabinets to make them pop more. She agrees but is not sure she wants to go thru the trouble. Either way love it Mom!

This is the view from her sink area into the living room. I love that  faucet!

And here is a close up of her very unique granite counter tops she had put in. No, green is not for everybody and yes it may  make the home harder to sell but Mom is at the age where she just does not care abt that stuff anymore. She is gonna do what she wants to do. They actually are quite beautiful and flow wonderfully in her space. Funny thing is is that I think this is her second round of picking out a green counter top. I believe she had picked out green counter tops for the home we lived in when I was little. Even funnier and I did not even think abt it till now but I had picked out green counter tops for The Hubster's and mine first home too!!  The green was mentioned during the Realtor walk thru but never once mentioned by perspective buyers.

So there ya have it! Soon I will share even more pics of my moms home. She is definitely a bit more exotic than me in her taste but I am sure after you see the rest of her home you will see quite a few similarities and know where I get my decorating bug from! Have a good one y'all!

Out Of Town & Thank You!

Hey y'all! Sorry it has been awhile since my last post! We were out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday. Went to Ga and spent time with both sets of relatives. We had a great time and I will share some of what we did in a future post but things are crazy busy here right now getting ready for Christmas. So until then I leave you with a few sneak peeks. Hope you are having a great start to your week! Before I go I also want to thank each and every one of you for all the wonderful comments on my laundry room and dresser redo! It was really heart warming and I appreciate every one of you! Also thank you to all of my new bloggy pals! I look forward to getting to know all of you!

Christmas light tractor ride thru the forest!

Our dream home if we could live in Ga.

I will be sharing a tour of my mama's home and The Nana's newly remolded kitchen soon as well!

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