Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hey ya'll. Hope your week is going well. Today is The Hubster's birthday so Happy Birthday honey! The Nana and The Papa have been in town and to tell you the truth it is has been a roller coaster of a ride. My father in law started not feeling well Saturday morning when he woke up and has gone down hill ever since. As I type this he is in the hospital having tests run. They are not sure what is going on. He has been having stomach pains and not been able to eat or really drink. He finally went to the doctor yesterday and they took him to the hospital right away. It is bad that he is sick but what makes it worst is the fact that they are out here away from their personal doctors. If ya are gonna be sick it is always nicer to be sick at home. If ya get a chance please send up some prayers. It would be greatly appreciated.

With all that being said not much has been going on around here as far as projects being accomplished which is TOTALY fine. It will all get done sooner or later.

The Papa did manage to cut down the new rods for the dining room during his "I am feeling fine" moments. Now I am playing around with the panels and trying to see how to make a topper for them. More to come later on that.

Yesterday morning I had to go and officially become a Texan once again. I figured after a year of being gone it was time to give up the Louisiana license. I will say though the only reason I had one was because my TX license expired a few weeks before we moved back here. That was a long 3 hours but I was thankful that Littliest was able to stay at home with The Nana and The Papa. He would have been out of his mind.

While I was there The Nana told me that The Papa had gone in the master bath and took these down for me!! Yes, I know!!! He was sick and yet he was still trying his hardest to accomplish something. I felt just awful abt it but it was done and there was nothing I could do abt it but this.....

I felt that I had to get them done ASAP and back up before The Papa gets back "home". He was at the doctors on his way to the hospital and mentioned how we did not have have any bathroom lights. I told The Nana to tell him we would be just fine seeing as we have some lamps. Who needs to see those unmentionable lil' irritating hairs anyways! Ha!;)

I am really excited how they turned out. I added some gold Rub N Buff to the edges to jazz things up a bit.

So there ya have a mini redo. Trying to keep myself busy while we wait so I am off to see what else I may be able to accomplish. Have a good one ya'll and don't forget abt my Annie Sloan Giveway! The deadline is Friday midnight central standard time but may go a few days longer depending on what is up around here. I figured ya'll would understand...I hope.

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P.s.s Welcome to all of my new followers! I did not mean to be an ungrateful hostess! Hope you enjoy your visits and stop by often!:)
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