Sunday, February 28, 2010


Okay so it was not a major event for us like back in December but the boys and I were thrilled none the less!:) This is as heavy as it fell at our house though I know just south and north of us saw about an inch.

Having fun trying to catch snow flurries in our pjs.

We had to leave the flood lights on so you could even see the flurries. If ya blinked ya would have missed most of them!Ha! 10 minutes of fun and then we were back inside enjoying probably our last hot chocolate of the season.

Hope your weekend was a good one! It has been beautiful out all weekend so we have been enjoying it!

Opps, forgot my signature.

P.s. Day 4 and still all is well! Even though I I know I should wait a week I had to weigh in and after just three days 5 pounds gone! Things seem to be looking good. Thanx for all the kind words and cheers ladies! This will definitely be one of my hardest make over projects ever!:)
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